Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Talent Mania

It's the time of the year for the annual talent show at the elementary school! 

It is my favorite time of the year!

Yes, I am serious about that. This will be my 5th year working on this show as the "musical coordinator". Sounds important, right? Actually, I get all the kids' music on a disc and try to play it at the right time. I just love the gumption (I'm turning into my grandmother!) they bring to the table.

This year we have kids playing instruments, singing, dancing, miming, rollerblading, rip-sticking, and having a saber sword re-inactment. The chorus will be singing, the cheerleaders cheering and the jump rope team jumping! 

I am always so amazed at the strength and fortitude and quite frankly, guts of these kids. They hop on stage and do their talent with barely a regard to the audience. Try putting a group of parents on stage and I am sure, one would wet their pants, one would forget their lines and one would curl up in the fetal position (ok, that would be me). 

The music the kids' pick is also amazing. This year we have Queen to Britney and classical to hard, classic rock. Of course, there is plenty of Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers and Camp Rock! There is also one song from my childhood, Disco Duck! That is a classic!

Over the February vacation, the kids will be practicing on their own. Then it is back to school  and a few big practices before the big night! Another bonus of working on the talent show is that it makes Feb and March go by much quicker! The only bummer is that B is aging out of the elem school this year. I can still go back and do this right? I'm not sure I ever want to retire from this "job"!

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scargosun said...

There is no way they would ever let you retire from that job. :) You'll be doing it when the girls have their kids at that school. Of course by then you probably won't be using a disc for music it will be some new fangled thing.