Monday, January 31, 2011

A Multitude of Mom Hats

This past weekend, I was regular mom, baking mom, cheering mom, loser mom, tired mom, rock star mom, patient mom, homework checker mom and proud mom.

Crazy how many hats a mom can wear over 2 days.

B had a swim meet in Southern Rhode Island on Saturday. We left at 9:30 and got home at 8. Yes, it was a long day! The proud mom role was obvious because I am always proud of my girls when they are doing something they love and are so happy doing it. The loser mom role wasn't too far behind because I missed her 100 free. They had all the kids and parents in a gym (headache? check) and would call them into the pool area in groups. I went into the pool area 5 minutes after her and watched her hit the wall as she was finishing the 100. Oh yeah, I paid for that one. She was MAD. I have no idea what her time was, but hopefully it was really fast. If that is the case, then I will make sure I piss her off more often before a race.

K had a concert for the music studio she sings at on Sunday. She's been getting up on stage in school talent shows since she was in 2nd grade and she sings solos in church, so I didn't think that she would be too nervous for this. Wrong. She was nervous. The great thing about K is is that as nervous as she was, the minute she opened her mouth to sing, all the nerves disappeared. She was so confident. I think even Bruno Mars would have been proud of the way she sung his song. Her instructor, Tony, learned the song right along with her so he could play the guitar for her. It was very cool.

So, the mom hats continue switching around, sometimes every minute. Some, like the proud mom hat, are always there, but I hope loser mom hat doesn't show up too often. Time to put on babysitting mom hat and head to work!


Anonymous said...

Fortunately, B you don't swim like me and k you don't sing like me! That would be such a disaster. Good job this weekend to both of you and your Mom also. You guys ROCK!

stephanie said...

Oh, what a treat you guys!
Loved watching you both.
You have an awesome, Mom.
Trust me.

Evansmom said...

You have a right to be a proud mom!

Lisa said...

I love the proud mom hat. I want to leave it on all the time. As for the bad mom hate, I keep trying to throw it out but it always finds its way back to me...quickly!