Friday, August 22, 2008

Car ride

I had to write down some of the priceless (blogging) matter that was said during our 5 hour car ride up north this week.

"Why didn't I bring a sponge?"B

"We look past color in this house."K

"I have a white belt in karate."B

"Mommy said my leg hairs are beautiful"B

"I want to visit the Great Canyon some day. Is it in Canada?"K

Evidently we look past weight, hair color, clothing, etc too because that became a popular quote. And yeah, the GRAND Canyon is in Arizona and I immediately bought a map and started playing the license plate game to figure out where the states were in our wonderful country. I should have been working on this years ago! Another car trip on Monday, I will have to bring my notepad and pen with me again!

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