Saturday, August 22, 2009

Prelude to Bill

So, we are just getting brushed by Hurricane Bill tonight, but B and I thought we would give you a little look at the calm before the storm (so to speak).

The view from what we fondly call "Hazel's Shanty" of the beach.

A seagull hanging out.

The gale warning flag at the Coast Guard station.

The sky was pretty cool. You couldn't see the waves crashing on the outer beaches due to the fog, but you sure could hear them!

I tried to picnik this and show you exactly where Hazel's Shanty is, but my dinosaur of a computer kept shutting down on the picnik site. VERY annoying! Anyway, toward the left of the photo there is a little gray garden shed with a white door and a little window. It is on maybe 1/2 tenth of an acre of lawn. It once was a regular house with about 10 other houses as neighbors. A storm came in the late 80's and decimated the neighborhood (basically the neighborhood fell into the ocean). My sister's husband's family (got that?) who own the land, put up a little shed and a few picnic tables. It is a perfect spot to sit and watch the water!

B's idea to take this picture of her walking in the water and it was a good one!

Someone's beautiful garden. No, definitely not mine. Since it is on the ocean, it could be killed off tonight because of the salt spray.

Should be a rocking and rolling time at the wedding I have to get to at 5:30 on the beach! Yee-ha!


Mary Ellen said...

hang on to your hat! We've been having severe thunderstorms for the last couple of days, and evidently there was a tornado in the town next to mine!

Hopefully Bill will be gentle.

Mrs4444 said...

Yikes! Good luck tonight-Stay safe. Just realized you are there as I type this...

This (and the video) was very interesting!

Tara R. said...

Hope you don't get anything worse than a bit of rain.

During potential hurricane weather, we also pop corn and watch the weather channel. If Jim Cantore shows up you all are toast.

Anonymous said...

I hope Bill behaved. (And I hope those poor people in the wedding got to have their beach wedding! Another prime example WHY I didn't want an outdoor wedding! GAH, just THINKING about it is giving me heart palpitations!)

Stacey said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! Not that I'm all that good, but my favorite place to take photos is the beach.

Hope the weather wasn't too bad, and that the wedding went well!