Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Secret Santa in the Nick of Time!

I had heard that my secret Santa had some troubles toward the beginning of December, so I was not expecting a package. I was ok with this because I figure I am a better giver than receiver and we all have things that pop up and screw with our "plans". But, my secret Santa pulled through and I got a fabulous package today!!

It couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

For the past 3 days I have gone to 3 funerals of 3 wonderful Cape Codders. 2 past from heart attacks and 1 had valiantly fought a 4 year battle with cancer. All these people had ties to the fishing industry. Basically, it has been a tough vacation week.

So, when I went to my mailbox today and found the little yellow slip that meant "package!", I almost kissed the post office lady. I sped home and ripped into the sucker, I mean, I drove the speed limit and carefully and daintily opened the package.

There were lots of things wrapped up in this box. The first thing the girls and I spied were the M&Ms!! Yippee!

My secret Santa was so nice, she even included stockings for the girls. K is all about the peace sign, so she grabbed this one!

B loves the color blue, so she was happy to grab this one!

Then she nicely took a picture of me with all my great loot! I love Old Navy and my secret Santa bought the place out! And added an ornament and a snowman with hand soap!

Please let me know who you are so I can give you a big virtual hug!!! B was shouting out blog names trying to guess you. This cracked me up coming from my 11 year old who doesn't blog, but knows enough about my bloggy friends to know their names!

A big shout out to Georgie and Amy who put the Secret Santa soiree together!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Recap Sponsored by NyQuil

What do you get when you have days of excitement induced stress, lots of alcohol (the adults anyway), late nights and Christmas?

The Post Christmas Fever, of course! So I will write this between sneezing, taking K's temp and drinking tea.....

Christmas day was a blast! Well, actually it started Christmas Eve night at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The girls got Uggs and were in Heaven!
Christmas day brought lots of fun stuff including,

a new saddle,

new goggles,

texting to friends about new saddle,

a really soft sweatshirt,

and my brother and his gf (Jenn) all cozy on the couch after many mozzarella/salami loaf on bread pieces (OK and maybe a few cocktails.)

The day after, K went to the mall decked out in her new duds...

and B strapped on her Cake Boss jacket and made some fancy dancy cupcakes with Jenn.

The evil cold that started with my dad has now gone to my mom, me, my sister in law and now K. B is walking around with gloves and a mask on and I suggest you Purel after you read this.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Letter 09

Twas a cold day in December and all on the floor,

Decorations were scattered full of xxxxxx lore.

Too overwhelmed to move, I sat in a chair,

In hopes that Merry Maids soon would be there.

The year has had some travel, near and away,

We had some fun in Maine and yes, F-L-A

While jump roping all over New England was B

We also hit Galveston, Texas for Nationals and a look.

B is in 5th grade and swims like a shark,

In the church choir and sings like a lark.

Loves the independence middle school brings,

Being with friends is one of her favorite things.

K just joined the Barnstable Pony Club,

She can jump a horse over rails and a shrub.

She played midfield for the middle school soccer team,

She flies down the field, while in her eyes a gleam.

She likes to go on long rides in Palmer with Dad,

Riding her horses is what makes her most glad.

She took a modeling and acting class,

Both long to be famous, isn't that a gas?

Holding it all together is like juggling balls,

But I manage to do it, while taking calls.

School Comm, and writing keep me busy,

And wedding photography leaves me dizzy!

Though life has thrown us some changes that left us disjointed

We would rather be grateful and gracious than disappointed.

We would love for you to stop by and stay for a few

Anytime is good, Love K, B and Sue

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trees and More Trees

Remember way back when I said I had 3 Christmas trees in my house? Well, Justine requested to see all 3. Guess that means you will all be seeing all 3 with a spotlight on a few of my favorite ornaments....

The real tree...

The fake tree I got for $1.90 at Target one year (after Christmas).

