Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cape Cod does Maine

Or at least we did Sebago Lake, Maine. My oldest friend, Melissa, has been my friend since 1st grade. There are 3 things I remember about first grade, one is her, 2 my teacher was pregnant and we had a baby shower for her and we had a kiddie sized pool in our classroom that had water and animal/fish/tadpole type things in it. Melissa lives in Indianapolis now and likes the Colts. Grrr, although the thought of her being a season pass ticket holder to Colts games turns my stomach, she is still my oldest and dearest friend. Friends see past mistakes like that.

Anyway, I digress.

B actually went to Maine a few days early with our "other" Maine friends. This was a big deal in itself because she is my child who would crawl back in me if she could so she could be closer to me. K and I drove up to Maine, through Boston traffic, through fits of giggles, through stretches of silence (that is her singing to her IPOD), a wine (not whine) stop at the NH liquor store and driving around in circles in Portland, Maine. Becky dropped B off later that afternoon. It was a beautiful day

and we got in some swimming...
There was a beautiful flower that we passed both ways to the beach via our golf cart. I know, how cool is that?
The neighborhood is full of kids, so nobody was without a friend.
Then it rained for 2 days. I mean poured. OK, it downpoured for 2 days. We did cement garden stone crafts with 18 kids.
And the next day went to the movies and bought the tickets ahead of time. How many tickets did we buy? 29!!!!!!!!! 20 adults/kids went to see Space Chimps and 9 of us saw Kit Kittredge. Kit was good and I didn't cry too much. OK, I did cry a lot, but blamed it on getting salt and butter in my eyes from shoving my head into the popcorn bucket. Of course after the movies, (read food fest of popcorn, candy and soda) we had to get ice-cream.
Finally, the day we were leaving at 10am, dawned bright and sunny and we didn't leave until 12 because K HAD to go tubing. Here is K, E and B hanging out in the water waiting for the boat to roar into action.
Our goal was to see how high we could get their hair to bounce.
And I think this is where K lost the bottoms to her bathing suit to her knees.
So now we are on terra firma on Old Cape Cod and will stay here for a week or 2 or maybe 3. My french exchange student is coming tomorrow for 3 weeks. I will have to check her out to see if we will be so adventurous as to cross state lines. Am I nervous about having a 14 year old live with me whom I have never met, um.... yeah. It could explain the needle like pain in my head and my bladder infection.

Of course, I am not a real doctor, I only play one.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maine at the Cape

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Maine does Cape Cod 7/08

Before I tell you about my trip to Maine, I have to back up and share my "other" Maine friends coming to the Cape. My roommate from college and her family came down to visit and celebrate our 'younger' friend's 40th birthday.

We had a very slow ride out to South Beach on the "refuge" boat. It's just what we call it. It is a hull of a boat with a crappy motor that can fit a bunch of people on it. So we're not the Kennedy's, we're over it.

We had a great time at the beach. It was a bit breezy, so the kids played towel kites or something. Who needs real kites? My sister's Berniese Mountain dog reeked havoc with the piping plovers until the girl that was hired to sit on the beach all day and protect these little shore birds told us to keep him on a leash. Yes, I said that right, OUR GOVERNMENT HIRES PEOPLE TO SIT ON THE BEACH ALL DAY AND PROTECT LITTLE SHORE BIRDS. Don't get me started.
"Piping Plovers Taste Like Chicken" notable bumper sticker.

Of course, a trip to our house is not complete without horseback riding in your pajamas.
I know, we live a crazy life.
Tomorrow...... Cape Cod does Maine.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blogger meeting!

Oh that space bar gave me a run for my money, but now I am back and sleeker than ever! I have a newfangled silver thin key board that is allowing my fingers to 'dance' across the letters with so much ease and grace! Ha Ha old key board, take that!

Anyhoo, sorry about the lack of postings. Really, it's summer, it's hard to curl up in front of the computer when you are away, hosting company, entertaining kids, etc... I know you know.

So, to last week we go where I got to meet Scargosun!

Yes, she trekked to the Cape for her annual vacation and let me in on an afternoon! She is as lovely in person as she is in blog world! We grabbed a sandwich and went to the spot where my sister got married right on the water. Yes, it is one of the most quiet, beautiful, out of the way spots, but this was there...

