Thursday, August 4, 2011

California Girls

Since arriving in California, every song I have ever known pertaining to California has come to mind. Of course they don't pop in nice and neat and a verse at a time. They all scramble together so I get a word or 2 of one song and it ends up in a verse of another.

"Oh the East Coast girls...."

"Welcome to the Hotel California"

"And it's one more day up in the canyons,
And it's one more night in Hollywood"

"Do you know the way to San Jose?'

"All I want to do is have some fun"

"I been rock 'n roll and disco
Won't you save me San Francisco"

"Sitting by the dock of the bay"

There are some examples of verses, but sometimes they come out 'do you know rock and roll sitting by the dock of the bay'. Or 'One more night in San Francisco have some fun'. My brain might blow up before I can even begin the Blogher conference.

These muscial interludes are coupled with words that my roommates and I find hysterical as only 4 women who haven't seen each other for a year can find.

For example, Melisa is effervescent.

 I live in a hamlet.

Our roommate Momo recieved a tweet saying "what is a Momo"

Melisa is also pissofable ( a sub-category of Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible).

By the way, we just listened to 'Movin Right Along' by the Muppets which also includes the word California in it.

So, since I am feeling giddy about being in California and sad that all you bloggers or friends can't be here.... I thought I would get a little something  for whomever could tell me the names and artists of the songs that I have mentioned. Then I will do the random generator thingy and pick a winner!


Melisa Wells said...

PissOFFable. You misspelled it, which made me pissoffable. :) hahaha

CIndy S said...

David Lee Roth California Girls
Eagles Hotel California
Billy Joel -- Say Goodbye to Hollywood
Dionne Warwick (?) or Whitney Houston (not sure)
Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do
Train - Save Me SF (LOVE THIS SONG)
Otis Redding -- Sittin By The Dock of the Bay

Cindy S said...

Have fun!

Momo Fali said...

Don't be downin' me!