And the 3rd little tree..(Like my use of a tablecloth? I do not like that wooden thing under the cloth).

First , we have the sentimental ornaments. This is my cousin's handprint when she was 4. She is now 22.

One of the girls painted this last year..
This is from one of my favorite (am I allowed to say that) students when I was student teaching.
I have these from both girls from Kindergarten. I can't believe their hands were that small!

Then there are the novelty ornaments like Mickey Mouse heads everywhere!

Mmmmm, I could eat these guys up!

And if you live by the water, you of course, are going to have shell ornaments.

And if you have a VERY talented friend, you have some of her ornaments too!
A snow (sand) man....

And this jelly fish is new this year..

I am going to wrap it up for today (and get back to wrapping).

Monday, December 21, 2009

Walkin' In a Winter Wonderland

It was a marvelous winter wonderland here yesterday! The Cape doesn't get as much snow as the rest of Massachusetts, but yesterday we hit the jackpot! We got about a foot and a half of the white stuff. While the girls played, I shoveled. Today, I am feeling a few back muscles I had forgotten about. The best news was getting a call yesterday afternoon saying that schools were closed for today! It would have been cruel to send the kids to school when they could be outside sledding! I think my girls also might have some sledding off the back of a horse in their future today! So enjoy a few pictures from our winter wonderland. Later, I will go venture out and see what the beaches look like.....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Frag'n Friday!

Mommy's Idea

Go see what holiday cheer Mrs. 4444s has going on this week. She is a busy girl! and so am I evidently, because I forgot today was Friday! Ugh!! So here goes, some thoughts on a frag'n Friday....

*We are due to get a big storm tomorrow night! Yee-ha! Cape Cod does not usually have a white Christmas, but it is looking like this is the year for it! Yes, any snow bums people out to no end, but I love it! I also love making snowmen, sledding and sshhh, even shoveling! Don't let the shoveling thing get out because I might find myself shoveling every grannie's walkway within a 5 mile radius!

*The secret santa thing that I joined up to do with Georgie and Amy has been very fun! I have not received my package yet, but I am loving seeing what everyone else is getting. For more information you can click on the SS link at the top of the page. I also have clearance to tell who I had the pleasure of being a secret santa to........Drum Roll Please!

It has been so great learning about Justine and her life in Florida! She has 2 sweet girls that could probably be pretty good friends with my girls if we lived less than a 3 hour plane ride away! So surprise, Justine, and the offer about switching sides for your secret santa, thoughtful, but not necessary!

*Lisa Genova (Still Alice) spoke at a fundraiser today for our kids' jump rope team. Damn, that girl is a great speaker! Very engaging!!!! And we got a sneak peak into her next book that she is more than half way through writing, but not coming out until a year from January!!! How am I going to wait for another year before I find out what happens?

*Christmas is coming fast and furious. I went to the mall yesterday to look for one thing and the deals were just so fantastic I had to buy a few more things for the girls (ok and 1 thing for me). And my email box is full of frantic last minute internet sales. For a girl who loves a bargain, I am having a hard time convincing myself not to buy things!!!

Have a great weekend and remember to breathe!!!!
Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good Deed

So, I wanted to teach the girls a lesson today in being thoughtful... compassionate..... nice.... pick the word....

As K was going to sleep I said, "I did something nice today".

She said, "Oh, I did something nice today. too. You know how I pick and eat my finger nails? Well today, I bit them and instead of putting them on the floor, I put them in the trash."

"Well, ok, you win."

"What was your good deed, Mommy?"

"Never mind."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love the Beach (yes, even in the winter!)

Despite 2 days of frigid weather, Sunday turned out rather mild (relatively speaking). So I had my sister's dog, Bruce, take Gretel for a walk.

Haha, actually KK, B, Bruce, Gretel and I went for a romp on the beach. Bruce just likes to think he can drag Gretel around.

B and Gretel did a little dancing...

B, KK and Bruce did a little posing.

