Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flat Sue Is Going On A Trip

I received an email from Melisa last month that said something to the effect of "Flat Sue needs to come visit me with 3 outfits"in April.

You remember Flat Sue, right? Here's Melisa's rendition of Flat Sue's trip to Blogher in NYC last summer. I wrote quite a bit about her here and here and here and even here. Well, there's some reading for you!

Anyhoo, Flat Sue took off in her casual, luncheon-with-a-friend outfit, excited to go somewhere with Melisa. She packed a wedding guest outfit and an outfit in case she met some royalty. All outfits are complete with accessories. She is quite the diva. Melisa and Flat Sue bonded so much in NYC, it was rumored Melisa would talk to her while walking down Broadway. So, I am guessing Melisa's husband cannot go on a trip with her and Melisa wanted someone to talk to.

Flat Sue is a really good listener.

I cannot wait to share her (their) adventure with you!

Real Sue should really have her own line of clothing. Who wouldn't want to have flats with fringe?


Melisa Wells said...

She looks cute as a button, as usual.

Oh, and Liz reminded me that she would be a bad wedding guest without bringing a gift, so our first stop after she arrives is the Flat Mall so she can pick up a flat present. :)

Wish you could have come along!

PA said...

How fun! Can't wait for Flat Sue and Melisa's adventures!