So they were fixing the revetment wall so the street doesn't fall into the Atlantic. It was a little noisier than usual, but we didn't care. There was also a pesky sand sucker dredge going by which is evident here.

My mom came to meet Scargosun and so did my sister. Yes, it is very exciting when someone new comes to town! I probably could have introduced her to more people if I didn't get weird looks every time I said that I was meeting someone I had met on the internet. I got a lot of one eyebrow raises from people. Evidently so did Scargosun when she told her friends.

It was a lot of fun and we probably could have spent the week together, but she had to hang out with her husband and her family. Geeeesh! I guess, I will just have to get her to take a vacation without them sometime. Since Cape Cod is her most favorite place on earth, I don't think I would have to twist her arm too much.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We are breaking into Sue's mini vacation to bring you this most important announcement!

My brother, my mom, my nephew....all cancer survivors. My brother has taken this and spun it (no pun intended) into a good deed! He is riding the Pan Mass Challenge for the second year in a row, August 2 and 3rd. It is a 180 mile bike ride where he becomes one with the seat on his bike. The Pan Mass raises money for the Dana Farber Cancer institute in Boston. Discoveries here help people all over the world. He is looking to raise $7500 and become a "heavy hitter" for the 2nd year in a row. He has raised quite a bit, but still could use your help. If you would care to donate to his hemroids, I mean to his ride through the beautiful state of Massachusetts, please copy and paste this:

Thank you so much!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008





And the winners are...

I have realized that the hard part of having a giveaway is that you want everyone to win! So, I compromised and drew 5 winners instead of 3. The winners are:
1. Kathylikespink
2. Wonderful World of Wieners
3. Quitecontrary1977
4. Schoolteachmom
5. Kerry Dalbey

They will be receiving a variety of Cape Cod goodies, minus the "I love Cape Cod" shot glasses. Other than Kathy, who I will be seeing in the very near future on her Cape Cod vacation, I need some addresses! Email me at

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer days

Hey, don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!!! You have until Sunday. Check out the entry title "Got Vacation"!

It's been a tough week here on Cape Cod (read with much sarcasm). It's best to explain through pictures though.

Went to a pool in Brewster with friends...
B and W had some fun on Sweetheart.
I had some icecream on the beach (in a cone even!).
B and W waved Captain Dave in to port.
Captain Dave took on a big sand sucker upper boat. (It is dredging the harbor so the boats can actually get through). Captain D's boat survived.
My sister and Captain Dave made dinner one night. This will make you want to come over.

Picture removed due to my sister's urging (as in I will hunt you down if you don't take that off!)

Went to Water Wizz with the cousins and spent the whole day laughing about having to take a wizz at Water Wizz. All the cousins got temp. tattoos.

And Amy's son C was this happy I made brownies for the pool today.
Yeah, living the summer high life on Cape Cod. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it and it may as well be me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Creative fun

Riddle for the day!

What do you get when you toss together 2 children, their old baby stroller and a dog?

Lots of fun and perhaps a new pet invention!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sally, Gretchen, Tom and Bill

My parents have company down for a few days. The story that goes with this is so cute and fateful, that I have to retell it.

My mom went to Colby Sawyer Junior College, an all girls college, in New London, NH. It is now coed and a full college. Her roommate was Gretchen. After college they went to work in Boston together and lived in an apartment on Marlborough St.

After being in the air force my dad went to UMass. His roommate or frat brother or friend was named Bill. My dad and Bill moved to Boston to go to work and lived above Sally and Gretchen on Marlborough St..

My dad thought my mom was a "nosy broad" because she and Gretchen would keep their door open to their appt. so they could see the comings and goings of everyone in the appt building, esp. Bill and Tom. They had a bad habit of climbing up the fire escape and 'checking in' on the boys.

Finally, my mom and dad went out and I am sure it was pure bliss after that. AND, Bill and Gretchen went out and likewise, pure bliss. Then they all got engaged, then they all got married, then they all had children and some 40+ years later both couples are still married! They are spending a few fun days together and when I talked to my mom last night, all they were doing is giggling.

Doesn't fate work in mysterious ways?

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Got Vacation?

