Friday, June 3, 2011

Tic Tacs

Tic Tacs have come a long way since this commercial.

I have always liked Tic Tacs minty freshness. But since they started making tasty, refreshing flavors... YUM!

Tic Tac is coming out with 2 new flavors just in time for summer! Peach Fusion and Wild Cherry! I had the opportunity to taste them both and share with some friends.

The very unscientific poll I took determined that both flavors were tasty, but one was not better than the other. It depends on the day for me, too. One day I like cherry better, one day I am in more of a peach mood. Whichever flavor you prefer, they definitely both scream SUMMER!

You can like Tic Tac on Facebook and sign up for their summertime Pandora music station.

And of course, look for these new flavors coming soon!

I was given 4 boxes of Tic Tacs for this review and everything I have said is my opinion. 


SurprisedMom said...

A day without Tic Tacs . . .

The flavors sound yummy and since I always carry a pack of Tic Tacs with me, well I'm looking forward to the summer flavors.

Caution said...

Those flavors sound great. I am pretty sure that I alone make the tic tac company profitable. Love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? You're stumping for TicTacs now? I don't whether to laugh at you or envy you.


Mrs4444 said...

Count me in for peach! :)