Friday, June 28, 2013

Frag'n Friday

Unknown Mami

TGIF because I have a lot of random things to say. I was looking at the photos I have taken in the past week or so on my phone and it was a treasure trove of randomness. See for yourself...

*Dairy Queen in Yarmouth this week. Hats off to the clever employee who came up with this sign. It sure turned a lot of heads!!

*One of my teacher colleagues is having a baby in August (but I think July). Another teacher made her this diaper cake and inside it was even more treasures!! I know what she can do in her retirement!!

*I guess there is an unwritten rule in my house about cutting brownies; you start at the side. Evidently, with boys, it is every man for himself and if you want the best brownie, you go right for it.

*Thanks to an article in Real Simple this month: 

*2 towns are building a new High School and combining districts. All the students and staff got to sign the top beam of the building last week!

*I started seeing a lot of bubble wrap around the classroom in the past month. I couldn't figure out why until I saw this....
One of the girls would bring her banana to school wrapped in bubble wrap so it wouldn't get bruised in her backpack.

*School ended Tuesday and summer school begins on Monday. I am looking forward to seeing the look on one particular student's face when I wear this t-shirt. I have been drawing "the turtles" for him for a few months now at school. They are his latest love.

*The tradition at our elementary school is for all the teachers to come out of the building on the last day and wave to the kids as they leave on the buses. The buses even do an extra lap with horn honking and fan fair. This was my first year participating and I think I heard a collective, "phew" from the teachers when the last bus was out of sight.

*Have a great weekend!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

June: It's Flying By

So, it's been a busy month. I might argue that June is the busiest month of the year. We still have 2 days of school left. Can I complain? Not really because when we had those 2 or 3 snow days this winter I was so happy to have a surprise snowy day off. I knew I wasn't going to be happy about it in June, but back in February, I was skipping around the house. Quite honestly, no matter if we had snow days or not, going to school after Memorial Day sucks. The teachers are pretty much done and the kids are really done. At least we have had a lot of outside time this week!!

This month we have,

celebrated my nephew's first birthday,

celebrated my brother's 40th birthday, (my uncle's birthday and Father's day!)

cheered B on at her 8th grade dance,

had our first outdoor dinner of the summer at Hazel's shanty,

been to Provincetown

and all the other daily stuff, like way too many end of the year projects, exams and such. I have also been thrown into the divorce process (don't recommend it) and have a new boyfriend (that I recommend). I still have a big effing smile on my face and we are going on 2+months.  I don't see myself getting tired of that any time soon.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sharks are Taking Over the Park

A brilliant person in Chatham (probably during the long winter months), decided it would be fun and profitable for people to buy "wooden sharks" and decorate them, place them in the park downtown and then have a big gala to auction them off!

So there are 50+ sharks in Kate Gould Park. People, groups or stores sponsored the sharks and local artists decorated them. B is standing next to the shark that was done by a High School Senior for the store my mom works at. It is definitely one of our favorites!
There are so many fantastic sharks, each of them a bit different thanks to the different mediums and artists.
The shark with the pink boots was sponsored by the Women of Fishing Families and 3 of the women from the group were the artists for it. 
You can still come see the sharks in the park until June 28th. After the 28th,  they will be relocated around town. In August, you can try to bid for one! Who wouldn't want a pretty shark in their yard/house?!