It's the dog days of summer or maybe those are at the end of July? Either way, it's hot.

People have flooded to Cape Cod for their annual summer vacations. The beaches are crowded, the drinks are flowing and every few feet you see a cute sundress. I know why people come here. It is a beautiful place. There are beaches, golf courses, fine dining, seafood, ice-cream, fun shops and great places to stay. The people that live here year round do indeed enjoy those things too, but we are not on vacation. There is still laundry to be done, camps, carting kids to playdates, cleaning the house, making dinner, work, you get the picture. Every summer I like to leave for a few days here and there and visit my favorite state of Maine. More about that next week.

Anyway, I am in the vacation giving mood, so I thought my first GIVEAWAY was in order!

What do you have to do? Just leave a comment on this post by Sun. July 20 at 6 pm EST about your favorite place to vacation. It doesn't have to be a summer vacation place, it can be for anytime, anywhere.

What does the winner get? I will have 3 winners. The first name drawn will be the grand prize, the second name drawn the medium prize and the third name drawn a little prize(something from the Chatham Candy Manor). Let me assure you that they will be cool, not tacky things from Cape Cod that I like. Of course I have good taste. Yeah, you'll just have to trust me on that one.

OK, I am excited and I hope you are too! This gives me an excuse to go downtown and go shopping! B and K just informed me that they are going to help me pick out the prizes. Don't worry, I will steer them away from the squirt guns and tacky magnets.

Let's hear about your favorite vacation spots now!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eavesdropping, again

I am so not ready.

I went to the beach today with my mom, B, my sister, her friend and friend's little boy. Great breeze, plenty of sunshine, great company. However, with my penchant for eavesdropping....we sat near 5 teenage girls. They were all about 14 and the reason I know this, is because they were name dropping all the soon to be freshmen I know in town. I didn't recognize the girls, but maybe it was because I am used to seeing them in clothes, not itty bity bikinis.

When they started talking about my nephew and his best friends, I stopped reading my book and just started listening. According to them, my nephew would think one of them was hot.

Much of their conversation had swears in it, one girl bitch slapped someone in school, one girl they know is scared of getting beaten up in HS, while they were thinking another definitely would. They talked about their weight and how one thought she was chubby (Um NO), one had to have ice cream every night (I wanted to be best friends with her), one boy tried to kiss one girl and she hadn't let him (that led to squeals and 'how come?'), so and so was drunk, so and so acted drunk- but never drank. Then the talk turned to piercings and how they wanted another hole in their ear or their belly button pierced. At this point one of their mom's wandered by to see what time her daughter needed to go to work. The girls were like, "So and so's mom, you would sign a permission slip for all of us to get our whatever pierced, right?"The mom said "NO". The daughter said, "Well I can still do it." That mom shot her the death look that I think I may need to start practicing because that was the end of that.

It was at that time that I scooped up 4 yr old W and pretended to throw him in the water. B wanted me to do it to her, too. A little hard when she is almost as tall as me, so we tried and fell over together. Oops.

I am definitely not prepared for teenage girls living in my house and I only have 3 years to practice the "do it or die" look. Maybe their current need to be within eyesight of me will carry over into their teenage years, LOL.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friends 401 The Jellyfish Clip

Remember the jellyfish clip from Friends? Well, thankfully we did at the beach the other day. My friend Faith's, daughter got stung by a jellyfish.

I guess, it really burned and hurt. Faith couldn't pee on her daughter's arm, but was able to pee in a dixie cup. Then she poured it on J's arm. Ahh, instant relief.

Now you know. Sitcoms are good for you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chivalry is Dead in NJ

News flash: Chivalry is dead in New Jersey. Done. Finished. Finito. No more.

I take pride in the fact that I can do a lot of things myself. I have no problem hanging a picture, putting together furniture from IKEA, mowing the lawn, going to the dump and pumping my own gas. However, if someone wants to do this for me, go right ahead. If I waited for my husband to do all these things, hell might as well freeze over.

