Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Happy Birthday MOM!!

It's my mom's birthday today!!! I am extremely lucky to be friends with my parents. They are the greatest! My mom's favorite color is yellow. I guess it started way back when.....

She loves wearing yellow too,

Here is a composition of all things yellow from our trip to Paris 10 years ago.

And for her birthday, she picked out this yellow raincoat which has come in handy on this rainy day. Here are my adorable parents going out for a fancy dinner tonight, just the 2 of them.

Hope this year brings you all things wonderful, Mom!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Whales: Where Art Thou

There are an abundance of right whales off the coast of Cape Cod right now. I heard that of the 500 or so in the world, about 1/2 of them are around Provincetown. For whatever reason, there is more than the usual amounts of krill and other little things that the whales like to eat. Being school vacation week, I had the opportunity to go to Ptown 3 times this week. I had my sister's  huge telephoto lens. I was ready to get the details of the whales as they leapt out of the water. I already saw my whale picture on the cover of National Geographic. I was prepared!

This is what I got:

Now I am sure that will not suffice for the National Geographic cover or really your viewing pleasure. The water was Caribbean blue today, so I took some second place pictures while I was waiting for my whale to surface.

The seagull cooperated.

Herring Cove parking lot is about half the size after the past 2 winters.

Also Herring Cove.

I love taking pics of laundry lines. Why? I do not know, but always have.

 Look at the color of that water! If only it was warmer out....

Anyone want to go on a whale watch with me? I'll bring the camera and the Dramamine.

Friday, December 2, 2016

B's 18th

18 years ago today, I was laying in a hospital bed with my second daughter. When I realized that I was pregnant with her, I wondered how I would love another human being as much as my first born. Little did I realize that it was easy. Your heart grows and you love the second one just as much as the first one. I am sure if I was blessed with more children,  it would be the same: my heart would just keep growing. 

I have read what I have written about you, B,  for the past 8 years and nothing much has changed. You still get my sense of humor and have actually adopted it for yourself. You are still a leader (hmm, captain of 2 swim teams). You still sing any chance you get (yes, I listen when you don't think I am. Please don't stop). You are still compassionate and kind and I love hanging with you and your friends. 

So B, all I have to offer is advice for your future. You have college to look forward to and whether or not your shoulders give up on you, you will still make wonderful memories. People gravitate toward you because you are fun to be around. You are polite, smart and caring. You sing like an angel and I hope you will always treasure that gift. And it is a gift; one that I was not blessed with, but appreciate so very much. So, whether you decide to teach Kindergarteners, walk on the moon or be a neuroscientist, I hope you will sing your way through every day. 

Know that I love you very much. You'll be surprised to know I have tears right now (haha). Know that I love every adventure and car ride we go on. And please know that I would give you the world if I could. The great thing is, whatever I cannot give you, I know that you will go out and get yourself. 

Happy Birthday Cookie
Love, Mama

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kent's Point

Some people go on walks to exercise. You see them in their workout clothes, some pumping their arms, some listening to music, some looking angry. The purpose is one of getting fit/staying fit.

Bobby and I go on a lot of walks. I would most definitely say they are not of the serious work out type. Ours are more of regrouping, finding new things, taking pictures, finding rocks, seaglass or shells. The fresh air and exercise are bonuses.

Today we went on a walk at Kent's Point in Orleans. I didn't bring my camera or my phone for that matter, so no pictures from me. What I noticed on today's walk was the smells and sounds. Of course they are 2 things that I cannot "show" you. The wildflowers smelled delicious, they were white. The marshy ocean area smelled heavenly and the lilac bushes were lovely to look at and smell. Throughout the whole walk, we could hear the waves hitting the outer beach. While things were relatively calm where we were, it is amazing to think of a stormy sea a few miles away. Then there were the birds. Or course, I am not a bird woman and have no idea which bird makes which sound except for the woodpecker that we could hear. The others just sounded like little songs matching the crunching of the leaves and pine under our feet.

