Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Vet

Gretel has not been feeling well the past few days. No real diagnosis from me the "not such a pet expert", but just knew she was not herself. She was tired, wasn't following me around the house, not getting up every time a door opened, basically just not herself. I tried to get a vet appt during the day, but couldn't get one until 6:30 tonight. K, B, Gretel and I drove the 20 minutes to the vet and herein is the scenario that followed...

We arrive at the vet, Gretel sniffs the entire yard, pees and I bring her in (where she sniffs the entire room). K brings her book and questions, B brings long division which she just learned and wasn't getting. G is trying to sniff everything while I stand on her leash and help B with division. 
me, "How many times does 3 go into 6?"
B, "18"
me, "Aurgh! That's 3x6!"

We get called into the office room. I kid you not, it was like a regular Dr's office where you sit in the examining room for 15 minutes. G sniffed, I picked things off of her, B struggled with div/mult, and K was reading a poster on dog  gingivitis. Then K checked G's teeth and decided she was almost stage 4. I told her to look at her own gums and compare. Then she proceeded to have a hot flash and took off 3 of her 4 layers. Can you have a hot flash when you are 11?

The Dr came in with no bedside manner whatsoever! She didn't even comment on how cute and clean G was. (Yeah, she was clean because she rolled in horse shit this afternoon and I had to give her a bath). She asked me what was up with her and I told her it was a feeling that I had that things weren't right. She basically rolled her eyes and asked me to help her put G on the table. Unfortunately K and B were at G's tail end . The "kind" Dr. stuck the thermom. right up G's ass right in front of the girls. They even studied the gingivitis poster just to avoid that scene. Then the Dr. said a bunch of words that resulted in drawing some blood. The words included Lyme Disease, Addison disease, poodles, blahblahblah....

She took G in the back room and we went back to the waiting room. K and B weighed themselves on the "dog scale". They took off at least 5 pounds for clothes. How do they learn that at such a young age? We don't even own a scale. G came out quite happy and finally noticed the cat in a basket on the counter. She growled at it and then ignored it and went back to sniffing. I told K to put on her 3 layers even though her face was still bright red. We finished B's division with the knowledge that she needs to practice her multiplication facts. The Dr. comes out and rattles off "antibiotics, plain wet dogfood, lyme test not positive for lyme, but other tick borne illness, platelets, maybe another disease, won't know for a few days, keep her away from horses and quiet for a few days." WTF. 

That bedside manor was received to the tune of $210. Poor little doggie.  Poor little wallet. Then I proceeded to have the hugest allergy attack on the way home which resulted in allergy medication and inhaler, a shower and a large glass of wine. Yeah, so it's not a proven fact that wine helps furry allergy attacks, but it sure helped take the edge off the evening. Now I have to go look up random words on google and find some multiplication flash cards. 


Thoughts from the Deep End said...

Poor Gretel!!
Poor Sue!!!

It always amazes me how completely back asswards some "professionals" conduct themselves!!
(and we PAY them while they're basically telling us to bend over and take it...)

Tell B that even some grown-ups aren't great with mental math!

;) Jackie

PS - Give your pup a hug from me... I just lost my "Marco" pup last Friday and have barely stopped crying since we buried him!! :(

five tomatoes said...

Poor Gretel! I hope she starts feeling better soon.

Melisa with one S said...

I'm sorry Gretel is not feeling well and hope she gets better very soon!

Almost as important, did you wear mittens while drinking your wine?

Melissa said...

Ack! I think copious amounts of wine were in order! Carry on...well at least carry one over here :)

Hope your pup feels better soon!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Poor pup! I wish you had our vet - she was and is sooo amazing. When we had to put little Nomar to sleep she cried with us.


Caution Flag said...

Ah, Sue, that was horrible. For $210 I would be the nicest vet ever. $210!! Holy Cow. I hope they find nothing wrong. But $210??? for nothing wrong??? Ouch.

Our vet is Indian. I have yet to understand anything he says, but he always kisses my dog. I think that's good.

Manic Mommy said...

HRH went through a stage where he wanted to be a vet. I highly encouraged it. There's gold in them thar hills!

Hoping Gretel's feeling better. Thanks for the non-diagnosis,doc.

Sarah Clapp said...

It always amazes me how little you get at the vet, and how much you have to pay.

I hope Gretel is feeling better. Poor sweetie.

Contest Chris said...

Great Post! In fact, it is the Featured Post over at Worth a Thousand Words.

I hope Gretel feels better.

J-Hi said...

I feel like I am there when i read your BLOG... We have to put Dallas (14 yr old choc lab) down on Saturday. I keep putting it off but we are now getting past the point.
She is older then my 3 younger kids. AHHH. It is crazy how much it costs to put them down too. I guess it is another week of pasta:(

scargosun said...

Poor Gretel. G-dog is a bit out of sorts too but I am pretty sure it's the shortness of her walks due to the temp that is causing her to act out a bit. I hope that mean vet actually comes up with something to help. Give Cape Cod G-dog an ear scritch for me. :)