So today, in my independent fashion, I took the girls and the dog to run some errands in the Ford F150 (yup, I don't mess around). First we went to the town hall so I could sign some 'important' school comm. documents, then I put gas in the truck (self serve), then we went to the rental house and collected 5 barrels of trash (yuck! I don't mind my own trash, but handling someone else's trash is gross to me), picked up the mail, went to the dump (actually the PC way to say it is Transfer Station) then went to the place where one gets gas for the grill in a commercial park. I really should have taken a picture, because it is basically a shack and a big gas tank with barbed wire around it and they only take CASH.

I pulled in to the driveway of said gas "store" about 3 minutes after an older man from New Jersey. I hauled my ass out of the truck, dropped the tailgate, grabbed the tank and spit my chew on the ground (ok, I exaggerated on the last point). The very nice, slightly overweight man who runs the place came to my aid and grabbed my tank. Not necessary, but very nice. I said hello to the the NJ man and silently wondered who bought him his tshirt. I really, really tried to find you a picture of it. Think white tshirt with blue outlines of lighthouses all over it. Yeah, you got it. Not just one lighthouse, but about 40.

NJ man leaves, it's my turn. After gas tank is full, gas man says to me,
"Well I guess chivalry is dead in NJ."
"How come?" I ask.
"Because when I went to grab your tank, Mr. Lighthouse says, 'let her haul her own damn tank over here'."

And to think I smiled and said hello to Mr. NJ Lighthouse.

I think I will make the gas man some brownies and bring them to him tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Small World

A newbie stopped by my blog today and commented on the 4th of July parade. I always like to say thanks and check out a newbie's blog when they've traveled a ways to mine. Especially when the blog is called Wonderful World of Wieners. Now get your minds out of the gutter, it is about dogs people!

Well, come to find out after a few innocent comments.......

we lived about 5 houses away from each other during the summer in Ogunquit, Maine!

And her brother dated my sister!!!!

I know, crazy right?

It's a small, small blog world!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

What a wonderful (hot) weekend! All 4 of us were in the big town parade. K rode her horse and DH, B and I were on the Women of Fishing Families (WOFF) float. Our symbol is a big pink boot. I have a video on the making of the float, the float, the parade, the beautiful house we were parked in front of during the parade line up, the boot on the boat and the trip to the beach with the boot on the boat, K and my cousin Allycia, B and Grandma and the beach. So, sit back, maybe grab a glass of wine, some popcorn and enjoy. Hope your weekend was fun too!

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4th of July

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th blog world! Have a fun and safe weekend! Ours will consist of a huge parade, beaches, and eating everything in site! (as long as it is chocolate!) I will fill you in on Monday!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We hit a milestone today.

My baby went on her first babysitting job.

It's ok, you can weep. I almost did. I mean I would have if I let myself have 5 minutes to think about it.

She went with my friend who has twins that are almost 2, to the beach. She was the "mother's helper". Mind you this friend of mine, we used to live together, we have drank together, we have been through much together. It was a little surreal, her picking up K and taking her on a "job".

K came home with the biggest smile on her face and it wasn't just because of the 20 bucks. Nope, she had a blast! She played with the girls in the sand, in the water, with bubbles, ate was like a dream come true for her. I think she even came home a few inches taller!

As proud as I am of her, I am a little sad for myself. It just doesn't seem that long ago that she was 2 and B was 6 months and I had Jillian (a friend's daughter who was 11) as a Mother's helper. No matter how hard I try to live in the present, time just flies by.... I am still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up for Pete's sake!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lesson for the Day

My friend, Claire, who could have at one point been my mother-in-law (that's another story), was having trouble with her cell phone. She took it to the cell store and told the salesperson that it wouldn't work. The salesperson said, "Well, it must have gotten wet."

Claire insisted that it did not get wet.

Salesperson, "Well maybe you left it in the rain, maybe you dropped in a puddle...."

Claire said, "No, it goes from my car, to my purse, to my counter. It most definitely didn't get wet!"

The salesperson opened up the phone and in the back there is some little button that glows red when it gets wet. Well, it was glowing pink. The girl said, "It definitely has some condensation in it, are you sure it hasn't been near humidity, sweat, water or any kind?'

The proverbial light bulb went off in Claire's head. "Well, if I don't have a pocket or my purse, I sometimes keep my phone in my bra."

There is your lesson for the day... If you are going to keep your phone in your bra, make sure you are not sweating.