Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!


Have you ever gone to a gym fairly consistently for a month or 2 and then not gone for a month? You know how hard it is to go back. Everybody staring at you wondering where you have been and if you can hold up to your rock star status with the weights. Well, that's at least what is going on in your head. That first step in the door is almost as painful as your muscles will feel after your work out.

Well, my last post was December 19th and I am feeling that same stress. How do I fit in 3 weeks of "stuff" into my posts that are usually rock star-esque? Ha Ha.

Before Christmas was just mayhem and then we switched houses for school vacation. Some of you may know that we have 2 houses in town and one we rent out during the summer months. Well the one we rent out is newer and bigger than the house we live in, so we "vacationed" there for school vacation. My whole family was able to stay with us, there is a great sledding hill in the back yard, there's a much larger tv, BUT no internet.

Oh the horror, right? No internet!

Everyday I seemed to have something to blog about, but didn't have a computer handy and heaven forbid I write something down. I also wondered about all my blog friends and what I was missing and how their holidays were!

However, during this lapse of blogging, I managed to up my "follower list" by 2. Does that mean people like it when I DON'T write?

Too bad, because baby I am back and ready to rock! I mean write!


Melisa with one S said...

"Does that mean people like it when I DON'T write?"

Bwahahaha! That must be why my Followers list isn't getting bigger. I must be writing too much!

Welcome back! We should have gotten you started on Twitter before you left. You could have been tweeting from your cell phone the whole time...

Sarah Clapp said...

Welcome back! Although you had a great excuse for not blogging - no internet. January is dull, you can reflect on December all month.

That's what I plan to do! ;)

Buford Betty said...

I'm with you on being a slacker about going to the gym. I'm back at it tonight with a yoga class! I did so well for months and then the holidays hit and I fell off the wagon. And so did my ass.

Happy New Year!

Manic Mommy said...

I bet if you put the Wifi in your rental, you could get like $100.00 more a week, easy. Glad you're back...I noticed.

kimmy said...

No internet? I would have a nervous breakdown!


Caution Flag said...

I had to stop reading after the question about going to the gym regularly. That, in itself, was just too foreign a concept for me.

Mary Ellen said...

Welcome back. I'm glad you had fun on vacation, but I expect you to blog EXTRA to make up for the lapse!

Thoughts from the Deep End said...

Glad you're back!!!
I missed you!!


Mags said...

My body is aching from getting back to the gym this weekend. My last visit was Thanksgiving Day...Argh!!!