Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?
Thanks to Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissing Time, I am offering you my version of Friday Fragments. This is an opportunity to post some thoughts that may or may not be complete.

*I have road tested a few of my free products from Blogher today. Yay to my new Dove deodorant, my Mary Kay lip gloss, my Suave thickening spray for my hair, eos shave cream and my mascara from Lacura. 

*A friend of mine was doing an art show on her fish pier yesterday. She had pictures hanging everywhere. It was a very cool effect!

*I of course had to take some pictures of my mom and B who were hanging with me.

* I am a little worried about being in Maine next week because I won't have inhome wi-fi. I have decided that I am addicted to my computer and may go through withdrawal if I can only get on for 5 minutes a day.

*If you are on Cape Cod, you may want to go to Consigning Women in Harwich. My mother-in-law and a friend are painting furniture and making fun pillows to go on the furniture. I saw them today and was very impressed! Hmmm, which piece should I put on my Christmas list?

*Happy Weekend!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Nikon Fairytale

Once upon a time, there were 2 girls at a Blog convention in Chicago. Both of these girls were big fans of Carson Kressley. One enjoyed watching him in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and one enjoyed watching him in the show that made average or plump women be proud of themselves in their own skin. What made their journey to see Carson even better was the fact that Nikon was sponsoring him.

These girls were VERY excited and decided they needed to be the first in line even though they would be partying with Carson later that evening. While they were standing there, a strapping young man sauntered over and inquired as to who this Carson dude was. The girl known as CapeCodSue said, "Duh, he was in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and he was one of the 'queer guys'. "

Gary waited a beat and then said, "Really?" Which was a polite way for saying "no way you silly blond girl. I worship him too!"

CapeCodSue, MelisaWithOneS and Gary had a good laugh over that. CCSue told Gary that she was in the market for a gay BFF and wondered if he had room in his little black book for her info. It was true love when Gary called CCSue his "fag hag".

Quite a crowd had turned out by the time Carson walked into the room. Even though, a short, blond bitch wormed her way in front of CCSue and MelisaWOS, Carson said,
He was wearing some very sweet pants. Gary was so excited about the whole experience, he did a little happy dance!

CCSue was so happy to hear that Carson was coming to visit Provincetown the next week, that she invited him over for lobster.

As if that wasn't enough, later that evening (after getting all dolled up), CCSue and MelisaWOS were whisked away to the Nikon party.

No, they didn't go in a

they went in style!
There was serious fun and pampering to be had at this party. There were delicious drinks

back massages....
makeup to be done for the makeup challenged....
and chocolate fountains.
The king of the joint was there looking very suave and debonnaire. Gone were the casual flowery pants of the afternoon.

King Carson was very kind and patient with 100 female blog crazy women trying to get their picture with him. Of course, CCSue and MelisaWOS were his favorite crazy blogger women. He even gave them tiaras.
The End or perhaps To Be Continued if Carson and Nikon team up at Blogher 10 in NYC!!!

P.S. To see Melisa's version of this event, go here!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Recap of Blogher 09

My top 10 things of Blogher09 (in no particular order)

1. Learning how to eat a kiwi with a "spife".
This was one of the best pieces of swag I could have brought home. My family was amazed by the ingenuity. Yeah, I know, it doesn't take much to impress us.

2. Chicago Pizza
Deep dish pizza with "ingredients", not "toppings".
3. A store that sells cookie dough. Yeah, that's right: raw cookie dough (with no eggs!) Hmm, I am seeing a food theme here....
4. A party where it was ok to wear a bag on your head. I was impressed with some people's bag hat ingenuity.

Me and Colleen (wineplz)
5. My fabulous roomie/friend who opened up her house to a bunch of us. She is even more delightful in person than on her blog (if you can believe that!).

Melisa (with ONE s)

6. The "seaman" party in room L. It was a late night blockbuster!
7. Gary. He called my his "fag hag" and it was instantaneous bffs from then on. Can't wait to take him up to Ptown some day!

8. Swag. Unbelievable amounts of swag. OK, so much swag that I mailed home my dirty laundry via the Postal service and filled my suitcase with the free gifts I brought home to share with my family. Who knew all I really had to bring them home were spifes?!
9. The fabulous bloggers that I got to meet in real life! It was such a relief to my family that they were not inter. predat. and so great to see that they were as honest, funny and beautiful as they come across on their blogs.

