Monday, July 21, 2014

Photos R'Us

I grew up knowing that if I saw a camera, I was suppose to smile. We have lots and lots of pictures of my sister, brother and I smiling in pictures. My dad was the videographer, my mom had the camera. I got my first "real" camera when I graduated from college. Now I am the camera holder in the family. I am always the one that has it at all family functions. 

The iphone has worked wonders for not having to bring the "big" camera along all the time. It's convenient for quick photos. Last weekend, B had a swim meet in Springfield and my mom needed to get off the island for a bit so the 3 of us embarked on an adventure. We stopped and saw my brother, his wife and my niece and nephew. All 4 adorable, but that's not where the real story is. They live near our favorite ice-cream place. My mom, B and I went to get ice-cream for our ride to western Mass. My mom, who once was on the forefront of camera knowledge, is more on the back burner of mobile phone use. She does not have a smart phone, she actually has a flip phone. She says to me that she will take a picture of B and I and our big, delicious ice-creams on my iphone. 

First she took this: 

Then, she proceeded to take 2 videos that I unfortunately deleted.

Then, she somehow got my phone on rapid fire and took the following.

I think I need to get her an iphone just to have more pictures like these. We were in hysterics. And laughter is like an ab workout in itself. Awesome ice-cream + ab workout = Win/win!!

Monday, July 14, 2014



Such a loaded word. So much angst. So much drama.

As a parent, I believe that many like me, look back into their own teenage years and try to parent from that. Unfortunately, so much has changed. Or is that fortunately?

As a teen, I had to call people on our house phone. I wrote my friends letters, and mailed them with stamps. Yes, stamps. I even had contests writing letters with friends. One time I wrote a letter on toilet paper, one time I wrote a letter on a t-shirt, you get the point: I was creative.

I went to Maine every summer and left my school friends for my summer friends. I had no idea how they spent every waking minute in the summer. In the winter, I went to NH and skied.

Every weekend.

How did I find out what was going on over the weekend? On Monday morning back at school, after the weekend happened. So I did not get the every minute play by play, but the general weekend overview.

I am a fan of social media (obviously, I have a blog for Pete's sake). I like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. I really appreciate the ease of texting. My computer and I are buddies. My phone and I are rarely apart.

The hindrance is teenagers have all this social media to contend with ALL. THE. TIME. As in 24/7. They know what everyone is doing all the time.

They know that Chrissy had fruit salad for breakfast. Tim had batting practice at 9:00AM, Tina had her  eyebrows waxed by her next door neighbor at 10:15, Wendy "turnt it up", Alicia and Marsha had a sleep over, Caty and Veronica were getting together to go to Chillers, Mark is working until 5 and Spencer has a hot date with Mae at 7.

This actually drives other teens (who are not doing anything at the moment, but reading twitter) CRAZY!! It makes them feel like they have no friends. They are, therefore, unworthy. They may as well pout all day. Or, even better, they should make everyone that live with them desperate to get out of the house.

I feel bad. Not many are tweeting "I am alone. Let's do something". Not many are snapping instagram pictures of themselves with their eyes swollen from crying while they lay in their beds thinking about the great time EVERYONE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY IS HAVING. Not many are being honest with their pain.

There have been the parental suggestions of "read a book", "clean your room", "clean the bathroom", "run to the grocery store", "mow the lawn", "get off social media" to no avail. They want to be with their friends doing something exciting. Not even sitting on a beach is enough. They have to be doing something.

My heart goes out to them. I lived in eternal bliss NOT knowing what my friends were up to. There is not eternal bliss for a teenager of 2014. Well, unless they are actually doing something worthy enough to post on all social media sites.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

To See Or Not To See

When I turned 40 a "few" years ago, I realized that words were getting harder to read. I got to squinting, looking for brighter lights, saying "oh yeah, that looks good" when something was placed in front of me. So I succumbed to readers. Some people call them cheaters, but I don't like that word. The eye Dr confirmed, readers would be fine for me for awhile.

Last year when I went to the Eye Doctors I told him that I didn't know what was going on, but my readers were working for my distance, too. Silly me, thinking that that was ok. He mentioned the word "progressive" glasses and said that they would take some getting use to. Well I thought my readers were fine, so I never did anything about progressive "real" glasses. Plus, I could get 3 pairs of readers for $12 at the Christmas Tree Shop and have a variety of fun colors.

For the past few months, I have been attached to my readers and panic when I am without them. They are usually on the top of my head. So when I went to the eye Dr the other day I said that I might be interested in contacts. "Great" he said. I thought I had more time to procrastinate about my decision, but he pulled a pair out of a drawer and gave me a quick lesson on how to put them in and voila, gave me a high five and shooed me out the door.