B and I did a little posing...

Then B went crazy and did a backbend....

and then couldn't get up,so I "tried" to help her, but wound up laughing too hard.

KK and Bruce weren't done with their posing yet....

Lest you all think I left K out of this fun, frolicking, beach time, she was at a horse party for the afternoon!

Keep in mind..... Santa (and B) are watching!!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Frag'n Friday!

Friday Fragments?
You thought I would forget today was Friday, didn't you? How could I miss a Friday, it is my mom's favorite post of the week. Go on over to Mrs. 4444s and see all the other people who shed random thoughts on Fridays!

*Christmas is 2 weeks from today. Holy Sh*$, Batman!

*My house has thrown up Christmas all over it. I actually have 3 trees. That's right. I admit it. 3 trees. 1 real, 2 fake. And enough ornaments to cover them all. I'll post some pictures next week.

*Happy Hanukah to my Jewish friends and Happy Birthday to my Weasel friend!

*Winter greeted us without warning today. Hello 27 degrees with a wind chill in the ones. Yeah, crap it was cold and I had to sell hamburgers OUTSIDE tonight because it was the town's Christmas stroll. Is that legal, holding a Christmas stroll on the first night of Hanukah?

*My thoughts on that certain golf pro that has been in the news lately have been far and wide. When it first happened, I said to my mom that they are going to spin it that he is a sex addict and needs to go into recovery. Remember David Duchovny did that and then all was right in his little world? Well, wouldn't you know, I should win some sort of award (preferably money) because all I have heard all week is about how he is a sex addict. Whatever you call it, Elin should take the kids, a good chunk of change and those clubs and run.

*OK, really I should be concentrating on getting all my Christmas cards out instead of blogging. I think they came out pretty good year. I'll let you see them closer to Christmas.

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

GYN Waiting Room

I had my annual appt with my most favored Dr. Believe it or not, I mean that seriously. I have been going to my Gyn since I was 18. He has operated on me more times than I can count and always has a big smile for me. How can you not love a guy who compared the cyst on my ovary to a peanut m&m? Yes, and he actually used the m&m for a visual. Nice, right? These days, thankfully, my visits are just maintenance.

Anyway, I dragged my mom along with me because he is in Boston and it meant a trip over the bridge to the land of malls and all the stores that Cape Cod does not have. So we are sitting in the waiting room when this elegant, much older woman walked in with her niece. The woman had very white hair, a beautiful purplish, bluish long cape with a matching hat and 2 inch heels. She was walking with a cane and carried herself very nicely. They had to sit across from us and I had to eavesdrop. It's genetic. It's what I do.

So the niece is asking her aunt questions from a 3 page document that new patients have to fill out.
Niece: "Do you have hemmroids?"
Aunt: "No, I don't think so."
N: "Oh you would know if you had them."
N: "How about glaucoma, heart disease, hardening of the arteries?"
A: "No."
N: "Loss of hearing?"
A: "What?"
N: (giggling) "Loss of hearing?"
A: "Oh yes."

At this point my mom asks me a question and I think I may have shushed her. I was really into this story. I wanted to know why she was there.

N: "When was your last mammogram?"
A: "My what?"
N: "Your last mammogram. You know when they squish your " and she pointed to her boobs.
A: "I have no idea."
N: "Have you had one since you have been married?"
A: " Not that I know of."
N: "So we'll put 50 years or so."

Yeah, I practically fell off my seat.

N: "How about a pap smear?" She gets an inquisitive look from the Aunt and decides that that has probably been 50 years too.
N: "Smoking?"

I think my mom was trying to ask me something at this point because I couldn't figure out if she smoked a pack a day still or cut back to 3 or 4 cigarettes.

N: "How about drinks? How many do you have a week?"
A: "Don't you mean a day?"
N: "OK, how many a day?"
A: " I don't know, 3 or 4. I like vodka."