Colleen and me

Michelle, WeaselBarb, Melisa

WeaselBarb, me, Michelle

Me with Vodka Mom

Heather, Liz, Melisa
Dawn, Me, Manic Mommy
Melisa, Me and WeaselBarb in front of the WienerMobile!
Mrs. 4444 and Tara
10. The fantastic city of Chicago! We snuck out one morning to see Millenium Park where they had big picture walls that squirted water, the magic bean, and yoga in the park. And Navy Pier looked so cool from the 32nd floor of the Sheraton.

Next year, I hope to find myself at Blogher10 in NYC. It is the first weekend in August if anyone is interested!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Planes, Trains, Automobiles...

Good movie, but I could have made money of a remake Thursday. 
I rode 
a car, 
a bus, 
a plane, 
a car, 
a train, 
a taxi, 
a train 
and ended my 19 hour day in a car that led to a very comfy bed (for 4 1/2 hours), then it was back to the car,
the train, 
the taxi......

Monday, July 20, 2009

Purse Shmursh

I almost killed K today.

Nope, not with my own bare hands, but with my indecision. If it's any consolation, she did it to me first.

We had a spare 2 hours to hit the mall today. I was looking for a camera bag and/or a purse and a sparkly top. Yes, my things all had to do with Chicago and that "special seminar weekend" that I am trying not to talk about every day.

To make K happy we went to Pac Sun first (ok, after not finding anything colorful in Ritz camera. Do camera bags ALL have to be black?) The music was blaring some repetitive phrase like "buy me and you'll have all the boys at your feet" or "skinny jeans are rad" or "blah, blah, blah". I know. I am officially old. I saw a shirt that I liked and wondered if I could fit in it, would it be weird for me to wear something from PacSun? K was looking around. Finally, she came back over to me and I said (praying), "All set?" I got the sigh and the "I guess so" which I know means NO!!!!! See, I have learned something! So we look some more and she tries on hot pink extreme skinny jeans in a size 00. My pinky does not fit into these jeans. As a 9lb 7 ounce baby, I couldn't have fit in these jeans.

She needs a belt to wear them.

She bought them with her own money and I bought her 2 shirts. I actually got the better deal, but she is the one who has been working this summer at the farm.

Then I drag her to Macys. She likes purses and there are quite a few tables of 50% off original price so I am thinking she will enjoy this little escapade to find Mommy a grown up purse. Grown up wasn't the word I was looking for, sophisticated was the word and K helped me out with it. Smart girl. I was immediately drawn to the patterned Le Sportsac bags that I have loved since I was about 14. They didn't seem very "sophisticated" though. I walked around with multiple black bags on my shoulders testing them out. K tried getting me to pick the most "decorated" (see bling and tassles here) ones so that I would use it for the weekend and then give it to her after. 20 minutes later, which seemed like an eternity for her, and she was on her knees begging me to "just pick one!!!!" I think I saw a tear in her eye as she gasped her next to last breath when I basically closed my eyes and said, "this one".

It will fit my camera and a butt load of bling and probably a lamp post. I may come home with major scoliosis, but the fact that it will remind me of the day I bonded with my first born, I will be smiling.

Oh and ps: we were not up for looking for a sparkly shirt, although I did threaten buying a bedazzler and fixing one up on my own. Yup, I got an eye roll from her for that idea!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

CBI or bust!

2 years ago, a friend of mine and I, won 2 nights at the most luxurious hotel on the Cape: Chatham Bars Inn. We wanted to make sure we could take advantage of the outside bar, I mean pool, so that our kids could enjoy the life of the rich and famous. We were having a horrible time figuring out a time between our busy lives that wasn't in the summer (they didn't want us there then). However, the one good thing that has come out of the economy tanking, is that there were rooms available during this summer, so we jumped at the chance!! I took the first night, Faith took the second night and we spent mucho time in the pool every day!

The girls decided that they had to get spiffed up to walk around the grounds. My parents came too, because everyone wants to get a look at luxury! 

The Inn overlooks the Chatham Fish Pier. 

Our room was beautiful and the beds......ooooohhhhh sooooo comfy!!!! As K kept saying, 'look at the complimentary robe I have and the complimentary slippers'. (I am sure they would have only been about $150 if they had found their way into our suitcase.)

B in "her" robe.
K with Thumper and Lambie. (They were the chosen ones who got to join us for our night of elegance!)

My sister tried to horn in on the overnight. Actually, we begged her to stay and she declined, but not after spooning with B for awhile.
Happy girls in a comfy bed.

We finally hauled our asses out of those beds on Friday to get to the pool. This is where a cute man laid out our towels on our cushioned loungers. My mom was so hot, she even went in the pool. Here's proof...
This is a once every 10 year type of thing (the girls didn't even think she could swim). They had cabanas that you could rent if you were actually rich, not pretending to be. They were separated by cute sea life. 

