Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wine Tasting Fun

One of the perks of dating a bartender is that evidently I get to go to wine tastings. What a fine idea: wine tastings. What I put out on twitter was: I am at a wine tasting. The only thing better would be an ice-cream tasting....

I do love wine, but I really love chocolate chip ice cream. I can't even fathom having  50 different brands of chocolate chip ice cream to try. I would know my shit, too. I would be all like, "Oh, that is so creamy" or "Oh, those chocolate chips are divine" or "Well, that is Ben and Jerry's and that is Stop and Shop".

At a wine tasting, things were a little different. There were 75 vendors there and they had all sorts of wines each. You grabbed a glass and they would pour you a little bit of whatever you asked for. People were sniffing, swirling, talking about legs (yes, legs). They were talking price points, vineyards, oak or not oak flavored, citrus or not... It was almost a foreign language. Don't get me wrong, I love white wines. However, I do not have oodles of money to spend on wine, so I tend to go for my typical large bottle of $12.99 Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio. Here at the wine tasting, I was drinking sips of wine where the bottle would have gone for $75. Yikes!

So, I am walking around and who is one of the "vineyards" selling wine, but Bill Lee.(Right now, my uncle is jumping up and down reading this saying, "I know him!") He was a Red Sox pitcher from 1969-1978 which means he was on my radar during the years I followed the Red Sox pitch by pitch. Side note, once upon a time, I wanted to be the first girl to play for the Red Sox. Anyway, his wine Spaceman Wine is pretty good. Here we are:

By the red of our cheeks, I would say we both had our share of wine for the afternoon.

All in all, it was quite the experience and hopefully it was the first of many.....#hinthint

Monday, March 31, 2014

MIssing: Spring

Remember my last post? Right, it was about the weather. Guess what? I was right. Spring was not right around the corner because we had a blizzard this past Wednesday and it was even snowing today in between raindrops. Because "blizzard day" was my Birthday, I decided to give all of Cape Cod the day off to enjoy celebrating me. I'm pretty sure that's what everyone did, right? Right? Hello? Anyway, I had a great day off and even took a drive during the stronger part of the blizzard. Guess who was in town to celebrate me, I mean broadcast the storm? Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel. He comes to your town, you know something big is coming. I thought people who do not reside year round on Cape Cod might like to get a better look at what spring is like in our neck of the woods.

A friend of mine for put this on Facebook tonight which is just priceless! Thanks Krissy :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

An Ode to the (Never Ending) Winter

Should I blame the weather guy?
Or maybe the atmosphere or the sky?
This weather really blows
And has since I don't knows.

I love snow, oh yes I do.
I love to ski and sled with a crew.
This year it's been below 20 degrees,
I call uncle on this winter, please.

A 40 degree day with clouds or sun
I am not that picky, I'd feel like I won.
The bone chilling cold is wearing me out
I want to stamp my feet, yell and shout.

3 more days until "spring"
It will surely make the birds sing
But no, it may snow next week
The 10 day forecast looks so bleak.

My cheeks are sallow, my skin pale,
If only for a tan, my body does wail.
I have sat in a driveway in my beach chair,
Blocked by the wind with sun on my face and hair.

I take every bit of warmth I can find
A heater, a fire, sun through a blind.
Fleece and warm fuzzy socks,
3 layer bundled up walks.

My flip flops are crying on the shelf,
Will it ever warm up to put them on myself?
My toes are so ugly right now,
Begging for a pedicure, I mean, wow.

Some day the sun will shine,
The temperature will cooperate and be fine.
Then, too soon, it will get too hot,
Can we ever be happy? Probably not.

It's goes with the territory of living in the northeast,
Less sun/more sun: angry temperaments released.
Oh, to have a dry 70 degree day,
Yes, there is always September or May....

