Friday, January 28, 2011

Frag'n Friday

Mommy's Idea

*Who couldn't use a little spring right now? Well... I suppose anyone living in Australia wouldn't think that right now, but in New England, that is all we are thinking about! Cape Cod hasn't gotten the extreme amounts of snow that many places outside of Boston has, but still, it has been gray and cold for far too long. What happened to the January thaw?

*To "spring" ahead, the girls and I went to Michael's Craft Store yesterday. We were actually looking for Valentine stuff, but found these great flower clips. God Bless K for her unique sense of style and confidence in herself. She wore this one in her hair today. Love it!

*I love love love Gerbera daisies! These were a dollar each and the butterflies were 4 for $3.  Look how I just brightened up my bedroom! Take that, chilly winter!

*B has been swimming like a fool this month. This weekend is her 3rd weekend of competitions. She is loving swim team! I always thought she was part fish. Here she is in her first butterfly comp. I knew those broad shoulders would come in handy!

*Seriously? Mary Kay Letourno has a grandchild (from her first set of kids). Her second set of kids with the student she hooked up with (who she is now married to)? They are 12 and 13! Dang time flies.

*What about the kids who put the piano out on a sandbar in Miami? Talk about a piano bar. Hahaha, couldn't let that one go.

*How are you liking the new American Idol crew? I think Randy is turning into the new Simon. Ouch!

*Stay warm and have a great weekend!


Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

LOVE the sprucing up you did to your blinds! Spring isn't anywhere in sight in SE Wisconsin, either. We're getting another 3-4" of snow today GRRRRR....

Anonymous said...

I love this post! What fun things you are doing to while away the winter doldroms! I need one of those flowers for my hair and flowers for my bedroom. Will never swim like B who looks like a pro. Good going ladies! Nana

Unknown Mami said...

Gerbera daisies are my favorite. They just make me smile.

lisleman said...

I just read about that piano bar - funny - I guess someone is going to remove it now. The mermaids will be sad.

Dawn said...

Love what you did with your daisies. I also love Gerbera daisies and have a multicolored bouquet in a Fiestaware vase. It goes so well with all of the Fiesta colors. :)

BTW...I'm really enjoying AI this season...of course, I HEART Steven Tyler! ;)

mimbles said...

I'd be quite happy with Spring if it didn't have to be followed by another Summer, guess I'll settle for hanging out for Autumn instead - bring on reenactment season! Can't dress up as a viking in the summer heat you know!

I LOVE the flower clip in K's hair, it looks fabulous :-)

stephanie said...

Love your fleurs!
We've had a week of 70+ so it's very hard for me to feel your pain. I think I live in GOd's chosen land.
Come visit and sit in my garden.

Michelle said...

Those blinds look awesome - I love it (and would never have thought of it myself).

K looks pretty awesome, too. I love that she's got that faith in herself.

Go B with her swimming - and you did a great job on that photo. I'm impressed (ok so apparently today is my say nice things about everyone day, but I really mean it!)

And whaaa? She has grandchildren? And it's been 13 years? And they're really married? Wow. Wooowwwwww.

Anonymous said...

I watched the interview with Mary Lou and she said she would not let her 13 yr old daughter get involved with a teacher. hmmm The whole interview was extremely odd

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