Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And the Post Office Said...

"We have no idea where your mail has been for the past 2 months."

Isn't that encouraging? I asked the desk clerk, who asked the boss, who asked the mail carrier, who asked the farmer, who asked John Boy...
No one could figure out where 4 Christmas cards, a bill and a gift card had been hiding for 2 months.

If I had the energy, I would make up an outrageous story about where they were. However, my day consisted of getting my hair done, donating blood (had to enter into MM's blood drive contest. You have until the 28th to enter yourself, details, click here), go out to lunch with my mom, let dog out, go to Early Childhood Ed meeting, pick up B from jump rope, K from a town over, stop and get the girl's burritos for dinner, help with homework and go with my sister to the movies (He's Not that Into You- very cute BTW). So, now that I have relived my day, I am suddenly REALLY tired and am hitting the hay. Ha! I rallied with a poem!

As far as the USPS, use with caution!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

English Litt.

When I was a junior in High School, I had a fabulous english teacher named Mrs. Phillips. She pushed me to go where my writing had never gone. On my way to becoming the stellar english star I am today, I guess I wrote some real doozies. 

This weekend, going through some basement boxes, I realized I have saved way too much. I mean, I have saved WAY. TOO. MUCH. I found practically every paper I wrote during the 12 years of public school. I found many of the notebooks (maybe all!) that I filled in college. I am sure somewhere in another box are all the papers I wrote in grad school. The good thing was finding some classic pictures to post on Facebook at some point. (cue evil laugh)

Anyway, in that fabulous HS english class, I wrote a paper in 1984 speculating on what 1994 might look like. I had one fine imagination. At that point in my life, I didn't drink, do drugs or sniff glue. This fact worries me a bit, because it means I came up with this shit/stuff all by myself in my right mind. Need a few examples?

The paper was about a friend of mine (a HOT friend of mine at that) who was arrested for no reason and was going to be spending 3 days in room 133. "Rob cried, begged, and kissed the guard's unwashed feet until he was growing fungus on his lips, but the guards still carried him away." WTF?

What did they give him for lunch while they were blasting country music 24/7 in room 133? "a grilled cheese, peanut butter, marshmallow and avocado sandwich on rye bread, a glass of tomato juice and no dessert." I can see the no dessert being a huge tragedy for me, even today.

After leaving room 133, the judge "deported him to a jungle in Africa where he was to join a tribe and worship a head of lettuce."

You can all breathe a sigh of relief that 1994 was "in real life", nothing like I imagined!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh Mr. Postman...

Dear United States Postal Service,

Just this weekend I was reminiscing about writing letters by hand to my friends and boyfriends and getting them in return. I found a box of old paraphernalia (while searching for incriminating photos of classmates for Facebook). In amongst diaries, newspaper clippings, and photos, I found packs of letters bound in ribbons. Yes, I had saved letters written to me from 4 special boyfriends. It made me wish that email was obsolete and we still wrote letters to one another. 

Today, I went to my mailbox to see what bills were in store for me. I do look forward to getting catalogs and magazines, but mostly I get bills nowadays.  To my surprise there was A LOT of mail in my humble little box. I was a bit excited and wondered what the occasion was. As I flipped happily through my pile, I realized that 4 were cards! After opening them I realized that those 4 were Christmas cards. Thinking it was impossible that 4 of my friends had procrastinated the same amount of time(2 months) to mail out their holiday cards, I looked at the postmark. They were all marked December 17th. 

My dear Post Office, December 17th? It is February 23rd! Where have these cards been sitting? Did I not wave to my delivery person one day and he took that as an offense and hid the cards in the trunk of his vehicle? Was a disgruntled employee playing a holiday prank? Did they get lost in the Post Office, for example, under a rug?

All I know is that tomorrow, when I arrive at the Post Office with my envelopes, I expect some answers. And if you could apologize by giving me a few free books of stamps, I would appreciate that too. Then maybe I could afford to send my friends some real mail. However, if I need my friends to get information sooner than later, I will send them an email. 


