Sunday, August 19, 2012

Flat Sue's New Friend

It's not every day you get a package in the mail and when you do, it's usually worthy of a celebration! I always feel like high-fiving, Bob, my post office manager when I get a package. I don't think I could ever work at a post office because I would want the people to open their packages right up so I could see what they got. Hmmm, nosy much?

Anyhoo, I got a package from Melisa the other day. I knew she was sending Flat Sue home, but was not expecting to find Flat Sue in a good sized box. Among some trial sized items, there was a jewelry organizer, a bandanna, a pen, some paper AND

a stuffed uterus. 

B was the first one to yank the uterus out of the box (future gynecologist?) because she thought it was a stuffed animal. Haha, the joke was on her. I had heard rumors from Blogher about uterus' being given out so I immediately knew what it was. She dropped it like it was on fire when I told her. I, however,  was pretty happy about it. Flat Sue had someone to share the trip home with from Chicago and I, after 7+ years, have a uterus again!

If you want to learn about the company handing out the uterus', please go here.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Camps and Fun!

Both girls have gone to camp this summer. This is probably the norm for so many families, but it is not for us. They both had very different camps, but both for 3 weeks. At the beginning of the summer, I questioned why I did not plan to have them both gone at the same time. A 3 week vacation? Unheard of. However, now, I am so happy that they went at different times because I was able to spend time with each one of them alone.

When B was at camp, she would come home on the weekends. K and I didn't do anything huge, but it was nice just to hang out together at night (when she wasn't going out with her friends). We also got our nails done and went shopping.

K is at camp now, 7 hours away and singing her little heart out. Maybe I will have her dictate me a blog post when she gets home because she is at a really fun performing arts camp in NY.  (Think Camp Rock).
3 weeks here? Count me in!

I took advantage of the fact that we were so far away from anything Cape Cod and took B on a little tour. First we went to Lake Placid and spent a few days doing all things winter Olympics.

 This was a freestyle camp. The kids were in full gear doing flips into pools. It was mesmerizing to watch them!!

Whiteface Mtn, bobsleds, ski jumps = WINNING!

Then we went to Burlington, VT via car ferry.

Then we went to Waterbury and took the BEN AND JERRY'S FACTORY TOUR. Um..... YUMMM!!!

B&J's has a graveyard for flavors that are no more. Who's idea was it to get rid of Devil's food cake?

We stopped in Holyoke, MA on the way home and visited some fantastic friends!

Now, you might think that K is going to be mad that B got to do all this fun stuff, but truth is, K would not have liked most of it. She does not enjoy "nature hikes" nor anything that would have to do with a winter Olympics. She would have liked to visit our friends in Holyoke, but we are more than willing to take another trip out there!

Next summer, though, I think I deserve to go to camp for 3 weeks.......

Monday, August 13, 2012

Flat Sue Flies Away Home

Flat Sue survived the weekend with a little help from some good friends. Her last day there was extended a few hours because the weather was reeking havoc with the airports and her (and Melisa's) flight was delayed.

So that meant that there was time for a New York dog (obviously New York, there's no ketchup on it!).

Flat Sue proved herself to be quite the lush throughout the weekend and that continued during the delay...

Thankfully, she was able to get a ride in Melisa's bag because I am not sure she would have made it past the last bar stool to catch her flight.

If you would like to read more of Flat Sue's adventure, please go read Melisa's version here.

To my friends that made my weekend so much more enjoyable by posting random pictures of Flat Sue, THANK-YOU! And just so you know, Real Sue will be joining you next year :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Flat Sue @Blogher Day 3

I know you are all waiting with baited breath to see where Flat Sue ended up on Saturday. The problem in posting is that Real Sue had a busy Saturday cheering on her brother in the Pan Mass bike ride, a busy Sunday packing K, a busy Monday driving 7 hours to EBF New York to drop K off at camp and then a few vacation days in NY/VT. (Don't worry, you will hear/read about them when I can download my pictures onto my computer at home.)

BlogHer had it's first fashion show and Flat Sue got to walk the runway! Seriously, couldn't they have given her a new outfit?

I would say that the highlight of Flat Sue's day was getting snuggled by THE SUN in this picture with Melisa!

Flat Sue was everywhere on Saturday and having a fantastic time until DISASTER STRUCK! Real Sue was checking twitter and saw this tweet from Liz:

"Missing "person" report! Flat Sue (@ascapecodturns) was last seen at Social Fiesta! If found please tweet me or @melisalw ASAP! #blogher12"

Real Sue was helpless being 5 hours away, but was also in hysterics as that tweet was re-tweeted by strangers! It seems like Flat Sue ground New York City to a halt!

Thankfully my friend Momo was nearby and found me swilling and dancing on a table at the Social Fiesta party.

I guess I was real sneaky because then Momo had to pull me out of a plant!

She took me to the Cheeseburger party (where everyone decorates McDonald's hats and wears them.....what? That's not normal?) and made me a hat.

Evidently Flat Sue had a few too many cheeseburgers.....

Flat Sue got a second wind and was a hit at the Party in Room L with her mad bubble blowing skills.

The next day, Flat Sue was the first to take some Advil and then passed it out to her friends.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Flat Sue Does NYC/BlogHer Day 2

While I was busy baking a ton of brownies and getting ready for my nephew's graduation party, Flat Sue was living it up in NYC. She's crazier than I am!

Flat Sue was totally impressed by the DuckTape Brand prom attire and is already figuring out a new outfit to wear once she gets home.

Flat Sue hung out and was snuggled by some pretty fantastic people including Christina....

One of the founders of BlogHer, @ElisaC! (seriously this is big, because I have never met her in real life!)

I think Flat Sue might have had a little something going with Flat Matt if Melisa didn't pull her away.

BusyMom didn't realize I could hold my mojitos so well. I think she was jealous.

A snuggle from VodkaMom! She's so cute!

Melisa and I went on a walk to Radio City Music Hall where she had spent part of her morning training with some Rockettes. I don't think Flat Sue was tall enough to participate.

Michelle brought me to see my hero, Blue Travolta from Saturday Night Fever.

Then it was onto the Sparklecorn party. The one fabulously, fantastic, glow in the dark, dance until you drop party. The party where the unicorn cake is something to behold. Flat Sue got her groove on....

A little too much by the looks of how she arrived back in the hotel room....

Don't fear, she was able to get up today and has had another busy one. You will have to wait until tomorrow, for the day is not over yet!

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Adventures of Flat Sue

Hey, it's me. Remember when I wrote a few times a week? Yeah, me neither. It's been a busy, busy summer and most of it has been driving people to and fro. And the kicker? I am not at BlogHer right now and my friends are. I couldn't bear the thought of them at a 4 day event without me (seriously, how would they have any fun?), so I sent them the next best thing.


Flat Sue left the shores of Cape Cod and flew to Chicago to meet up with Melisa.

Melisa took FS on the plane with her and graciously offered her peanuts and a magazine.

Once in New York;

 FS gave Michelle a foot rub which was awfully nice of her because I wouldn't have in real life :)

Enjoyed a coconut and rum drink with Jenn.

Went on the subway with Liz and Michelle.

Got a snuggle from Patty(who is on blog-hiatus at the moment)!

And was able to give Momo a big hug! Trust me when I say she needed one!

The conference "officially" began last night. I am anxious to see where Flat Sue ends up today! Hopefully not on top of a Unicorn cake.
Oh yes, it could happen.