Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now That's Entertainment!

Some think my kids are spoiled or I am crazy because I drive them to and from school. They took the bus early on in elementary school because it was fun to be in a moving vehicle without a seatbelt. The novelty wore off and thankfully I am able to drive them both ways.

After yesterday, it became very clear to me the benefit of my kids not taking the bus.

The entertainment.

I picked up K, B and cousin J from school and because it was the last official day of summer, I took them to Dairy Queen. It takes a good 10-15 minutes to get to DQ which gave us plenty of time to chat and for me to listen. Here is just some of the conversation that I could jot down while driving (I mean, safely pulled over on the side of the road, Mom).

J "What did you do at swimming last night?"
B "I swam."

J "Where's your phone? Mine is plugged in all nice in my bedroom."
B "It's under my leg where it is nice and warm."

J "My phone is better than your phone."
B "Is not. Mine is very cool, but needs to be upgraded."
J "Touch screen phones are the only cool ones."
Me "Um, J, I don't have a touch screen, but I do have a crackberry."
J "Iphones are cool. We have 3, but it costs too much to change our plan over to use them."
K "Well sell them then."
J "No, we just keep them in a drawer."

J "My dad picked up a hitchhiker in North Conway once."

B "I had a grapefruit tic tac today for breast cancer."
me "What?"
B "It was pink. The teachers were passing them out."

J "I don't like girls touching me."
Me "Wait a few years."

B "I need to shave my legs."

J or B "Remember when DQ burned down because it got hit by a car?"
"It didn't get hit by a car, it just burned."
"They don't serve hot food there so it won't burn again."

Next time I should record or video this because it is really funny how they switch from one topic to another. Crazy kids. At least I evened off the calories from my Blizzard with the exercise I got from laughing.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Car rides with kids are classic conversations! I loved that when my daughter was younger and I did car pool! Too funny!

Donna said...

Ha ha, that's funny! I look forward to when my kids get older and talk about funny things like that!

scargosun said...

That is too funny. It's like, they are out of school so every non-school item is bouncing in their brains waiting to get out and explode in your car. :)

WeaselMomma said...

That's enough to make me dizzy when driving!

Midwest Mommy said...

Seriously, kids crack me up.