Friday, February 20, 2009


Are you one of those people who can go out to a restaurant by him/herself?

Enjoy spending the whole day alone?

I am not. It hasn't taken me years to realize this, I have pretty much known it all along. I am definitely a people person. Although, I do like being alone when I go to the bathroom, but I am talking extended periods of time here. 

The girls are at the YMCA tonight at a special tween girls' night that includes swimming and a movie. It sounded fun to me, I almost wanted to stay. Since I am a good 25 minutes from home and have already driven up to Waltham and back today (2 hrs each way) I decided to stay put in Hyannis and wait the 2 1/2 hours to pick them up. I toyed with the idea of going to a rest. by myself and I couldn't do it. I ended up doing what I do best by myself and that is roaming the mall. Yup, me and the mall rats on a Friday night. Actually I only went to 2 stores and then made my way to Borders. 

This is my baby step. I ordered tea and am sitting at a table with my computer. I feel as though I am sitting with my friends, though. I have caught up on blogs and email and haven't really felt like I was 'alone'. I feel a smallish bit cool having a lap top and all. 

Maybe my next step will be going out for tea without my computer. (gasp). Maybe I will grow up by the time I am 60 and will be able to handle a dinner out by myself. (Nope, I can't even do breakfast or lunch at this point). 

Do you think there is a 12 step program for not enjoying your own company? Is this something I need to bring up with my therapist? Any comments?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Vacation Week Blahs

Just so you didn't think my 2 girls are perfect, I just want to open a little window into what today was like.....

It's February vacation here in MA. I love having the girls home, love not having to get up and go in the morning and love the relaxed feel of the week. Today, however, the boredom bug struck. First things first, I strongly oppose the word "Bored" because life is short and there is plenty to do and always something to do whether you like doing it or not. My kids know not to use that word around me, so instead they couch it by saying, "there's nothing to do", "what do you want to do", or they zone in front of the tv. Well I had had enough electronics for the week between "Full House", "Hannah Montana","Sabrina the Teenage Witch", Guitar Hero and the computer, so I shut them all off. (You'll soon say that was my mistake.)

K "I don't know what to do."
Me, "What do you want to do if nothing was stopping you."
K "I don't know. I have no friends."
Me, "Yes you do have friends, but 2 are away skiing and one is dealing with the death of her grandfather."
K "What should I do?"
Me, "How about cleaning out the car, helping me clean the mudroom, playing with the clay I bought, making a card for your grandmother in Florida, going to the barn and brush the horses, muck some stalls, play catch with the dog, do your vacation homework (you get the picture, I had plenty of ideas).
K "Oh, I have nothing to do." (I am sorry you can't hear the whine that accompanied that).
Me, "Take off your stocking and pee in your shoe." (An old saying of my mom's)
B laughing.
K, "That's not funny!"

This went on for quite some time. B, for awhile, was happy playing with Fimo clay and taunting her sister. Then it came time for lunch.
B, "I would like tuna on a bagel."
Me, "That would be great if we had either of those 2 items. How about some soup?"
B, "OK"
K, " I hate soup. I'll have grilled cheese."
Me, "That also would be great if we had any cheese. You guys have been fighting against going to the grocery store today, so you are going to have to take what you get."

More whining. Finally we got out to the Post Office, the Hobo store (Ocean State Job Lot: the girls call it the hobo store because it has really cheap stuff in it, like forks for a dollar. You would think they lived in a mansion.) and the grocery store.

When we got home their father made them muck some stalls. HaHa! And I got 20 minutes of peace and quiet. And during that time, I wrote this, had 3 glasses of wine and am contemplating running away to a warm climate. Who would like to join me?

(Mom, I am kidding on the wine. Do not call AA for me.)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bargain Central

I am one of those people who loves shopping for a bargain. That's right, I said it. I love to go into a store and see what I can find at a discount. This bargain hunting skill helped me score 3, $8 sweaters at Macy's before Christmas for myself, my sister and my friend, Amy. They were sweet sweaters too, not cheezy.