The walk has a lot to offer in the fact that it is mostly wooded, but you can also walk on the beach and enjoy an inlet with many boats. Lots of people walk there with their dogs. So many people, that when we got there a woman with a lab asked us what type of dog we had with us. We were just there to take some breathes and catch up on our day.

A shot from a fall walk at Kent's Point.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wicked Tulips

My friend, Jen, introduced me to a place in Rhode Island that was offering tulip picking.

"Tulip picking?" I asked.

"Yes, as in acres of tulips and you can pick your own."


The "place" is called Wicked Tulips and it is is Johnston, Rhode Island. I had been following their progress on FB and through their newsletters and when it came time to buy tickets, I jumped at the chance! I figured what a fun adventure and timing it with Mother's Day weekend, was an added bonus.

The five of us piled into my sister's car and headed to RI. I invited my mom, sister, my sister's mother-in-law and my 5 year old niece. The fog on the Cape and the heavy gray clouds in RI did not deter us. When we arrived at the farm, we were met by no less than 5  happy, helpful and friendly men directing us to park. We were ready with boots and a bucket and raincoats. The raincoats came in very handy when the skies opened up 10 minutes after we arrived. The farm offered us some umbrellas and off we went!

The view from the parking lot. I was giddy!

Let's DO this!

Thankfully, it only rained for about 10 minutes. I was itching to get my camera out from under my jacket! There was a section of tulips to pick and a show garden where you could look at the different types.

Here is a sample.

My niece had a ball! If she wasn't picking flowers, she was running up and down the aisles or stomping in mud!

Wet or not, we were a happy crew! I hope these people continue this endeavor because we plan on making it an annual event. Honestly, I am not sure if I liked the picking better or taking the pictures!

It's obvious, we love a camera (and tulips!)

This is not a sponsored post. I was so grateful to find this farm and be able to enjoy it! You can buy tickets during the week right at the farm, but for the weekends you have to order them ahead of time. The tickets are $5 and the tulips are a dollar a stem. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy 19th K

Nineteen years ago, I was wearing a similar outfit to today which totally cracked me up when I realized it this morning. Leggings and a long shirt: my uniform of pregnancy and evidently my outfit today. Some old habits die hard. 

Dear Kelsie,

What a year it has been for you!!! (and me, but I will try and make this most about you). While many of your classmates graduated and jumped to college, you took a different route. Honestly, you have rarely taken a traditional route and I applaud you, even though I have held my breath through many of your adventures.

You have worked on a commercial fishing boat at 4 in the morning, driven across the country, lived with a different family, found a job, commuted to said job and made a bunch of new friends. You have had to deal with plane reservations, a car accident, budgeting money, feeding yourself and doing your own laundry. You know how to make a plan and execute it. I am truly proud of all you have accomplished. I know that there were bumps in the road this winter and they were totally understandable. It's not easy adulting (even at 49).

Even though we now live 3000 miles away from each other, I am still your mom and your biggest supporter. I love you millions and cannot wait to see you next month!
Happy Birthday Sweetie,

Love Mom

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

17 reasons

To B,

17 Reasons Why I Love you (on your 17th bday)

1. You're hysterical.

2. You're sarcastic.

3. You have a beautiful voice. I love listening to you sing and have loved it since you would stand in your crib singing every morning.

4. I love your laugh.

5. I love that you like going on photo shoots with me.

6. You are a dedicated athlete and student.

7. You are compassionate and empathetic.

8. You are wicked smaht!

9. You are a good friend.

10. You always try your hardest, unless it's reading english novels for class.

11. I love that we share a love for ICE-CREAM! (and laughing)

12. You are an excellent snuggler.

13. Your beautiful blue eyes.

14. If you are learning something new or trying something for the first time, you stick with it until you master it.

15. I love our talks.

16. I love that we can share shoes and jewelry.

17. You are an optimist.

You have a busy, exciting year coming up B! I am so looking forward to it! I love you gabillions :)