Friday, September 17, 2010

Frag'n Friday

Mommy's Idea

Fridays come up so quickly in blog world, but seem to take forever to get here in the real world. What's that all about? If you want to spew some of the thoughts from your mind or read others, go check out Mrs. 4444s. You'll be happy you did.

*So one of the interesting things I have learned from wedding photography is how men are suppose to button their blazers. This, surprisingly enough, is an issue because some guys like them unbuttoned, some all buttoned, some just whine that they have a suit jacket on..... What one groom had been taught from his dad, has stuck in my mind. Say there are 3 buttons on the jacket. Starting at the top button and working your way down, say, "Always, Sometimes, Never". Always button your top button (when standing), Sometimes your second button and never the 3rd button. I thought this tidbit was ingenious when I first heard it.

*The girls and I jam to music in the morning. It helps us to start our day HAPPY. We sometimes have Michael Jackson mornings or sometimes we have whatever is the latest we have bought off itunes. It's fun and makes mornings so much smoother!

*It's funny at 43 how I can still feel intimidated. I took little dude to music class this week for the first time. I felt that the other moms had been doing this for years and knew all the songs and had no problem dancing around the rooms with scarves, etc. I laughed at myself when I realized that I was self-concious. I have no problem standing up and speaking to a crowd of people, but I was having a problem dancing around with a scarf. Guess I'll have to practice in the mornings when I am jamming to Michael Jackson.

*I went to a playground this week with a friend of mine who adopted a 3 year old a few weeks ago from Russia. Listening to her talk and hearing some of the things she was worrying about, it reminded me of some of the same things my sister was worrying about with a newborn. How much to feed them, when to sleep, what to do, language etc... New moms are new moms whatever the age!

*I was invited to the Grand Opening of the new Oshkosh B'Gosh store at the South Shore Mall next week. I am very excited to go! I loved the little pink and white Oshkosh striped overalls that the girls used to wear. Now I get to check out the latest fashions for little dude and his new sister and my new niece, R! Maybe they could make a pair of pink/white striped overalls in my size!?

*Have a great fall weekend!!


Caution Flag said...

When my youngest child went to speech, we always had to dance. Just my non-responsive child, the therapist, and me. It was terrible!!

I loved those overalls, too. When you find a pair in your size, post the picture :)

Rebecca Jo said...

I promise you - I was just thinking about how the older you get, you still have those same feelings of high school when it comes to being in a room full of other women... hate those feelings... just do a moon walk next time & you'll be the envy of everyone! :)

Lisa said...

chances are, at least some of the other moms felt just like you did!!!
just remember, dance like no one's watching!!

Donna said...

That's a great way to remember how to button blazer buttons! Not that I wear one, but my husband does, and I've never understood why the last button never gets buttoned and why sometimes the middle one does, and why they're sometimes all the way open. I'm so glad I'm not a man!

won said...

I understand about feeling intimidated, regardless of your age. I just mentioned my "inner, insecure 12 years" to someone I was having a conversation with yesterday, because that insecure little girl crept into the conversation.

We'll probably take these feelings to our graves with us, I think!

Shell said...

Ugh...and I heard it "sometimes, always, never." LOL

stephanie said...

You wouldn't WEAR striped overalls, would you?
Please, please NO!

Jill Meyer said...

You are not the only one who feels like a complete ass at music class. That's why I've sent my husband who is a far better sport than me!

Melisa with one S said...

Dancing with scarfs isn't up my alley either. But you might be feeling weird about it also because you are the little guy's sitter & not his mom, and it's been years since your girls were little. I think when you have a kid of your own who is that age, you're so used to doing goofy things like dancing with scarfs that doing it in public isn't a big deal, and with your girls, you're at the point where you're trying NOT to do "embarrassing" things, you know?

Oh shucks, just have fun with it. I say next time you should break out the moonwalk too.

Kirby3131 said...

Always, Sometimes, Never. That's great - I'll never forget it.

I bashed my foot into a door about 1.5 seconds after waking up one morning - I ended up breaking a toe that day. I kept telling myself though that I needed to start the day off happy so I turned on some fun music so that my day wouldn't be all about pain. lol It's good to start the day off happy :)

Anonymous said...

You could do the dance of the 7 veils! I'd go to watch that. Nana