Sunday, October 26, 2008

Top Secret Info.


I now know the secret of how to win a soccer game.

B told me after her game on Saturday (Win: 4-1).

B plays defense for the most part. She has a mean kick when she gets her foot on it. Evidently she gets in the heads of the other players, too.

For example, there was a girl on the other team who B has played against forever. This girl is very good, unfortunately her team is not so good.

I told B I was impressed with the way she took the ball away from this girl a few times. This is where the big secret comes in.

She said, "Well, yeah, I talked her up."

Me with the inquisitive look.

B, "When she is coming at me with the ball, I will ask her a question like how is school? Or who is your teacher? This throws her off her game long enough for me to take the ball. She told the ref I was talking too much, but he just told us to play the game."

So there you go NFL, MLS, NHL players. There is no need to say anything nasty to the players on the other team. Just ask them about home life, what they did the night before and ask them if they have read anything good lately.

Problem solved, game won, the end.


Vodka Mom said...

"I talked her up!" I LOVE IT!!!

Do FOotball players ask the opposing line how school is going? If only they did.....if only they did.

i love your girl...

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

That's how I used to get the last cookie from the kids - I'd confuse them with conversation and snatch up the cookie when they were chatting away!

(they have figured me out so now it doesnt work!)


Burgh Baby said...

I used to just say the names of different breeds of dogs when I played basketball. It's amazing how confused people get when you yell, "Saint Bernard!" Good times!

scargosun said...

She totally rocks! That is some awesome psychology she was using. :)

Wendi said...

Good to know.
"I talked her up"...still giggling!

Sarah Clapp said...

So clever! Does Beck's know this?