Monday, June 30, 2008

A-Ha !

On my computer, I have a photo booth. It was on when I sat down because the girls had been playing with it.

Doesn't this feature make me look like I am in the video from A-Ha?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Questionable vs. Good Mom

2 things happened tonight. One in the questionable mom category and one in the good mom category.

Questionable: While in the midst of dinner I pulled the bottle of wine and the milk out of the frig. I almost poured the wine into K's cereal instead of my mouth, I mean, my wine glass. Whoops.

Good: Noticed a bunch of fireflies in the front lawn, had girls put on shoes and took them out to see them. There were so many it looked like twinkling Christmas lights. B caught a few and let me and K hold them too. I had never held a firefly before.

Parenting..... an adventure for sure!

Friday, June 27, 2008

In Utero

Conversations like this make me wonder why there aren't more accidents on the road...

B-Can 2 men who get married have a baby?
B-Is there a uterus bank?
Me-A what? A uterus bank?
B-Yeah. You know like a sperm bank?
Me-Yeah, no, they don't have uterus banks.

A one minute pause...

B-I think I will invent them someday. Then men can have babies and women who have trouble having babies can have them.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

The End of an Era

Yesterday, K had 2 teeth pulled.

And I am not writing about it until today.

It took all day for the medicine to wear off. My kids are dentist-phobes. They have to go to a pediatric dentist that gives them laughing gas. I wish we started with the pediatric dentist. I figured, dentist, no problem, and took them to my dentist easily located in town when they were little. No go on that. I had to sit in the chair and hold them. Our dentist now has tv and video games over the chairs. I wish I had that when I was little! Maybe if my current adult dentist's wife is reading this she can suggest tvs to him for the adults!

So anyway, back to yesterday. Because K is scared to death of dentists, I decided that she should be knocked out. Good move, but she is scared to death of needles. The nurses and Dr. were so nice and gentle and kind and K did not want to talk at all. She has a personality of being very oppositional at times. We like the Red Sox, she likes the Yankees. We like the Patriots, she likes the Colts.

She was under for maybe 15-20 minutes. They let me stay in until she fell asleep. Nothing like seeing your kid's eyes roll back in her head. She was sobbing hysterically on her way out and she woke up the same way. They had moved her to a recovery room when I was let back in. She looked like a puppy with gauze hanging out of her mouth. The nurse said she would be dizzy and confused because of the medication they had given her. Here is part of our 20 minute conversation while she was coming to. Imagine her part with gauze in her mouth...

M-Great job, K, you are all done and your teeth are out!
K-Where am I?
M-We are at the dentist. Remember you had 2 teeth out?
K-I'm confused.
M- I know, but just lay here and breathe.
K-Who are you?
M-Your mom(as in the one that birthed you and has nurtured and cared for you for the past 11 years?)
K-Where am I? How did I get here?
M-You are in the recovery room at the dentist.
K-Close the curtain! They can see me.
M-Sure. Breathe please.
K-I'm getting up, let's go home. (then she tries to stand up on the bed to leave and falls over, don't worry I am holding her and was anticipating this move)
M-You need to lay down and relax.

Finally, the nurse comes in and says she can go home when she stands up and touches her nose. She tells me that she hates the nurses, she stands up for a few minutes and when the nurse says to touch her nose, she does. (Of course, when we get to the car, she tells me that she was leaning against the bed, she just wanted to get out of there. That is a girl who knows what she wants)

Of course, I have to pay on my way out. Who needs dental insurance when you can pay up the butt for these little procedures. So I prop K against the wall, while I am digging through my purse. I had to stop and catch her twice from sliding down the wall. I felt like saying, "Do you think you could bill me here?"

The rest of the day was spent with Italian Ice, lounging on the couch, her telling me she was woozy, her fighting having a nap, her playing with my hair (this was nice and interesting because normally she not the affectionate one) and her telling me she wanted a full "meal" as in MacDonald's hamburger and french fries.

It was a long day. She's not pleasant on caffeine or drugs.

Then B gets home from her camp and is playing with her wiggly tooth. I say, "let me take a look". She lets me feel it, so of course I pop it out. She was half laughing, 1/2 in shock that I did that. My kids should know by now, I have no patience for wiggly teeth.