So, the other day, we mosied into Old Navy to see what was new. I'll tell you what was new, many racks of markdowns with a sign that said take an additional 50% off of markdown price! That makes a frugal girl with not a lot of money in the winter a happy camper! So here is my $10 outfit I wore today.

So all you patient bargain shoppers, run, don't walk, to Old Navy now! Oh and have fun!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Chicken Wrap Caper

I thought I would clean my oven this morning. I do and do not like to be home when I do this. I do because I don't want my house to burn down and I don't because of the smell. It's an easy thing to do, lock the oven and turn it to clean for 3 hours. Evidently my oven was a little dirty because it set off the smoke alarms and the house smelled real bad. I guess that proves I cook and bake a lot, maybe not well, but I try.

The girls and I decided to go to Hyannis, the "big city" of Cape Cod. We invited my mom to go with us (because she just needs to get out more, haha). I enticed her with a Filet-O-Fish from McDonalds. She jumped at the chance. McDonalds, ACMoore and Borders, a fun filled schedule for sure. The whole way to Hyannis, Brooke is complaining about how much she smells like oven. I had to admit, we really didn't smell too good, but my mom was not complaining.

We pull into McDonalds and had all the time in the world to go in and eat, but that never seems to occur to me. We hit the drive through as usual. My mom told B she should run in the rest. and catch the smell of McDs. She said "Yeah, right".

B and I get the chicken wraps that somehow seem healthier for you than a whopper. I hand B's back to her and then grab her fries. As I turn to give her her fries, she is waving the wrap in front of her stomach and chest, purposely.
me, "What are you doing?"
B, "I am trying to smell like chicken wrap instead of oven."

I couldn't drive for like 5 minutes because I was laughing so hard. I think I actually pulled stomach muscles.

I was very grateful for a good laugh. I am surprised we were able to do any of our errands after that. Finally, when we went to Old Navy, we tested out some melon spray.

Now sitting here, sipping wine, I smell like oven, McDonalds, melon spray and lots of scented Purel.

Hmm, maybe it's time for a shower.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reason #35 on Why You Shouldn't Get a Tattoo

B: "Hey Josh, the new teacher has a tattoo on her back. You can see it when she bends over."
Josh: "Yeah, that's a tramp stamp."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

As I said last year at this time, Valentine's Day is a holiday that I always take pictures of the girls. Just gives us a time to check in and, when they were little, an excuse to buy them matching shirts, etc and take their picture! Here are this year's finest with a little help from picnik!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day and it continues on into the week!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brought To You By the Letter "L"

Melisa with one S, has hooked me up with a letter. She did this meme on her blog where you had to list 10 of your favorite things beginning with a letter. She rocked the Rs and gave me L. For a full day I sang the song from Bert on Sesame Street, "Lalalala lemons, lalalala lightbulbs, lalalala linoleum etc.... I actually had to google the letter L to help myself think of some words that I loved. What can I say? L is a tricky letter.

I love....

1. lemons. Yes, Bert and I have that in common. I have always been able to eat lemons straight up. I cannot eat fish without lemon. I love, love. love lemonade, pink or yellow. And lemons are a happy yellow color!

2. Lambie.

When K entered Kind., my mom sent me a little lamb to snuggle with while I was missing K. The minute K got home from that first day of school, it was no longer mine. She has slept with Lambie for the past 6 1/2 years.

3. Labradoodle.

Got to love labradoodles, since I have one.

4. Lenses. I especially love my macro and telephoto lenses. I love taking pictures close up with them!

5. Libations. Wine doesn't start with L, so I had to go for the fancy word. White is my preference in case anyone wanted to send me a case or two.

6. Legos.

I loved legos as a kid and still enjoy playing with them. The girls love playing with them too. I just wish Legos made more girl ones. They have some, but are very hard to find in regular stores. We also enjoy the Lego store at Disney and go every time we are there to see the latest statues.

