Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FLA day 3

We finally went to the beach today! It was a partly cloudy day, so I slathered on the sunscreen and then we all immediately went in the water where it washed off. I was thinking it wasn't too sunny, so didn't put more on. Not a good idea. We all had varying amounts of burns. Smarty pants Matt decided he didn't need any AT ALL. And he's a red head. And he was very sorry later. 

The waves were HUGE!!!!
We jumped them and got caught in a few.

Then we had to cool down with some Coldstone Ice-Cream. Right on the beach, how cool is that?

To celebrate Matt's birthday, we went to a restaurant called Squid Lips. 
They had a rockin' band there so B and Grandpa danced to the oldies and whipped up the crowd!
After dinner, we went to an outside bar on the beach. 

The girls got a little crazy with their dancing. I am not sure what the waiter put in their drinks!

Happy Birthday, Matt!


Anonymous said...

Are you on the vacation also? Great pictures and looks like all are having a great time.!

Melisa with one S said...

I think the waiter put "vacation" in their drinks! My sister and I always got crazy on vacation! (wait, we still do.)

Glad you're having fun! Just think how much more fun you would've had if I had snuck into your suitcase! (after the hernia healed, that is.)

Mary Ellen said...

I love that your kids don't mind letting you take their picture, even when they're 'living with abandon' so to speak!

gudnuff said...

What a fantastic vacation you guys are enjoying! My kid hates the ocean...she always gets knocked over by the crazy surf and comes out of the water with scrapes and cuts and a bad attitude. Glad it wasn't as tough on you guys! And Squid Lips? What a great name. Looks like it was fun, too. Happy Birthday Matt! (Can you post a picture of his sunburn so we can all feel super sorry for him? And so he'll remember to use sunscreen next time?)

Caution Flag said...

Happy belated birthday, Matt. Use sunscreen next time so you and Sue can get close enough to really celebrate!