Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wine Tasting Fun

One of the perks of dating a bartender is that evidently I get to go to wine tastings. What a fine idea: wine tastings. What I put out on twitter was: I am at a wine tasting. The only thing better would be an ice-cream tasting....

I do love wine, but I really love chocolate chip ice cream. I can't even fathom having  50 different brands of chocolate chip ice cream to try. I would know my shit, too. I would be all like, "Oh, that is so creamy" or "Oh, those chocolate chips are divine" or "Well, that is Ben and Jerry's and that is Stop and Shop".

At a wine tasting, things were a little different. There were 75 vendors there and they had all sorts of wines each. You grabbed a glass and they would pour you a little bit of whatever you asked for. People were sniffing, swirling, talking about legs (yes, legs). They were talking price points, vineyards, oak or not oak flavored, citrus or not... It was almost a foreign language. Don't get me wrong, I love white wines. However, I do not have oodles of money to spend on wine, so I tend to go for my typical large bottle of $12.99 Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio. Here at the wine tasting, I was drinking sips of wine where the bottle would have gone for $75. Yikes!

So, I am walking around and who is one of the "vineyards" selling wine, but Bill Lee.(Right now, my uncle is jumping up and down reading this saying, "I know him!") He was a Red Sox pitcher from 1969-1978 which means he was on my radar during the years I followed the Red Sox pitch by pitch. Side note, once upon a time, I wanted to be the first girl to play for the Red Sox. Anyway, his wine Spaceman Wine is pretty good. Here we are:

By the red of our cheeks, I would say we both had our share of wine for the afternoon.

All in all, it was quite the experience and hopefully it was the first of many.....#hinthint


Anonymous said...

I'm with you about the ice cream. Dada would be proud! Hope you had some of the expensive wines because they can be really good. Don't get toooo use to them however. Sounds like a fun evening at at very nice place! Nana

Melisa said...

Love this, but the visual of you at an ice cream and "knowing your shit" has me in hysterics. Mainly because I know it's totally true.

KK said...

I'm coming with you next time #hinthint

Mrs4444 said...

That sounds fun! I thought that was your guy, and I thought, "Hm. Nice catch!"lol So, did you notice a difference between the cheap and expensive wine?