So it was a big night for the tooth fairy around here, and it was her last night here. We have reached the big teeth stage. No more tooth fairy. And that is a little bit sad.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mid-West Fundraiser

A public service announcement brought to you by Cookie Lee.

Colleen over at WinePlz is offering up a great fundraiser for the people in the Midwest affected by the horrible flooding. She is a Cookie Lee jewelry salesperson (no, not a cookie salesperson, sorry). She has made her catalog available and is doing a silent auction on 4 beautiful pieces/sets. The silent auction ends on Friday, so zoom on over and check it out! Look for the MidWest Flood Relief button on the top!

Thank you and you may return to your regularly scheduled programming now.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Another Manic Tuesday

First day of summer vacation, you would think I had plenty to write.


I can't write about Wedding #6 because I can't find the cord to connect my camera to the computer. I know, you are all suffering because of it.

I don't want to write about my day because it consisted of driving kids around, unpacking a box here and there, 10 loads of laundry, dishes, sun,rain,sun,thunder, sun, lightening, thunder and then sun. K went to a friend's house this afternoon and made headbands that she is determined to sell by the end of the summer. B was at her singing/acting camp for the afternoon and I thought I might get some vitamin D from the sun on the beach this afternoon (during my "alone" time), but oh no, that''s when it decided to rain, hail, thunder etc..., so the afternoon was spent going to the dump twice, getting the new dump/beach sticker for the season, walking the dog, going to the bank and the grocery store.

My throat hurts and I am tired. The wine is helping my throat, but not the tiredness. Yeah, wonder why. Deadliest Catch is on in 2 minutes. That is the highest point of my day! The new one starts at 9 EST, go try it out, it's on the Discovery Channel.

OK, addendum to the post... I changed my picture and added a few more bloggy friends on the side. Did I make a heinous mistake and miss you? Please let me know. My list seems like it grows daily!

Monday, June 23, 2008

22 pounds

Now, I would love to say that I lost 22 pounds and thus the title of this blog, but no such luck (or is that willpower?). Yesterday DH caught this in his nets

B's hand is on it to give you an idea of the size.

Yup, the ole' guy weighed in at 22lbs. The fish market is going to use it in the lobster tank for the tourists to go oooh and ahhhh while they wait for their measly 1 1/2 lb lobsters.

School's out! K had a show at school today, picked up both kids, took them to friend's pool, dragged one away from pool to go to acting camp (just for this week), picked up extra kid and K from pool, came home, need to pick up actress, go to end of school beach party, send actress on sleepover, amuse K and her friend, say hi/bye to DH on his way in and out to fish and fall into bed (oh right , I mean twin mattress on the floor, bed comes later this week!). Hopefully I can squeeze dinner and a bottle, I mean glass, of wine into the mix!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Disturbing Happenings

There is a town in MA that you may know from the movie The Perfect Storm. This town was featured in Time Magazine recently, you can read the article here.

So, some of the girls in this town made a pact to get pregnant while in High School and raise their babies together. All in all, there are 18 of them pregnant, the oldest ones being 16.

This is very disturbing to me. (understatement)

This is a seaside town where fishing is the biggest income getter. Unfortunately, the fishing industry is going through an extremely rough time right now. There are many business men in offices far away making laws and putting them into place without thinking about the families these laws affect. It is a trickle down effect...the fishermen catch the fish, if they can only catch so many, they fire some of their crew, because of the lack of landings, the buyers fire some of their workers, the people that make the nets are making less nets, and it effects the gas companies, welders, electricians etc... Anyway, all this equals a lot of stress on the families.

I can relate to the fishing crisis because I live it here on the Cape. DH is a fishermen as is his brother, father and was his grandfather.

Back to the pregnancy crisis. Some are claiming this happened because this High School conveniently has a health center (where they gave out a MULTITUDE of pregnancy tests) and a day care so kids that get pregnant can still graduate HS. One interviewed girl claims that these girls want babies so they have someone giving them unconditional love. Some girls would take the pregnancy test and cry if they weren't pregnant. Others would hi-five if they were.

The only thing I have heard about the "fathers" is that one of them is a homeless 24 year old. Who are the other 15?