Until then, we wait and we wait,
We busy ourselves with our chilly state.
We find pleasures in small gifts like a sunset,
While we bundle under a blanket and turn up the gas jet.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Saturday at the Chatham Squire, you will be able to find many hairy men. No, not quite like bear week in Provincetown; we are talking facial hair here. The Women of Fishing Families have recreated a fundraiser we threw 5 years ago. Some of the lower Cape's finest have been growing their staches for the past month and will be judged Saturday. Here is an example of the first one (5 years ago).

So if you are around this weekend, stop by the Squire at 6:30 for some fun. You can even enter the contest with a pre-existing stache. All proceeds go to WOFF!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oh Owl, I Will Find You

The (damn) Cape Cod snowy owl is avoiding me.

I don't know why. I am a very nice person and all I want to do is snap a picture or 2. I don't want to kill it, or eat it, or make it my pet. I just want a few pictures. Yes,  I have been sent and brought attention to other people's photos. Even Bobby's son has taken a picture of the damn thing. I WANT TO SHOOT MY OWN PICTURE!!!

I went looking again  for it today on Forest Beach in Chatham. Want to see what I saw....

Bobby's "drawing of a snowy owl" in snow.

An eff'n seagull that actually might have been the owl in disguise.

A beautiful sky. (I got distracted..)

Some turkeys in a yard.

A turkey yelling at the owl to leave the premises because I wanted to shoot it. Damn turkey misinterpreting my "shooting" for taking a picture.

Let it be known, I will find this owl and "shoot" it! I am a determined woman with spring in the very distant future. What else do I have to do?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Dad Can Be Funny (not on purpose)

K and I had dinner at my parent's house the other night. B was at a friends and the boys were all wrapped up in hockey. K and I alone at my parents is a very rare occasion. All I remember is that there was a lot of laughter and Olympics and wine, but the one pertinent story was from my dad.

He went to the doctor's recently for a check up and the nurses began by asking him how he was and if he had any problems. Well, things were good and he felt good, but he did have one problem.

He said, "Sometimes my leg will go numb.  It happens while I am shopping with my wife."

The nurses were hysterical and quite honestly so were K and I as he was reiterating the story. So we asked him to explain further.

Evidently when he and my mom shop in places like Kohls or TJMaxx, one of my Dad's legs fall asleep. My mom sends him to the men's department while she goes on her shopping mission and 9 times out of 10, after 15 minutes, one of my dad's legs falls asleep. K asked if it was the leg of the pocket that he kept his wallet in.

If he is puttering around the yard, he has no problem

If he is shoveling the driveway, he has no problem.

If he is golfing, he has no problem.

He only has this problem when he is. Shopping. With. My. Mom.

I do not have a punch line for this story, but I can tell you that we were laughing so hard at dinner, tears were rolling down our faces. And, yes, I mean all 4 of us. My mom even had her silent laugh going  which when that happens, K mimics and makes it all the more funny. I guess if you see a guy limping around the men's department of Kohls, please offer him a chair and a cup of strong black coffee.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Everlasting Winter

Last weekend, Cape Cod was hit with another blizzard. When my parents were thinking about moving to the Cape years ago, they wanted confirmation that there was not as much snow down here as my home town of Acton.

"No, we don't get 1/2 as many storms or inches of snow. Really!" I said somehow convincingly. As Cape Cod goes, we typically don't get as much snow. Somehow this winter in particular has blown that theory to bits. I think usually, Cape Cod gets snow and then it melts in a few days. This year it has snowed and stayed and snowed again and stayed... you get the picture.

I have been looking for the (invisible) snowy owl that has taken up residence in West Dennis. I cannot find the damn, I mean cute, thing. But last weekend on my quest to find the elusive owl, I got some nice pictures of the frozen snow between Dennis and Chatham.

We have had a couple of sunny days in the 40's this weekend. Daylight savings time is in a week. I am ready to trade in the beautiful snowy pictures for some spring flowers. And maybe I will even find that owl. What's life without hope?!