Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Wanna

How are teenagers and 3 year olds similar.....

Little Dude, let's go to playgroup! NO
But little Dude, your friends will be there. NO
There's the kitchen you like to make things in and the trucks. NO
And donuts, you love donuts. OK

Little Dude, it's time for lunch. NO, I can't like lunch.
Of course you like lunch. How about a bagel? NO
Maybe an apple with your bagel? NO
And a cookie after your bagel and apple? OK

Little Dude, it's time for your nap.  NO, I can't like naps.
It's after lunch, time for your nap. NO, I had one already.
That was yesterday, now it's time for today's nap. NO wanna.
How about I get your 2 binkies and blankets? OK.

K it's time to do your homework. Not yet.
Don't you have a report due? In like 2 days.
Have you finished the book? NO.
Would you like me to read with you? OK, fine.

K do you want to come with me to the store? Yeah, NO.
You can pick out your favorite foods. OK, fine.

K could you please get me your dirty clothes? Not right now.
You will have no clean clothes. OK fine.

Maybe I have to figure out a way to reward myself after every little chore I get done. They seem to be onto something here.....


Tara R. said...

I think the word you're looking for was 'bribe' not 'reward.' bwahahaa!

Melisa with one S said...

haha, I never thought about this but you're right!

And I hear the elderly folks are much the same...

k a t i e said...

It worries me this is the basic gist of my relationship...

Cam: Can you vacuum while I'm out?
Me: Uh...maybe...
Cam: I'll buy you something sparkly!
Me: *runs to hall closet*