Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Love Mud?

I felt I needed to be on hiatus for a bit after the bombings at the marathon. I didn't feel right writing about anything good or bad or indifferent. And there has been a lot of good in the past week and a half (A. LOT.), trust me.

Saturday, I spent the day cheering on the MacMudders at a Muck Fest located at Fort Devons, in Ayer. My sister, brother and a bunch of excellent (much braver than I) friends and family ran a muddy 5 mile obstacle course in honor of our friend Steve who has MS and was diagnosed in his 20's. I volunteered to be team photographer, trust me when I say that was a good move!

I have to say my brother spent quite a few minutes debating on whether or not this obstacle was a good idea. I give him credit, I would have happily skipped right by it.

The cute factor kept me busy for the hour we couldn't see the course. R had lots of good advice for Fin, Fin enjoyed some fresh leaves and R was practiced her dance moves on the infield.

Everyone in this race was amazing.  Here are the MacMudders crossing the finish!!

Take that MS!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I grew up a 1/2 hour outside of Boston. Instead of trying to explain to people where I lived, I would always say, "I am from Boston". However, with my New England accent it sounds like Baw-stin.

My early memories of Boston are taking the train in to see the Ice Capades, going to Fanueil Hall at Christmas time and talking to Dave Maynard in the WBZ bus, going to the Aquarium, the Science Museum, Red Sox games and the awesome High School field trip where we were let loose in Quincy Market for a few hours.

I also remember driving into the city with my dad at the wheel and watching him turn into "a Boston driver" the minute we hit city limits. A Boston driver is very aggressive (probably an understatement), but you need to know where you are going and not be afraid to cut people off and step on the gas. I am proud to say, when in the city limits, I am a Boston driver, too.

We never went into the city to watch the Marathon on Patriots day. We lived in the middle of the reason for Patriots day, right near Concord.  Patriots Day, Marathon Monday, School Vacation week all felt like the beginning of spring. The Marathon was always on our TV. My dad was an avid runner and that gene seemed to have missed every one of his children. However, we always watched the marathon and knew the big names Joan Benoit, Bill Rodgers, Dick and Rick Hoyt and all the other names we couldn't pronounce. We watched it when Rosie Ruiz claimed the first woman's spot in 1980, but then admitted that she took the T instead of running the whole race.

As I have gotten older, Boston has become less of a mystery to me. It's not easy to get around (see Boston driver remark) and the streets are NOT in a nice and tidy grid. However, it is worth going to over and over again. I like bringing the girls there to show them the beauty of the city they are closest to: the seaport, the Boston Public Gardens (not to be confused with The Gah-den, where the Celtics and Bruins play), the theater district, Quincy Market; so much history and beauty.

And the people: resilient, tough, weathered, kind. You don't mess with Boston as a whole. We are loyal to our sports teams, we throw great parades when they win, we say "better luck next year" when they lose, we love our Sox and strongly dislike the Yankees. Of course, because of the bombing at the Marathon, we don't dislike the Yankees quite as much anymore. Leave it to them to honor Boston by playing Sweet Caroline in the 3rd inning the other day.

For a person or people to ruin what is known as the happiest day in Boston, was unthinkable. A sporting event where people train for months and are in the best shapes of their lives targeted as a "good" spot to kill and maim people. To set if off at a time when  the runners who are running for charities are usually coming into the finish, where my best friend would have been coming in if she hadn't missed qualifying by 50 seconds, when the Sox game was getting out and people were wandering over to the finish line.

Some people are very evil. However, we are BostonStrong. We will mourn for the dead, cry for the wounded, but we will not be stopped. Bostonians, like me, are resilient, tough, loyal and stick together. An act of terror will not stop people from running the Boston Marathon or cheering on the runners. If I know Bostonians, I would dare to say that there will be more people running the marathon next year.

How do you like them apples, evil people?

*Quote from Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. Wicked awesome Boston movie.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Frag'n Fridays

Mommy's Idea

This issue of Friday Fragments is dedicated to Kelly who told me she loved FFs the other night and I didn't even know she read my blog.

*The 5 year old that I mostly work with at school said,
"I don't feel good."
I said, "Where don't you feel well?"
And he said, "In my feelings."
Love that kid.

*April vacation starts in 6 or so hours. Ahhhhhhhhhh......
Although, B is going to Florida on Monday and K is going on Thursday and I am left here. This would be more enjoyable if the weather here was like last April vacation when it was so warm I went to the BEACH!

*In art class the other day, the teacher asked the kids to draw flowers in a vase in Sharpie and then watercolor them. One of the boys drew dead flowers in a vase.

*We love Duck Dynasty in this house. B thought wearing this vest while watching the show might make it more authentic.

*This made me think of my friends Elizabeth and Debbie who live in Pencilvania. Thank-you second grade.

*Flat Sue is living the life in California right now. She had lunch with famous blogger and actress, Lisa Arch, yesterday.

You can follow the adventures of Flat Sue on twitter at @FlatSue or on Facebook. Also, Melisa who is traveling with Flat Sue right now is posting pictures on Instagram @melisalw. Of course, I will keep you posted here.

*Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flat Sue Is Going On A Trip

I received an email from Melisa last month that said something to the effect of "Flat Sue needs to come visit me with 3 outfits"in April.

You remember Flat Sue, right? Here's Melisa's rendition of Flat Sue's trip to Blogher in NYC last summer. I wrote quite a bit about her here and here and here and even here. Well, there's some reading for you!

Anyhoo, Flat Sue took off in her casual, luncheon-with-a-friend outfit, excited to go somewhere with Melisa. She packed a wedding guest outfit and an outfit in case she met some royalty. All outfits are complete with accessories. She is quite the diva. Melisa and Flat Sue bonded so much in NYC, it was rumored Melisa would talk to her while walking down Broadway. So, I am guessing Melisa's husband cannot go on a trip with her and Melisa wanted someone to talk to.

Flat Sue is a really good listener.

I cannot wait to share her (their) adventure with you!

Real Sue should really have her own line of clothing. Who wouldn't want to have flats with fringe?

Monday, April 1, 2013


K sang last weekend at the winter concert for her music studio. Technically it was spring, but the concert had to be postponed a few times due to wintry weather. It is so great to listen to how she improves each show! Here she is singing Imagine by John Lennon.