Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Captain Crunch Before the Orthodontist!

Phew, what a morning!

Today was picture day, so last night we spent some time finding the "just right" outfit. Because I take so many pictures of my kids, school pictures do not really phase me. I find it more amusing to let the girls pick what they want to wear and how they want to wear their hair. Of course when they get older and say, "I can't believe you let me wear that...."!!!! I can say, "Hey, you picked it"! 

Back to this morning, both girls get up and get dressed. B had an early morning orthodontist appt so we were out of the house at 7:15. (It takes a good 45 minutes to get to the ortho.) It was her "consult" on getting braces. She has had a few different apparatus in her mouth already and we were just waiting for all her grown up teeth to come in before the braces went on. I thought it was just a chat on how much money we had to pay. I forgot that B had to have impressions of her teeth made with icky pink goo. So while I was being picked up off the floor in the business office, B was puking on herself and the fabulous dental assistants in the treatment room. And yes, it got on her outfit, the special one she picked for pictures.

Many tears later and an appt. for next week to get the full mouth of braces, we assess the outfit and decide that she can not wear this for pic. day. We have to go through Hyannis on our way home. It is the shopping mecca of the Cape. That means it has a mall and some stores that the rest of America has heard about. Of course the only thing open at 9- was KMart. Well, she tried on some "hip" clothes, but they were not making the "Picture Day" cut. We got out of there and headed to Old Navy, which thankfully was open. She got a pair of jeans and a striped shirt that she felt good about. 

Some might ask, "Why didn't you go home and get an outfit from her closet?". Good question, but she was so broken up about the puking that I thought a little shop therapy would do her ego good before I sent her to school. Plus, she had dissed everything else in her closet last night when she was looking for the perfect picture day outfit. 

From what she told me, she survived picture day. Phew.

After school she tried out for the school's jumprope team and made it! YAY! I am not sure who was more excited, her, or her friends already on the team! It definitely gave the day a positive ending to a rather rocky start!


Vodka Mom said...

life is ONE crazy adventure. That's for damn sure. Congrats on the team! A prelude for greatness to come. (although I'm a fan of savoring the now moments...)

scargosun said...

I remember that impression day. Ick! You are an awesome Mom for giving some retail therapy before school.

Melisa said...

Whoa. Love the post title! :)

Braces suck. I've got both boys in them right now, but thankfully am paying off the older one's braces at the appointment today! Woo hoo! Maybe now I can afford to get a hair cut or some other treat for MYSELF for a change! ;)

P.S. LOVE Old Navy.

Caution Flag said...

Congrats on the jumprope team!! I didn't know they existed. I think you get the Mom of the Day award for salvaging that ortho visit disaster.

Colleen said...

ewww...I don't miss doing those impressions at.all. Glad B's feeling a bit better after the shopping. :)