Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Galveston, Day 1

Do you ever wonder where other people are going at 6 am in the morning at an airport on a Tuesday? Maybe  not , but I have been today. We are on our way to Galveston Texas for the Jump Rope Nationals. Teams from all over the country are coming to compete. I have no idea what I am getting myself in to.

I do know that 3:37 came awfully early this morning. I even woke up 5 minutes before the alarm. Hmm, something to be proud of, huh? Brooke came bouncing down the stairs 10 minutes after me excited and nervous. She was very concerned we were going to miss our flight. It was raining when we left (no surprise, I think we are having the wetest/coldest spring ever! I wore my winter jacket yesterday and my parents had a fire in their fireplace on Father's Day.) We picked up my sister in law, Kathryn and her son, and our friend Kate and her son. When we arrived at the airport an hour before our 7:00 flight (yes, the airport is 1 1/2 hours away), we were greeted with a 20 minute security line. This line caused me to wonder where the hell everyone was going!! You can tell the business men and women, but what about the others? At least the kids wore our information on their jackets. "Hey, those kids must be on a jump rope team because they are all wearing the same jacket." Maybe more people should wear more obvious signs, because I am nosy and I WANT TO KNOW. 

Now we are on the plane and I am jamming to the songs on my laptop and writing. I get antsy on a plane. Actually I get antsy sitting anywhere for a long period of time. Ok, when I have to sit for more than 20 minutes. We stopped in Philly and had a 20 minute time lapse where the kids got to go into the cockpit. The captain was very cool and answered all of their 15 million questions. Pictures should be on here if I actually remembered all the cords I need for that miracle. 

(I did remember everything! So here they are...)

When we took off from Philly both J and Br held B's hand. She doesn't like taking off much. It was very cute. We are headed to Galveston where it will be close to twice as hot as it has been on Cape Cod. Oy. What's that like? Today will probably be one of those days where you can bitch about how cold you are in the morning and how hot your are in the afternoon. As long as the pool is warm and the drinks are cold, I think we will be all set. 

Yup, here is the pool and the swim up pool bar. Can't hate this!!

I wrote that on the plane yesterday. Today I sit in the hall at the wee hours of the morning playing on the computer while everyone sleeps and snores. The snoring would be my sister in law (I love her to death, don't tell her I am outing her about the snoring thing). We are going to Moody Garden's this morning before the rest of the team gets here and we have to get to work jumping. Stay tuned!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love that you're blogging while away!!

Still raining here in Maine. The grass is so long, since we can't mow it wet, that it's hard to see the wieners!


scargosun said...

Hi! I can't believe you were in Philly for 20 minutes! ;) I'll be in your neck of the woods soon!

Mags said...

Poolside bars are the best!!! Good luck in the Jump Rope Tourney!!!

MsFish said...

We miss you here in cold, wet Cape Cod! Order me a cold something at that amazing pool bar please! Love you and GO B, J & BR!!!

Mary Ellen said...

That swim-up bar looks like fun - is it too late for me to come along???

Great pix of the kids in the cockpit.

It's so funny that you mentioned about people wearing signs - I often wish people would have to wear signs that explained things. I think you just inspired one of my Friday Fragments!

♥ Braja said...

Dammit, now I'm singing Glenn Campbell's Galveston....