Where are the parents of these girls? (And boys for that matter.) I am sure more will come out in the coming months about this crisis. And this is a crisis, they usually average 3 pregnancies a year.

I don't want to judge these girls (boys) or their families. I just feel bad for them. Hopefully, this will raise awareness and remind parents to talk to their kids about sex and all.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Phew, I am back!

Missed me, didn't you?! You can admit it.

What's that? You didn't know I had gone anywhere?

I didn't technically GO anywhere, I was just missing from blog world this week. Today was the day we had to be out of our big house and move into our smaller house, because today began the summer rental season. People ask me if it is weird knowing that strangers are living in my house. This is the second summer we have done this and I don't think it's that weird. Plus, we get a good chunk of change to rent the house. If ever I worry, I think of that.

So, this week I should have worn a pedometer because I was never sitting. Moving boxes, toys, furniture, toys, dishes, food, bikes, crap, toys, etc..... around and setting up my house to look like a hotel with amenities was tiring. I was taking my Advil with wine at night and falling onto my twin mattress on the floor with my eyes half open. Yes, because I was concentrating so much on making one house cozy, the one we are now living in looks like a Transfer Station. DH and I need a new bed, but haven't gotten around to getting one, so he has been sleeping on the boat (he is practically working round the clock....) and I get a spare twin mattress. I figure it is a step up from the blow up mattress. Of course, sacrificing my bedroom for my daughters' bedrooms is what a mom does. Their rooms look great! They are very happy in them and they each reflect their personalities to a tee.

Then, there is the case that we are still in school. Yup, till Monday. Good grief! Enough already! So, in amongst packing and moving there were (47) a few things that needed to be done and attended.

And I didn't have internet in my house for 3 days. I know, I can hear all of you screaming, too. It's tough without the computer, I puffy heart it more than the tv!

So, it's not that I gave up on my faithful in blog world, it's just that life got in the way. Don't worry, I won't let the unpacking get in the way of writing. I don't have a deadline to get it all unpacked!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day all you Dad's out there! We are having a big surf and turf feast at my parents tonight celebrating the men in the family....3 fathers and 2 birthdays. Here is a little letter to my Dad....

Dear Dad,

Remember when I was relatively little and you would come home from work and sit with the paper and a cocktail and I would crawl up on your lap? Of course, I
crawled through your crossed legs to get there.

Remember playing catch for all hours so I could throw better than most boys I knew? Sorry about all the times I made your hand burn.

Remember all those early morning drives to ski races in the sun, snow, rain, ice

Remember how Karen, Tommy and I would tell you the feeling of being in the
starting gate was a mix of fear, excitement, needing to pee and wanting to kick
butt all at the same time? Of course you do because, to understand us, you
started racing yourself. And only then did you truly understand the starting
gate issues.

Remember body surfing in the waves on Ogunquit Beach? No matter how cold the
water, we would go in and surf for hours.

Remember the talks we use to have while you were outside BBQ-ing? You had your
timer so that the steaks would cook exactly right.

Remember how on my birthdays you would give me a certificate for a special
dinner just me and you? And sometimes we would go to Chez Claudes?

Remember those "talks" we would have at the kitchen table? I would always cry
even if there was nothing to cry about.

Remember when I asked you in the car one time if it was really ok to have sex before I got
married? How many girls can say they could talk to their dads about that? I am
grateful that I was.

Remember the red pen you would use to correct my writing? Don't pull it out on
this please!

Remember all the early morning walks we have had?

Remember the time you told Melissa and I how disappointed you were at us because
we had let boys in the house when you and mom were out at dinner and we weren't
suppose to? Being disappointed in us was way worse than any spanking or

Remember the poem you wrote for my wedding? You wrote one because I was always
writing them.

Remember how when you went on business trips, you always used to bring me a little trinket home?

Remember all Dr's offices we have sat in together?

Believe it or not, I remember all these things and more. You are the best Dad
anyone could ask for. You are loyal, trustworthy, dependable, smart, funny
(although you could show that a little more often), always have great advice and
are a true friend. There was a reason we danced to Wind Beneath My Wings at my
wedding. You are my hero and you have given me so much.

