Wednesday, December 2, 2015

17 reasons

To B,

17 Reasons Why I Love you (on your 17th bday)

1. You're hysterical.

2. You're sarcastic.

3. You have a beautiful voice. I love listening to you sing and have loved it since you would stand in your crib singing every morning.

4. I love your laugh.

5. I love that you like going on photo shoots with me.

6. You are a dedicated athlete and student.

7. You are compassionate and empathetic.

8. You are wicked smaht!

9. You are a good friend.

10. You always try your hardest, unless it's reading english novels for class.

11. I love that we share a love for ICE-CREAM! (and laughing)

12. You are an excellent snuggler.

13. Your beautiful blue eyes.

14. If you are learning something new or trying something for the first time, you stick with it until you master it.

15. I love our talks.

16. I love that we can share shoes and jewelry.

17. You are an optimist.

You have a busy, exciting year coming up B! I am so looking forward to it! I love you gabillions :)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Leavin' On A Jet Plane"

My daughter is one of the many from the class of 2015 that is not going to college right away. At first I was nervous because I thought this would give her an excuse never to go to college. I want her to go to college and experience all the things college has to offer (and no, not just the book smarts). She said she was not ready and compromising on a plan that would make both of us happy, she left for San Diego yesterday. No, she did not want to take an easier route and rent an apartment with friends from town, she wanted to go 3200 miles away to the opposite coast. This was a better solution than going to Costa Rica for 6 weeks which was one of her early ideas. The reason San Diego worked in my mind was because she was going to live with my sister's best friend (who is also my friend) and her family. They were moving out there from New Hampshire to start something new and graciously said that K could join them.

Everything was fine and dandy until my sister, K and I got to the airport. I mean her flight was on time, we checked her in like champs and then we had to say goodbye and watch her walk through security. That's when the following started going through my head:

*Does she know how much I love her?
*Does she know how much her sister is going to miss her?
*Have I taught her enough?
*Will she remember to put her napkin on her lap when she eats out at a restaurant?
*Have I taught her enough about doing laundry?
*Or to put the colors all together?
*Or that a dryer sheet will make your clothes smell good and not have static cling?
*Or that a dryer sheet makes a good duster too?
*Does she understand that she is moving from a quiet hamlet to a large city?
*That she cannot walk around without having her purse zipped or know where her wallet is?
*That she should always use the buddy system and never venture into unknown territory alone?
*That she has a beautiful smile and is a wonderful, caring, smart,  young woman?
*Does she really know how to clean a shower? Or a toilet?
*Does she believe me when I say, "have faith"?
*Does she know how to make a boy realize that No means No?
*Does she know not to fall for the first boy who calls her pretty?

This whole letting go of your "kid" is not easy. I know it is not suppose to be easy, but I was not expecting to feel like my heart was being pulled out of my body watching her turn and wave after going through security. Needless to say, I am so grateful to the Hines family for helping K break free of her safety net of Cape Cod. She will learn how to navigate the city, find a job and at some point make some friends and rent an apartment together. Or she will spend some time out there and find that it is not for her. Either way, I am ok with it because I am proud that she took the step to do something out of her comfort zone. Somehow that baby that we brought home from the hospital without instructions is on her way to becoming a full blown adult.
And I could not be more proud of her!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Birthday K

18 years ago, I was as big as a house with my first baby. She made a point of being fashionably late and came more than a week after her "due date".

I had fun in going out to stores,

"Oh, when are you due?" strangers would ask while staring at my stomach.
"6 days ago." I would answer and smile and walk past them; their mouths hanging open.

I went for plenty of beach walks (scratch that) waddles. I ate all the ice-cream I wanted. I had a handy shelf for my bowl when I sat down. She's lucky she didn't come out with a flat head where the bowl usually sat. I got a great base tan from sitting on my deck during that warm spring.

She finally arrived just after midnight on May 6th which was a smart move on her part. If she was born on Cinco de Mayo, her name would have been Juanita. At least that is what I was telling the doctor and nurses. I was in so much pain, but could still crack a joke.

Now in 2 days she will be 18. The age where most teenagers "think" they are an adult. They can think it, the law can tell them it, but are they really? How can she be when every time I look at her....

I still see her when I first changed her diaper,

I see her sliding down the backyard slide with her cousin at 1 years old,

I see her on the beach as a toddler holding her doll, Chubby, by the hair,

I see her coming home from her first day of Kindergarten and adopting the stuffed animal lamb that my mom had sent me so I would not miss K so much while she was at school all day,

I see her with no front teeth,

I see her struggling to learn how to read when all her peers could,

I see her dancing and looking at herself whenever there was a reflection or a video camera around,

I hear her singing (lots),

I see her picking berries and making "paint" on the bathroom floor in middle school,

I see her getting all dressed up for her 8th grade dance,

and I see the joy and determination when she jumped her horse Clint in competitions.

