Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poor Suzy....

Back from Texas, done with moving, survived the 4th of July weekend. Plenty to blog about and maybe even a little time to do it now. So sorry I have been absent from my blog and your blogs. I will try to redeem myself this month! :)

The nicest Mom on the team (other than me, lol) had quite a week in Texas. On the plane ride home, we had to actually document what went wrong during her week because even her husband wouldn't have believed it.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you want to think twice when traveling with Suzy and her 2 (adorable) kids...

10. Her plane was delayed in Chicago for 4 hours due to tornado warnings and thunderstorms.

9. When she got to the hotel, at 4 am, they had given away her room and she and her 2 kids had to sleep in a king size bed.

8. Picky eater kids wanted hot dogs. Went to a rest. for take out of hot dogs and there were none.

7. Kid number one spilled meal on hotel room floor complete with ketchup.

6. After a big meal the next day at the Rainforest Cafe, kid number 2 did too many twirls in the pool and puked in it.

5. Potential terrorist attack at hotel. (Somebody called in and said there was a bomb there.)

4. Kid number 1 gets stomach bug and pukes in the bushes, flower beds etc before getting to hotel room.

3. While getting dinner for kid number 2, a stray deaf dog jumps into car. Dog is lured out with french fry, owner called, dog returned home.

2. On the way to return rental car, a man in pjs informs us that power is out that's why gas pump isn't working. On the way out of gas station, pj man backs up his car and hits us. Thankfully no damage!

Man had actually pulled pjs up right before this picture. Mostly we had a view of boxers.

1. Kid number 2 gets stomach bug as plane is taking off. No time to use barf bag.

I haven't heard from her since we got back from Texas. She claims she was spending the next week at Disney, but after Texas, she may have just ended up in a psych ward somewhere.....


Tara R. said...

Poor Suzy is right. If all that happened while I was out of town, I'd think twice about leaving home ever again.

Justine said...

O.M.G. That sounds HORRENDOUS. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Justine :o )

Caution Flag said...

That poor woman!Sounds like she acts out sitcoms for a living.

Anonymous said...

Only Suzy could have handled all that and with a smile on her face. :) Bomb scare???? I never heard that part of the trip!!!! Nice to have you back and semi settled. Nana

Anonymous said...


No way that could have happened to one person. I can't believe she's braving Disney, I'd stay home all summer after all that!

Melisa with one S said...

WOW. Poor Suzy is right! (and poor "everyone who was with Suzy!"

Mrs4444 said...

Horrendous is a great word for poor Susy's trip! I hope her kids are done with all of that PUKING!