Sunday, May 6, 2018

K is 21

21 years ago, I gave birth for the first time to a beautiful red head with a swirl of hair at the top of her head. The nurses insisted that she would have curly hair. Boy were they right! The didn't mention that my little red head would be strong willed. When K was around 2, I remember telling the pediatrician that she was strong willed and would not give up trying to do pretty much anything until she succeeded. The pediatrician assured me that as hard as that trait was as a toddler, it was going to be an asset when she got older. I could not agree more!

K, as you embark on your year of being "legal", do not ever forget that determined little girl you once were. You can move mountains with your strength (Ok, maybe not a mountain, but you get where I am going). You are thriving and surviving on the other side of the country. You work, go to school, and still manage to have time on the beach and to hang with your friends. I feel that our relationship is stronger despite the miles between us. I am so grateful for that and for you!