7. Lawn.

I love big green lawns. We had one when I was growing up. This is where I learned how to drive a riding lawnmower. Some day I will have a big, lush green lawn again. Not only do I like looking at them, I like smelling them when they're cut.

8. Learning. I like to learn new things. Whether it's book learning or just talking to someone and learning something new about them, I just like to learn!

9. Lap. Not as in my dog lapping my foot as she was just doing, but lap as in something to sit on. I love my girls sitting on my lap. I think I will still like it when they are in their 40s.

10. Laughter! Probably my favorite L word. I love to laugh, I love making people laugh, I love hearing laughter.

If by chance, you want to play along, let me know and I will hook you up with a letter!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Talent Mania

It's the time of the year for the annual talent show at the elementary school! 

It is my favorite time of the year!

Yes, I am serious about that. This will be my 5th year working on this show as the "musical coordinator". Sounds important, right? Actually, I get all the kids' music on a disc and try to play it at the right time. I just love the gumption (I'm turning into my grandmother!) they bring to the table.

This year we have kids playing instruments, singing, dancing, miming, rollerblading, rip-sticking, and having a saber sword re-inactment. The chorus will be singing, the cheerleaders cheering and the jump rope team jumping! 

I am always so amazed at the strength and fortitude and quite frankly, guts of these kids. They hop on stage and do their talent with barely a regard to the audience. Try putting a group of parents on stage and I am sure, one would wet their pants, one would forget their lines and one would curl up in the fetal position (ok, that would be me). 

The music the kids' pick is also amazing. This year we have Queen to Britney and classical to hard, classic rock. Of course, there is plenty of Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers and Camp Rock! There is also one song from my childhood, Disco Duck! That is a classic!

Over the February vacation, the kids will be practicing on their own. Then it is back to school  and a few big practices before the big night! Another bonus of working on the talent show is that it makes Feb and March go by much quicker! The only bummer is that B is aging out of the elem school this year. I can still go back and do this right? I'm not sure I ever want to retire from this "job"!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Laughing We Shall Go...

It's never a dull moment in the car with 2 tweens. My mom got to experience that yesterday. She came with us to the every 8 week ortho appt.. It's not so much the actual appt. that is the fun part of the experience, it is the 45 minute car ride (both ways) that keeps me in stitches.

Picking the girls up from school, we head up Cape to the ortho. The talk immediately turns to warning Nana about the farting that ensues from B when she gets within 20 miles of the orthodontist. 

"I fart when I get nervous and Dr. N makes me nervous!"

We had to open the windows and "replace" the air a few times. 

About 10 minutes before, during and 10 minutes after, noone wants to be around the girls. They do not like to have their braces tightened and literally "fight" for the good hygienist that causes the least amount of pain. The only good thing about getting the braces tightened is changing the color of the rubber bands. Finally the Christmas bands are off and we are on to more spring/Valentine colors

We stopped at our favorite cupcake store, Cupcake Charlies,  after the Dr's. It was Nana's first time. Quite an experience for a first timer. We inhaled them in the car, in the parking lot. The ride home included a stop at one of my favorite stores, The Plum Porch.   The girls' had Nana laughing her silent laugh that looks like this (thank you, K).

I can't tell you exactly what we were laughing about, just that we were times uncontrollably. I think I need to start bringing a tape recorder with me everywhere, especially in the car, to remember specific things that are said.

No matter, we were laughing, 3 generations, in hysterics, driving down the mid Cape. That is always a good time.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sue Needs....

On Wendi's post, I found this funny idea.
Go to google and put in 'your name' and 'needs' in the search button.
Evidently I need quite a few things. Who knew?!

Sue needs: go back to school to learn the Basics of What Not to Wear.
Hmm, has someone gone through my closet lately or am I obviously outfit challenged?

2. her own room on church trips.
Yikes, you never know what happens on those church trips.

3. to continue posting questions.
That's easy..
When will I win the lottery?
When will my husband appreciate what he has?
When will all this exercise pay off?

