Tuesday, February 15, 2011

That Certain Golfer...

Golf was a major part of my growing up. Not me playing it, but my dad playing it and my parents watching it. Put a few appetizers in front of me and golf on TV on a weekend and I am right back to being 12 in my family's living room.

Watching it was not very exciting until a certain golfer came on the scene and shook things up with his fist pump and youthful energy. He was fun to watch and seemed like a total family guy, first with his parents and then with his hot wife.

Fame takes a toll (I am guessing here) and he made some very bad, very stupid mistakes in the real world. One might think he would have packed himself up  and made himself virtually invisible.

Not so much.

People magazine had a spread of his new home in Florida just this week. My girls were drooling over it (OK, so was I). You haven't seen it? Here you go. We loved the lap pool, the 50 yd dash, the views of the water, yeah pretty much everything. B and I actually brainstormed on how I could get to date him because we wanted to live there. Yeah, nevermind about a leopard not changing his spots. Girls can dream, right?

Low and behold this famous golfer was in the news yesterday as well. He spit on a golf course at the 12th hole.

Seriously, this is news.

Golf is a gentleman's sport in a way that football, baseball and hockey (to name a few) are not. The most reaction you generally get out of a golfer is a smile and a fist pump. Sometimes they jump in the air. Evidently they are not allowed to spit. In one article I read, someone was intensely disgusted that their ball could ROLL THROUGH ANOTHER GOLFER'S SPIT. I wonder what the golf pros do when a bird flies over the course and relieves himself. Do they have sharp shooters waiting in the trees?

So even though this particular golfer is suppose to make $300,000 at this golf tournament, he could be subjected to pay $16,000 for spitting.

I think I have just solved the financial crisis in America. Fine every baseball player $16,000 each time he spits and have the money go to families who's houses are foreclosing, or who have lost jobs or who are just trying to get by.

Sometimes my genious amazes me.


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

[snort!] Also, football players, for smacking each others' butts! PURE GENIUS!!!

Boom Baby! said...

You can also fine baseball players every time they "adjust themselves"!
I had to ask my husband last night why this was such a big story. I thought men spit everywhere!

Tara R. said...

You are brilliant! I thought at first the fine was because it happened in Dubai and it was a cultural thing, but reading the reports, it seems it just a snooty thing.

Athletes spit.. it's what they do. Good thing he didn't clear out his nose soccer player style.

k a t i e said...

Uh... Liz@thisfullhouse - that's the ONLY reason I can be forced to watch the darn sport! Don't take it from me!

Maybe here we should be fining our footy players for gang raping underage girls, taking naked photos of each other holding bits and pieces they shouldn't, or charging them every time they're caught blind drunk and abusing others out on the town. Oh wait, they're trying to...

Melisa with one S said...

SUCH a good idea!! I like the "Happy Gilmore" style of golf, for sure.

Mrs4444 said...

You are BRILLIANT! haha Wonder what I'd get charged if I spit at work?