Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Newbie at American Idol

The girls and I went and saw the American Idol Tour the other night in Mansfield, MA. It was amazing! Yup, I said it and I will say it again, it was amazing! Let me back up a bit first...

We had never watched a full season of AI until this past season. I had seen parts of it in previous years, but had never gotten hooked and quite frankly didn't like how Simon tooled on the participants. For whatever reason, we watched it this year. We became very attached to the contestants and cried and cheered right along with them. One of the contestants, Siobhan was from Cape Cod. Trust me when I say that the whole Cape was cheering for her! Store fronts had signs, people had signs in their yards and there were even bumper stickers!

Anyway, when we found out that the tour of the top 10 finishers was coming within an hour and a half of Cape Cod, we were psyched! The Comcast Center is an outdoor theater, with some seats under a roof and some out in the open and then a lawn section. The lawn section is by far the least expensive so I bought our tickets for there. Plus I figured if we could convince other people to go, we could all sit together on the lawn. My friends, Faith and Kelly bought lawn tix also and we met up in the parking lot and hung out.

Before we went in...

We got into the Comcast Center and headed for the lawn when some nice Comcast workers said, "All the lawn tickets can sit in the open air seats." We thought we won the lottery and headed down to the front row of the open air seats! Then another worker asked us if we wanted a free upgrade. Free upgrade? Faith and I must really be cynical because we actually hemmed and hawed over this. We grilled the girl on where the seats were, if she actually had 8 tickets to fit all of us, if the seats were obstructed and if she would take them if they were offered to her. We finally took them and all I can say is, "DO NOT EVER REFUSE FREE UPGRADES."

See the stage right behind them?!

We were 11 rows back from the stage on the side!!! Holy smokes! We could see the idols sweating. We kept telling the kids that they were so lucky and if they were where we were supposed to be on the lawn, we would be watching the show on the jumbotron tv.

I can so tell I am a mom, too. I felt as if I were the parent of those 10 Idols and I was so proud of them! They had come so far from their auditions to where they were on stage. Some of them were so comfortable on stage and talked to the audience, others were a bit more comfortable singing than engaging the audience.

Are we eagerly awaiting the next season? Oh yeah, we are hooked now. I'll be sure to keep you updated when K and B are old enough to audition for Idol. They already have their sites set on it.


Mrs4444 said...

Kyle went with his friend Nate to Milwaukee, to audition for IDOL. Kyle registered too, he says because you kind of have to, in order to wait in line with a friend who's auditioning. I just put a status update on FB that is kind of funny :)

I really liked her (S....n) :)

Anonymous said...

Look at YOU all hip like that. Way to go, Mom. Who was your favorite?

Melisa with one S said...


Glad you liked the show!

SurprisedMom said...

FREE UPGRADES! That's so cool. Glad you got them. Sounds like you enjoyed the show. Fantastic!