4. to look at getting back in step.
In step with what? Hey, there's another question!

5. you.
Yes, it is true. I need you, my bloggy nation. What would I be without you?

6. to be rocked.
This could be taken a few different ways. I like rocks, rocking chairs, climbing fake rock walls, rocks on my bling and music. Rock me, baby!

7. all your love and money.
Yup, put it in a box and send it to Sue on Cape Cod. You can keep a few dollars for yourself, but I'll take the rest.

8. to grow tomatoes.
I am not a big fan of tomatoes and I really suck at growing things, but if you say so I guess I will.

What else do you have to do on a Saturday in February? Go give it a try and let me know if there are things you need that you didn't even know about!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grandpa Knows

My father in law is a genuine Cape Codder. If you are born off the Cape and move onto the Cape sometime in your life, you are called a Washashore. I will forever have that monicker. My children and husband are authentic Cape Codders.

The other night, we had my in laws over for dinner to celebrate my father in law's birthday. Mind you the man was turning 69 (yes this will be important in a minute). He had enjoyed 2 whiskey drinks courtesy of his son (my BIL) and was raring to go with stories of his youth. He was talking about a bar named the Mayflower and how he and his buddies used to hang there. My 11 year old nephew walked into the kitchen about this time and said,
"You came over on the Mayflower?"
I almost wet my pants on that one. I mean old is one thing, but that old, is well, dead.

Tonight we were talking about the dentist cleaning appt that both girls have tomorrow. Yup, a 1/2 day of school and I decided (months ago) to torture them with a cleaning. DH was telling the girls to suck it up, it's just a cleaning while I was explaining to him that a filling meant nose gas AND novocaine. He was trying to tell them that he has only had novocaine once (yeah, damn good teeth genes). B said, "Oh Grandpa was telling us about how he had taken a jar of nails once, and applied a blow torch and melted them down and then filled you and Timmy's cavities himself!"

I thought DH was going to fall over laughing (me too, but I was already sitting). Good old Grandpa and his stories.

Grandma and Grandpa are in Florida for the rest of the winter (lucky ducks, although I heard it was pretty cold there today). So a shout out from Cape Cod to them. It was colder here, about 6 below zero with the wind chill! Miss us, don't you?!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Book Review

(The cover I have is a little different, I just couldn't get a pic of it)

I haven't done too many book reviews and it's not because I don't love books. My problem with books is that I start to read them and often can't put them down until I finish them. This wouldn't be that big of a problem if I didn't have kids, a house to clean, rooms to paint, volunteer work...basically a life.

Well, the last 2 days were neglectful on my part because I read Still Alice by Lisa Genova. It is a book about a 50 year old female Harvard Professor who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. It was interesting, scary, thought provoking and heart breaking. I cried through a good portion of it. One point that stuck with me was when Alice said that she wished she had cancer because at least that was something that you could fight.

The even better part of this book is the author because I know her! Her daughter is on the same jump rope team as my daughter, I have known her husband's family for a long time and she went to Bates (and we even overlapped a year although I did not know her there). She is very sweet and the book has taken off and she has been traveling everywhere to promote it!

So, what are you waiting for? Run out and buy it or take it out of your library, just read it!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Dad, the Rockstar

My Dad is a rock star.

Not this kind.

But the kind that would spend 3+ days transforming this hot pink bedroom

into a very pale mint green bedroom in my rental house that is for sale while I transformed the yellow room with the blue, cloudy ceiling into a pale mint green room with a white ceiling. We puttied the screw holes in the wall, sanded, put up blue painters tape, and got busy. While he put on 2 coats of barrier paint on the pink so it wouldn't bleed through, I put 5 coats of white ceiling paint on the clouds. After that the mint was easy. The decision to paint these 2 rooms had to do with the fact that the "average" home buyer might not appreciate cloudy ceilings or hot pink walls. Yup, sad, but true.

So, here is my public shout out to my Dad, the Rockstar. Not too many people would have helped me out like this and I mucho appreciate it.
Love you, Dad!