At this point I had to go into my appt. (That was a whole 'nother story, that I am not sure I want to share.) Evidently, it was the woman's first appt. with the Dr and she was having some stomach issues. She was probably close to 80 and the niece was in her 50's. They were having fun with each other, laughing at some of the questions. My mom told her that Dr. R was a fabulous Dr and she replied, "Well he sure asks a lot of questions!"

So, my hope is that she is ok. And my advice to you, is don't sit near me in a waiting room, restaurant, train, plane, pretty much anywhere within earshot, or you might wind up in a post.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Frag'n Friday!

Friday Fragments?

I love Fridays and Mrs. 4444s. The only thing that could make things better is if Mrs. 4444s and I were together on a Friday in real life!!! Hmmm, I guess we were in Chicago this summer, but we really need to do it more often! Go check her out, you will not be disappointed!

*I have taken a break from cleaning up the cyclone that was B's birthday this week to write my frags. Hoo-boy! 3 parties in 5 days can be a little crazy! She got enough gift cards for me to do the rest of my Christmas shopping. Maybe she won't notice a few missing?

*I feel badly because I didn't write her a little note on my blog on her actually birthday (guess I was laughing too much about the penguin). So B, here is a little blurb for you....

Dear B, You are the sunshine in all my days. Your laughter, your singing, your smile make me happy. You are growing into a fine young woman who is filled with compassion and hootspa. I am so proud of you in all that you do. Love, Mommy

*If you remember, B's birthday was a Cake Boss party. I had ordered her a chef's coat from Carlo's Bakery and then got it embroidered with her name on it. Unfortunately, I forgot to pick it up before the party! So here she is modeling her new chef gear!

*My brother, God Bless him, helped me hang up Christmas lights last weekend. Evidently, he didn't take into account the 45 mph winds we had a few days ago. Can somebody help me with that ladder?

*I have heard of people making a keepsake book of their blog. Is there some kind of company that does this? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

*Here is the Real Simple quote of the day,

“A good friend is a connection to life―a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.”

Lois Wyse

I love it!
Have a great weekend! Does December have to go by as quickly as Novemeber did? Yikes!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not Many Words Wednesday

Totally worth spending $10 to give me a giggle a few times a day.....

Monday, November 30, 2009

Cake Boss

The moment you've all been waiting for..... The Cake Boss Party!

It was a blast! It was messy! It was loud! And it was tasty!

B turns 11 on Wednesday, but she had her "kid" party over the weekend. She is in love with Buddy and the show Cake Boss, so she had a cake decorating party.

First things first: cover the floor and tables with throw away tablecloths!

See all that frosting over there? I made a regular 2 layer cake for each kid (you know the germ factor was big in this decision, no sharing here). Each kid got a can of white frosting and then I put colored frosting in piping bags. The theme was animals, so there were animal crackers, teddy grahams, animal cut outs, toothpicks with animal heads....

But to begin with, we watched an episode of Cake Boss and made "chef hats" which were just white baseball hats from AC Moore.

Then we played "pin the hat" on Buddy. (I'm not so good at drawing, but they didn't seem to mind).

The kids got to go into the decorating room and pick to cakes and got busy! There was much concentration and a few innovative techniques.

This stuff is really cool!
Food coloring is not for chugging.
A shot of the room in action. Many kids said, "My mother would never let us make this big of a mess." It was an easy clean up though with the tablecloths everywhere!
Here are some of the masterpieces:

I let them decorate for about 5 minutes too long, because they started frosting their hands. That's when I had to use my teacher voice and tell them to wash up.

One of the girls gave B the game Apples to Apples (Jr). It was a big hit and they all played that until the pizza came. We couldn't possibly cut into one of those beautiful cakes for dessert, so B got her favorite ice cream cake.
Big sister, K, was a huge help!!! If you need any more details, let me know. I probably didn't need to make every kid a regular size cake, but it certainly gave them more room for creativity!