All in all, a fabulous experience! Well worth the 2 year wait! Of course, we are trying to secure a few more days there....all we need is a sugar daddy....or a winning lottery ticket....or a spare key....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blogher 09

I am going to Blogher next week.

Some of you may say "what is blogher?" or "big deal" or "lucky" or "have fun meeting a bunch of internet pedophiles". Ok, the last one is what my family said when I announced at Christmas time that I was going to a blog convention.

I am truly excited to have this opportunity to meet a bunch of bloggers in a beautiful city (Chicago) and become more blog savvy.

I was not really nervous about it until I started reading a ton of posts about Blogher and who is going to be there and all the parties that I have to sign up for before I even get there and WHAT TO WEAR.

I live on Cape Cod. The dress is CASUAL. If I happen to go to a cocktail party or dinner, I wear a cotton sundress. If I go to the beach with people I wear a bathingsuit that I can swim in, not some resort wear suit with a matching sarong. I go to the grocery store in shorts and a tshirt (ok, once and awhile pjs, but I usually throw a sweatshirt on too). Blogher, however, is a different story for the sole reason of I am going to a C-I-T-Y.

I have found that cute, cotton sundresses with fish on them do not work so well away from a beach area. I tend to kick it up a notch if I have to go "inland". Kicking it up a notch does not mean stilletos and short skirts. It just means more conservative dressing. Then I find out that 2 fashionistas, Tim Gunn and Carson Kresley, are going to be at Blogher. This has thrown me into a panic. They may as well add Stacey and Clinton into the mix.

My blog buddy, Melisa, has assured me she is going casual. What if her casual is one step short of a prom gown? I have looked at some bloggers' posts that show (with pictures) what they are going to wear. I entertained the thought of photographing my clothes to post on here to get people's opinions. Good grief! Am I in junior high again? I have decided to go with what I am comfortable in. And yes, even though I am most comfortable in my pjs, I will not embarrass my family name by wearing them to the glitzy parties. I have scoured my closet and only have gone out to buy a pair of white capris and a strapless bra at TJMaxx. Yup, I have gone all out!

So, if you see my at Blogher and want to meet me, I will be thrilled! I am who I am and I am not going to pretend to be someone else just to impress people. What I really wish is that it did not take me 42 years to figure that out!

Monday, July 13, 2009

WWoW's Fun..draiser!

Hallie is having a fundraiser and it's all about F-U-N!! I mean fun is all about winning great prizes right? She has a bundle of them! She has been working hard at raising money for organ donation and is about $600 short of her goal of $5000. 

You could win one of these 3 pictures that I donated to the pool of goodies. Her dad had a heart transplant, so I thought these pictures of heart rocks that we found in Maine last year were appropriate.

So what are you still doing here? Get on her site and qualify for some fun!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wrapping up Galveston?

The town/island of Galveston really put out the red carpet for the jump ropers. Here are 2 signs alone welcoming them!

Here are the kids from our team that qualified and made the trip.
Here they are a little more relaxed after the last day of competition.
I was so proud of the whole team, but especially my nephew J who came in 2nd, 7th, and 4th in 3 of his 8 events! Br came in 9th and even the coach captured a 1st and a 2nd!

Elvis is staying at the Krugers in Galveston. Who knew?
I know I put in pictures of the damage yesterday, so I thought I would show you some of the beauty. We stayed in a sweet hotel, the Hotel Galvez (it was like a castle!).
The beaches seemed to go on forever....
This is B's hand after picking up a handful of shells in the water.
The Strand is the historic district of the island (it is also where you could see the water line tape), but they are working very hard at restoring it. It was beautiful!

Here is B on the second floor balcony of the convention center. Can you see the sweat dripping off her forehead? It was about 100 degrees out and I dragged her out of the air conditioning to take this.
Galveston is also a big port for cruise ships. B had never seen one up close. Needless to say she was amazed by how large it was!
The trip overall was very fun! We are pretty sure Nationals will be held there again next year so we are already psyching the kids up to learn new tricks and fundraising to allow us to enjoy the life of luxury like we did this year!

Oh and if you are looking for the wild west of Texas; Galveston is definitely not it. We were actually calling it Flexas by the end of the week. (Florida/Texas) All K wanted me to bring her home were cowboy boots. I could not find a pair on the island, so instead she got an orange summer cowboy hat (with shells on it, naturally!). Yee-haw!!!