It's hard to picture her as an adult when I still see her under the age of 12. It's not that I am ignoring her now as a teen, it is more that I like to nurture her and be her mom. Teenagers like to do things by themselves. They choose to be with their friends more than their mom. I get that. It's hard when that looming age of 18 comes up; they think that they are instantly an adult and that they do not need you.

What they should realize is that they shouldn't rush so quickly to be an adult. Adults have to pay bills, do laundry, make sure the house is clean, make sure everyone gets to where they need to be and be super responsible. It does not suck to be an adult, heck, we can have ice-cream for breakfast if we want to. However, it does give you gray hairs and heart burn (yes, I am sure of that).

Somehow we have to come to an agreement of sorts where she can grow up and be on her own, but not forget her roots. Not forget her safety net. Not forget that there is someone on Cape Cod ready to catch her if she falls or beat the crap out of some boy that hurts her. It's hard letting go, but I have to trust that I have raised her to the best of my ability and taught her that love and gratitude go a long way in life.

Happy Birthday K

Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Gal Sal

Happy Birthday to my favorite gal,
My favorite gal is my mom, Sal. 
She's my best friend and partner in most things,
She loves to laugh, but not often sings.

She's the life of a party,
She is quite hardy.
She loves her family most of all,
If we could, we'd throw her a ball.
The princess kind, not the sports type,
She's not into socks with a stripe.

She always has solutions for us,
"You're stressed, you're tired, don't make a fuss."
"Use some old aloe, take some Advil,"
"Who cares if it came from a landfill?"

She's been through more ups than downs,
Therefore, smiles more than frowns.
She loves the beach and the salt air,
She's always up for going to a craft fair.

She's my rock and is always there for me,
No matter the day, she fills me with glee.
I am truly lucky she lives down the street,
Sal's my gal and that, my friends, is sweet!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stonewall Kitchen For the Win

Birthday celebrations are abundant at the end of March, beginning of April in our world. Bobby had a milestone Birthday last week so I reserved a day at Stonewall Kitchen's Cooking School for us. Bobby loves to cook, so needless to say, he was very happy. Plus, Stonewall Kitchen is in Maine. We puffy heart Maine. 

We started the day with a quick drive around York. Still some snow on the ground!!

Our cooking theme was April in Paris. I had been to Stonewall's Cooking School with a blog event a few years ago. A "classroom" watches a chef cook, while the "classroom" gets to eat the delicacies the chef is making. Win win! No one cuts their fingers off and everyone eats!!

So we had the pleasure of enjoying Carrot Ginger Bisque, Brie Stuffed Chicken Breast with a Caper Sauce, Smashed New Potatoes, Champagne Glazed Carrots and Chocolate Mousse.

We both highly recommend taking a class there. Friendly people, a class organization and the shop afterward!!

I was not asked to write this. I wrote this because we had such a great day and it's an easy activity to do from anywhere in Eastern Mass. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Recap

Easter weekend was fun and busy. My sister's best friend of 30 years came down with her husband and 2 of their teenagers. Although it was chilly, we hit the beach and spent as much time outside as we could. Decorating Easter eggs, 2 egg hunts, 4 year old antics and laughs, plenty of laughs.

What's the next holiday? Shall we plan on Memorial Day?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pushing Spring

The calendar says that it is spring, but the air and surroundings say, "maybe not". Either way, we took a drive today to Provincetown (Ptown to locals). The sun was shining. It was probably in the 40's, but the snow and ice were melting. It felt really good to be outside without a hat and mittens. We walked out on a jetty that probably went for a mile. I would guess that we went more than half way. I had never been on this jetty before. It was really low tide so there were people digging for quahogs on the mudflats on either side of the jetty. 

The seagulls had their tables on the flat rocks. The seagulls take a quahog or clam and drop it on the flat rocks so the shells break. Pretty ingenious and we wondered if it was a trial and error thing or if it was inbred to drop them on the flat rocks.

Doesn't that bottom right picture look like a butterfly?

The pier is another fun place to walk. At the end you can see the building with the Portuguese Fisherwomen pictures on it. All the little huts that take reservations for fishing or whaling trips or sell trinkets were still closed.

We were not really sure why this house was anchored out in the harbor. I don't think it is suppose to be there, but I am not sure where it drifted from if that were the case. 

All in all, a stellar day with hopes that summer Sundays in Ptown are not too far off!