Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brace Face

Daughter #2 now has braces.

Here is her mug shot with her lavender and lt. blue bands.

I mentioned to my mom I was never going to be able to send them to college now.

B said to me that I better start saving because she is going to Harvard Med School.

Let's hope that smile and brain get her a lot of scholarships!


Vodka Mom said...

when bitchy got braces I told the lady at the desk to let me know what insurance didn't cover, and she laughed. SHE LAUGHED. that bitch.

Melisa said...

Ah yes, two in braces. I know that feeling well. Her teeth are going to be AMAZING, though! Maybe her pearly whites can get her into med school! :)

Sarah Clapp said...

I always wanted braces when I was in middle school. I used to put tin-foil along my teeth to pretend.

I like how they have different colors now.

Sarah Clapp said...
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Summer said...

Ahhh I remember the years of braces and the years of payments. 11K later they both have beautiful teeth. I tried to talk my son into becoming an orthodontist instead of an RN. He'd make more money, no emergencies, no one dies from braces and the techs do most of the work. I couldn't convince him.