Tuesday, November 25, 2014

If I Had a Hammer...

I was at the YMCA one morning last week at 5:30 AM. (B swims that early some mornings. Just so you know, I will be that mom in the P&G ads where the athlete is thanking the mom for all that they do to help the kid succeed.)

So, I had to workout, otherwise, I would have fallen asleep in my car. I did the treadmill, the bike and then got on the floor to stretch and attempt a few crunches. As I was laying there staring at the ceiling, I noticed the nails.


There were many nails sticking through the ceiling. This, of course, got me to thinking. What exactly were the builders thinking? I have hammered many a nail into a wall and when I hit "nothing" I knew it.  Were the builders hammering on the roofing tiles and knowing that they were hitting "nothing", just not caring? Did they think they were hitting insulation? I can see this happening once and a while, but there were a LOT of nails showing in the ceiling.

It's suppose to blow tomorrow up to 80mph. I hope someone in Hyannis does not get a bunch of roofing tiles in their yard for a Thanksgiving present.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Do You Smuggle Food Into the Movie Theater?

We had an interesting conversation at lunch today which led to a friend putting up a question on her facebook status to get other "opinions". I am writing about it to get more opinions. We might be able to get some sort of prize for our research some day. (#nobelpeaceprize)

One of my best friends was mentioning that she brought a foot long sub with onions into the movie theater the other night. She was happily eating it when someone a few seats away said, "ooh, it smells like soup in here". My bff, because she is so nice, offered the other half to this woman. It was declined, but that started a full conversation about sneaking food into the movie theater.

My bff, has brought subs, Chinese, burrito bowls and burgers into the movie theater. She also brings a Bota box of wine. This led to fits of laughter while we were eating lunch. Everyone in the room claimed that they had smuggled in soda or water, candy and sometimes popcorn. Bff insisted that it was completely normal to bring dinner into the movie theater. Others said, "no way".

I admitted to wearing my pjs and smuggling in wine and m&ms, but I always buy popcorn there because I love movie theater (very unhealthy) popcorn. And in my defense, Cape Cod in the winter is not a hot spot for movie goers. Those nights that a group of girls would go in pjs, we often had the theater to ourselves.

So, one of my other friends, put the question on Facebook:

Has anyone ever brought dinner into a movie theater? For example:Chinese, Burger King, or Subway.

So I ask you the same question. From her scientific polling,  the majority of people said, no to bringing dinners, but yes to smuggling candy and drinks. Although one person admitted to bringing in chicken wings. Ick, messy. From someone who used to CLEAN a movie theater (yes me), I would NOT like to be picking up chicken bones from the floor or seats! 

What do you think? Why do movie theaters charge $8 for a box of candy?  Are you a smuggler? 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

6AM Wake Up Call

Picture this: Me sleeping like a baby.

6am: Noise in hallway

Bobby: "Someone is up."

Me: "Probably K." I text her and find out that she was up getting water. Roll over to go back to sleep.

Bobby: "Who's Michael Jenkins?"

Me: "What?"

Bobby: "Who's Michael Jenkins? He wrote you a love letter."

Me: "What the hell are you talking about?"

Bobby: "Michael Jenkins wrote you a love letter and left it on our bed."

Me: "Are you sleep talking? I have no idea what you are talking about."

Bobby: "No, I had a dream that a guy named Michael Jenkins left you a mooshy love letter on our bed."

Me: "Oh, a dream. Glad we solved that mystery."

Bobby: "So, who is he?"

Me: "Good Lord."

Saturday, November 22, 2014

BLISKA Scavenger Hunt

Tomorrow is the Brad Liska 2nd Annual Scavenger Hunt sponsored by the Women of Fishing Families. If you are in or near Chatham tomorrow, come to the bandstand downtown and sign up! Need more information? Go here! All the monies raised will go to college scholarships for children of fishing families!!

Brad was an AWESOME kid who passed away two years ago to brain cancer. He was one of B's best friends. He loved Apple products, skiing, soccer, jumprope and Modern Family. He could light up a room with his smile. Come have some fun and see some of Brad's favorite sites in Chatham!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!

It's my dad's birthday today.

He does not like to make a big deal of his birthday anymore, but we do :)

When we were little, my dad would make a date with us and take us out to dinner, just one of us and him. That was a pretty cool tradition, I think.

Because my  parent's 50th wedding anniversary was last month, I looked at a bunch of old pictures.

Who knew that my parents were actually wild and crazy at one point in their lives?

If I could pick anything in the world to get my dad, it would be a sunny day for him to "tan" in.
He loves the sun and his 1980 Ban de Soleil whether on a beach, in a driveway or on the slopes.

Happy Birthday to the dad I am so lucky to have. To the dad I wish everyone could have. Love you so much!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Florida or Bust

#TBT to a healthy time in Florida

Life is not fair.

BUT, no one promised it would be.

BUT it is very hard to explain to a 17 year old who has had mono for about a month now that her trip to Florida is hanging on how she feels by Saturday.

Yes, K does have Mono and instead of getting better, she is getting worse.

The most frustrating thing about being a mom, is not being able to help your child feel better. I mean, I get her cold drinks, I bring her saltines, Kleenex, italian ice, Advil, but not one of those things is making her feel better for the long term. Tonight she asked if we had any frozen pizza, this is the first real thing she has asked for all week. I jumped in the car, drove to the store, bought a pizza, didn't even put it in a grocery bag, drove home and put it in the oven.

She is also my child that does not like affection shown toward her. Laying next to her drives her crazy. Petting her head gets you a grimace of "what the hell are you doing?". All I want to do is wrap her up in my arms and take her pain away and I cannot. I cannot even attempt it and that makes me feel less of a mom. So instead we text, we sit near each other on the couch and I worry. Worry that I am not doing enough to make her feel better and wondering all the time why this kid can't catch a break. The poor thing has had one disappointment after another. Now granted, I always see the glass as half full and she prefers to see it as half empty, but seriously, the girl needs something good to happen.

So, I will throw it out to the blogosphere to say a prayer or think a good thought and send it in her direction.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some Days Are Crap-o

Today was a particularly "crap-o" day.

"Crap-o" is usually how my mom describes inclement weather.

Beautiful and sunny today, but the word fits all that happened.

So, to try not to dwell on the negative. I will share some things that make me happy.

My happy Danskos:

The brownies I made last night:

The heart rock I found on York Beach 2 summers ago:

And the Christmas tree that I keep out all year just because I love it:

There you have it! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. However, if it's not, I know I can come up with a new list of things that make me happy.