Thanks Dad! I love you, Cubushka

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beat the Heat

I pulled a "mom" move yesterday. I kept my kid's home from school because it was too hot. I know, you might say, "Toughen up". Hey, we are in the middle of a heat wave and kids were dropping like flies at school. I thought a hot day was better spent like this.....

Yes, even DH (ok, that stands for dear husband and sometimes damn husband for you newbies out there) was not fishing and able to spend a few quality hours with the fam. (B was there too, she was just right next to me.) Notice K holding the leash of the lamb, I mean Gretel. She has a penchants for jumping overboard to enjoy the water, no matter how far out we are. Crazy warm weather for New England in June. Maybe it will last the summer?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Favorite Things

Hey, did you notice the Favorite things button on my sidebar? I am involved in a favorite things swap. You can click on it and choose to join too! You have to sign up by some time tomorrow(Friday).

This is a great lead in to a gift I received today! My friend Lori is moving and her son didn't think this was cool enough for his new skateboard room. She knew it was something I would love and she didn't have a place for it, so she gave it to me! Isn't that sweet? And I love, love, love it! Thanks, Lori!

Pardon the mess around it. I haven't put it in it's "place" yet.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Birthday gifts?

In this weekend's Boston Globe, there was an article on birthday parties. Not your typical article on where the latest place to have a party is, or the greatest theme or the most sought after present. The article was about how Gen Y and Gen X-ers have decided that their kids have too much already. The parents in the article were saying that they don't want their kids to receive useless gifts that their kids will play with for a day and then discard. So what they have gone and done is a few different things. Some have parties and then donate all the presents somewhere, some say "your presence is present enough" on the invites, and some suggest that the families should donate money toward a charity instead of bringing a gift.

OK, I get that our kids have a lot. However, many of these parents were doing this to 6 and 7 year olds and NOT telling them. One birthday girl asked her mom why there were only a few presents at her party and the mom distracted her until the party was over and then told her. One kid was looking at all the cool stuff she had gotten as it was being donated to a shelter. So while the moms are doing these fabulous things with the gifts (without the consent of the kid), they are spending 4-500 dollars on the parties. Aren't they being a little hypocritical giving to the needy, but trying to outdo each other in extravagance of parties? In and outside of Boston, it has become the in thing to be able to say, "oh, we don't have presents at our party or we donated $300 worth of presents to the homeless shelter at her last birthday, etc..".

B went to a birthday party last month. The invitation said, "Because we are in the middle of moving out of our house for the summer and into a very small rental, please limit gifts to a $10 gift card. The birthday girl will enjoy going on a mini shopping spree either this summer or in the fall when we move back into our home." I thought this was a great idea. It is hard enough to pack up your house for the summer rental season without getting 15 new toys to find storage for. And, basically the mom was giving the parents an out.... "please don't go crazy and feel like you have to spend $25 on my child, compete for the cutest present, and wonder if the kid already has what you have picked out." My friend, however, took some shit for this. Some people thought it was presumptuous of her for assuming kids were going to bring a gift and some thought she shouldn't assume people would spend $10 on a gift. She told her daughter beforehand. At first A wasn't thrilled about the idea, but the more she thought about it, the more she liked it. She got a wide range of cards (all $10), but a few to the same stores so she could double up. Because things were crazy that week, I took the opportunity to try something I had read about in Family Fun magazine some time ago. B and I made a certificate for a playdate that would include, a pony ride (remember we have horses), mini golf and ice-cream. I had decided that that would give her something to look forward to and not be like a regular playdate, but a little more special.

So, how do you guys feel about all this birthday stuff? Do you still buy presents? Is it all about gift cards? Have you experienced a party where you are asked NOT to bring presents? Let's hear it.....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The problem with the baby coyotes in these pictures is:
a. their mom is no where to be seen, thus making me question her responsibility as a parent
b. they are not exactly smiling for my camera. My kids know, you see the camera, you smile.
c. they are frolicking in my front yard and there are really 7 of them.
d. they are looking for my dog for a playmate (or lunch).

The answer is....


Who the heck told coyote-ville that they could hang out in my yard? Who told them they could wake me up every night when they kill something for dinner? Why did God make such a nasty animal so cute as a pup?