All fine and good. I felt giddy because I could see and didn't have glasses on. I could put my sunglasses on and still see.

Then I had to take the contacts out.

And the next morning put them back in.

Well here is the problem, you have a sight impaired person playing with a little clear plastic disk in solution and it's a crap shoot whether it gets in your eye and more importantly in the correct place in your eye and facing the right direction. It was so easy for the Doctor. "Yes, see if it rolls this way it is shaped like a taco. This is the side you want on your eye. If it rolls this way, it's a mess. You do not want this side on your eye." Sure I understood it in the Dr's office, but when I am looking into my daughter's magnified mirror in the middle of what I could only call a 4 teenager bathroom, things aren't that easy. Both ways look like a taco. The disc is slippery. Seeing my finger coming at my eye ball is terrifying. The thought of dropping it onto any surface in that bathroom would probably require me to call in a hazmat team to sanitize it. That is if I could find it.

So I will stick with it. I am stubborn like that. However, if you see me walking into trees or poles, you might want to have a pair of readers at the ready.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

17 Somehow

My "baby" is 17 years old today.

In honor of her, I wrote 17 reasons why I love her.

1. It was you who made me a mom.

2. Your smile when it lights up your whole face.

3. Your beautiful red curly hair.

4. The way you growl at me in the morning so I know you are awake.

5. When you snuggle with me.

6. Your beautiful voice.

7. Your stubborn nature.

8. The freckles on your nose.

9. Our chats in the car.

10. Your hazel eyes which express so much.

11. Your passion when you love something.

12. Your laugh (which I would like to hear more of).

13. The amazing things you create in ceramics.

14. The way you walk around the house snuggled in a blanket until mid-July.

15. Your interactions with R and other little kids.

16. How you look awesome in anything from a prom dress to a pair of ripped jeans.

17. Because you are YOU!

You deserve a fantastic year, K. I love you :)

Monday, May 5, 2014


So, today I did a million things like every mom out there.

Some things I did OK, other things I could improve on.

Fine, I could improve on a lot...

I didn't do anything exceptional until I was a baseball game tonight.

One of the boys had a baseball game and I went and watched some of it. His brother said, "Hey Sue, Dad, catch this." And because I was paying attention or I was looking for stardom, I paid attention. He threw me a football with a nice spiral and I caught it. That's right. I caught it looking like it was no big deal.

Then, I threw it back to him.

And it spun in a tight spiral.

And I was right back in High School quarterbacking my Junior Powder Puff football team.

Ah, those were the days.....

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Most people, when they think of Wellfleet think of the drive-in movies, the flea market and the Oyster Festival. Today, Bobby and I went to explore the other aspects of Wellfleet. All we had to do was put the car in neutral and the wind pushed us up there. OK, I may be exaggerating, but the wind today was unbelievable!!

First we stopped at PB Boulangerie and Bistro. I wish I could have captured the smell of all the bread there. It was amazeballs (this is much more than just amazing). My chocolate croissant melted in my mouth and we even bought white chocolate bread to bring home! Chocolate and bread= pure happiness.

We took a little hike around a marshy island? I've always wanted to see what was on the other side of this bridge. The views were beautiful and the wind strong!!

We decided that we would be so happy in that little yellow house with the marsh/ocean view. Too cute!

Then we took a road north along the water toward Truro and passed a golf course and ended up at Duck Harbor beach. We were the only ones in the parking lot and as we trudged up the path to the ocean, we were anticipating the winds on the other side of the dunes. It was so blustery, that the sand hurt as it was whipping at you. But, oh what a site!!! We were the only ones (crazy enough) to be on the beach and we could see forever. I can't wait to check it out this summer!!

So take a day trip to Wellfleet, it's totally worth it!! And don't forget to bring me something chocolatey from the bakery!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thinking Snow Thoughts in April

Spring school vacation week is typically suppose to be warm or at least warmer than this...

No, those are not diamonds, but hail. Ick, that definitely does not scream sunbathing in the backyard to me. 

What I have really been wanting to write about every time I drive by them are these "things" hanging from the utility lines in one part of town.

I truly do not know what they are for, but they look like chairlifts for squirrels. Bobby and I almost had one of his sons convinced that that was exactly what they were. 

Boy: "Why are you taking pictures of the sky?"
Me: "I am not. I am taking pictures of the chairlifts."
Boy: "What? Those are chairlifts?"
Bobby: "Yes, for the squirrels to get back and forth."
Boy: "You mean the chairs actually move?"

We couldn't go any farther than that. We were laughing too hard. Got to love gullible kids :)