Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brought To You By the Letter "L"

Melisa with one S, has hooked me up with a letter. She did this meme on her blog where you had to list 10 of your favorite things beginning with a letter. She rocked the Rs and gave me L. For a full day I sang the song from Bert on Sesame Street, "Lalalala lemons, lalalala lightbulbs, lalalala linoleum etc.... I actually had to google the letter L to help myself think of some words that I loved. What can I say? L is a tricky letter.

I love....

1. lemons. Yes, Bert and I have that in common. I have always been able to eat lemons straight up. I cannot eat fish without lemon. I love, love. love lemonade, pink or yellow. And lemons are a happy yellow color!

2. Lambie.

When K entered Kind., my mom sent me a little lamb to snuggle with while I was missing K. The minute K got home from that first day of school, it was no longer mine. She has slept with Lambie for the past 6 1/2 years.

3. Labradoodle.

Got to love labradoodles, since I have one.

4. Lenses. I especially love my macro and telephoto lenses. I love taking pictures close up with them!

5. Libations. Wine doesn't start with L, so I had to go for the fancy word. White is my preference in case anyone wanted to send me a case or two.

6. Legos.

I loved legos as a kid and still enjoy playing with them. The girls love playing with them too. I just wish Legos made more girl ones. They have some, but are very hard to find in regular stores. We also enjoy the Lego store at Disney and go every time we are there to see the latest statues.

7. Lawn.

I love big green lawns. We had one when I was growing up. This is where I learned how to drive a riding lawnmower. Some day I will have a big, lush green lawn again. Not only do I like looking at them, I like smelling them when they're cut.

8. Learning. I like to learn new things. Whether it's book learning or just talking to someone and learning something new about them, I just like to learn!

9. Lap. Not as in my dog lapping my foot as she was just doing, but lap as in something to sit on. I love my girls sitting on my lap. I think I will still like it when they are in their 40s.

10. Laughter! Probably my favorite L word. I love to laugh, I love making people laugh, I love hearing laughter.

If by chance, you want to play along, let me know and I will hook you up with a letter!


Melisa with one S said...

GOD, I love the L song!!!

And this made me laugh, too:

"Wine doesn't start with L, so I had to go for the fancy word"

That's what I call rollin' with it! :)

Nice LLLLLList!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that brings back memories - singing the "L" song! Good L, words, Sue. We'll do some libations tomorrow night and sing L songs at the Nun!

Caution Flag said...

Sue, Sue, Sue. The lawn thing. Rethink that one, okay? I love the lawn-freedom winter brings.

Mary Ellen said...

You rocked the L's, sister. I love the smell of freshly cut lawn, too, even if it makes me sneeze!

BTW, I just have to tell you that I laughed out loud when I read your comment calling my shirt a 'picnic table shirt.' My gosh, was that funny! It was EXACTLY like a picnic table cloth. Hee Hee. Thanks for the chuckle.