Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FLA day 2

Day 2 brings about Super Flea and Ron Jon's and the decision that we are renaming the motto for Florida, the tattoo state.

K's big trick is is that she can get on a floaty in the pool without getting wet. It is pretty impressive because none of us are as graceful in getting on a floatie.

The girls swam while Grandma got ready. Poor Grandma is a night owl and the rest of us are early birds. She'll be happy to sleep in after we go home!
We make a group decision and head to SUPER FLEA. The largest, scariest flea market I have ever been to. Not only do they sell pets, "designer" sunglasses, fruit and your basic chatchka, they sell weapons. Yup, knives, machetes, daggers, helmets to wear while you are in battle, and weapons I have no names for. You should have seen the people shopping for them. 

So after we ran out of there screaming....we went to Ron Jon's surf shop. A place that K has been dying to go back to since she first went 2 years ago. I would love to tell you the pull to this place is because we surf, but we don't. Maybe the pull is the cute sundresses?

The place is huge and happens to be open 24/7 incase you need a surf board at 2 am.  

I bought this for K. Hey it was only $6000! NOT!
These hats are the latest rage here. I say that because they had them at super flea, too.
Grandma tried to take Ron Jon's  car home.
When we got home, we found this....
Grandpa drinking a Bud in the pool. I think he is the new poster child for retirement.
After dinner, we went to look for some manatees. None seen, but got some cute pictures anyway!

Day 3 brings about hot, Florida sun!


Anonymous said...

I think that you should send Grandpa's picture to Budwieser. They would probably use him in a commercial. Has anyone told the manatees that you are there and would like to see them? Love the pictures. Nana

Mary Ellen said...

Looks like Florida is treating you well. I'd be happy just hanging around the pool all day!

Melisa Wells said...

Did you tell Ron Jons I said hi?

♥ Braja said...

Sue, I came over on receiving your comments, which were beautiful. Thank you so much. I'm finding it a little difficult to be jovial or up today, with VM's news and the way things are here...it's sad, not depressing, but a need to be a little cocooned from frivolity is in me...

Despite that, tell that flippin' redhead to get OUT of the sun :) Tell them it's from another redhead :)