Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Vacation Week Blahs

Just so you didn't think my 2 girls are perfect, I just want to open a little window into what today was like.....

It's February vacation here in MA. I love having the girls home, love not having to get up and go in the morning and love the relaxed feel of the week. Today, however, the boredom bug struck. First things first, I strongly oppose the word "Bored" because life is short and there is plenty to do and always something to do whether you like doing it or not. My kids know not to use that word around me, so instead they couch it by saying, "there's nothing to do", "what do you want to do", or they zone in front of the tv. Well I had had enough electronics for the week between "Full House", "Hannah Montana","Sabrina the Teenage Witch", Guitar Hero and the computer, so I shut them all off. (You'll soon say that was my mistake.)

K "I don't know what to do."
Me, "What do you want to do if nothing was stopping you."
K "I don't know. I have no friends."
Me, "Yes you do have friends, but 2 are away skiing and one is dealing with the death of her grandfather."
K "What should I do?"
Me, "How about cleaning out the car, helping me clean the mudroom, playing with the clay I bought, making a card for your grandmother in Florida, going to the barn and brush the horses, muck some stalls, play catch with the dog, do your vacation homework (you get the picture, I had plenty of ideas).
K "Oh, I have nothing to do." (I am sorry you can't hear the whine that accompanied that).
Me, "Take off your stocking and pee in your shoe." (An old saying of my mom's)
B laughing.
K, "That's not funny!"

This went on for quite some time. B, for awhile, was happy playing with Fimo clay and taunting her sister. Then it came time for lunch.
B, "I would like tuna on a bagel."
Me, "That would be great if we had either of those 2 items. How about some soup?"
B, "OK"
K, " I hate soup. I'll have grilled cheese."
Me, "That also would be great if we had any cheese. You guys have been fighting against going to the grocery store today, so you are going to have to take what you get."

More whining. Finally we got out to the Post Office, the Hobo store (Ocean State Job Lot: the girls call it the hobo store because it has really cheap stuff in it, like forks for a dollar. You would think they lived in a mansion.) and the grocery store.

When we got home their father made them muck some stalls. HaHa! And I got 20 minutes of peace and quiet. And during that time, I wrote this, had 3 glasses of wine and am contemplating running away to a warm climate. Who would like to join me?

(Mom, I am kidding on the wine. Do not call AA for me.)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Count me in. But hold the wine. Stock up on rum and DC!!!

Hallie :)

Melisa with one S said...


k a t i e said... have horses and they're BORED?!

Next time they whine, tell them about a little Aussie girl who's spent the past 20 years of her life doing ANYTHING to clean out stalls just to be near horses. They can trade places with me ANY day, although I think they may be a little bored here, too!

k a t i e said...

Oh...and P.S. Got the warm climate if you'd like to trade with me, too!

(although if you're going somewhere, say...Vanuatu...I'M IN!!)

WeaselMomma said...

I'm all for the warm climate! I am also impressed with 3 glasses of wine in 20 minutes. Here's to a prayer that summer will come soon.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Count me in on the warm climate!
Very impressed with wine-chugging skills. Makes the day so much more pleasant :)

Mary Ellen said...

I always thought all little girls were perfect. Mostly because all I had were little boys!

I used to experience the opposite of boredom...the thing where they think of all kinds of things to do, none of which you WANT them to do.

I'm all for heading south.