Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Girl Crushes

Surprising as this might seem, there are days that my DH is not quite so dear. How many times does one need to be asked to go to the dump? Instead of clearing a dish onto the counter, how about putting it in the dishwasher? Hmm, same goes for clothes in the wash. There are many fine qualities to this man, but sometimes they get hidden by day to day life. My solution for this is to have a crush. No, I am not saying affair! No, I am not saying I don't love my husband. It's a middle school crush for pete's sake. Who, you ask, do I have a crush on? Do they live in town? Can we start some local rumors? Should I hide my husband under lock and key? No, no one local, no one I've ever met, no one I've ever seen in person, just your average sports guy and news guy.
Crush #1Tom Brady
Quarterback for the New England Patriots and newest Stetson guy. I mean even if you don't like football or the Patriots, you have to think this guy is beautiful. And he is a really nice guy. At least that is what my sources tell me. So he had a baby out of wedlock. Nobody's perfect. I bet he would go to the dump for me without me reminding him.

Crush #2

Dan Abrams
Has a show on MSNBC at 9 EST most weeknights. This picture does him no justice at all. He is not drop dead gorgeous like Tom Brady, but he has beautiful eyes. It's all about the eyes. Anyway, he is who I try to tune into every night. He is a lawyer, he has conquered testicular cancer and he is very sarcastic. Hmm, me liking someone sarcastic. He is very witty and gives opinion of top news items of the day. He has a segment at the end called Winners and Losers and either trashes or praises people for things they've done that particular day. It could be political people, random people, movie stars, anyone is fair game. I like to believe he would come home at the end of the day, pour me a glass of wine, and sit and ask me about my day and LISTEN to my answers.

So there you have it, my 2 school girl crushes for today. These join the list of other long ago crushes, Erik from the Bay City Rollers, Shawn Cassidy, Donnie Osmond, Ingemar Stenmark, Phil Mahre, Rob Blume, etcc..... The priority of what I look for in a person changes as I get older, but the eyes don't.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Uses for Snow

A medical break through today. B still with the fever and now with leg pain. K and I came up with a great way to ice the legs. We just shoveled snow on her, went in and had hot chocolate and when we came out, she couldn't feel the pain in her legs anymore! I'll have this in some medical journal before you know it! It gave a nice rosy color to her skin too, much better than the pale gray she had been sporting this week.

The snow is quickly melting in our balmy 40 degree temps. K became creative sledding down the big wall. This could use a good caption, but I am too tired to think of one. Can you?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day

We got a foot of snow yesterday and last night! Haha to anyone who says it never snows on Cape Cod. Ok, well it doesn't all that often, but it is fun when it happens! The wind's still blowing about 30-40 right now, but somehow my DH thinks he is going fishing tonight. LOL. The check book must be haunting him. So K and Gretel enjoyed the snow today as did my 2 nephews J and C. The funny thing about this snow is that there are 2feet in some spots and an inch in others.

This didn't seem to faze them as steps and walls were included in the fun they were having.
Where was B? She has had the flu since Saturday. That's what I am calling it anyway. She has had high fevers, sleeps a lot, hasn't left her favorite chair much and has colored about 100 pictures. She was up with a 104 fever last night talking about the zipper in her head that was shooting colors from it. Hmmm, got to love a good fever talk. Threw her in the shower and gave her some advil all the while praying that she wouldn't have a seizure (heard this happens with high fevers and this was a high one for her). I knew an ambulance would never make it up our driveway with a foot of snow and it not being plowed. I was imagining me bundling her on the sled and carting her down the driveway. Thankfully, none of this happened. She just became very chatty. She was asking me all sorts of questions like, "When you played softball in high school were you better at throwing or hitting?"I asked her where this was coming from and she said that she was just trying to make conversation. Mind you this was at 3:30am! (I was better at throwing, by the way).
This morning I decide that she does need to go to the Dr. so I shoveled part of the driveway, DH was watching from the window. He becomes paralyzed when it is below 30 degrees, especially if there is snow on the ground. He should go to Florida like the senior citizens do from here for the winter because it is too cold here. He is only 41. Suck it up! That's a whole'nother blog for another time.
So I get B into the truck. She hasn't been out in 2 days. The snow is very pretty on the trees and bushes. Then she makes 2 comments about the same trees in practically the same sentence that I never thought I would hear together. "Those trees are humping. They look like they are praying." I understood what she meant, but she needs to figure out that her mother has a dirty mind and goes straight to the slang description of certain words. So she is chit chatting away for the 40 minutes it takes us to get to the Drs. We get there, walk in and are immediately met by a bevy of sick children in a small stuffy waiting room. Nothing like the pediatricians on a Monday morning. Makes you want to bathe in Purel. We get in our little room, B recites her ailments to the nurse, gets a throat culture and we wait (and wait and wait.....). She asks me if she gets to wear one of those Charlies. This takes me a minute. "Charlies?" I ask. You know, the cool robes. "Oh," I chuckle, "You mean a Johnny!" "Charlie/Johnny, whatever", she says. I can't make this stuff up.
She gets checked out, no meds, just rest and fluids, permission to play in the snow for 15 minutes and a sticker. She comes home, has alphabet soup ("with too many things in it" aka: vegetables) and is now in bed. "I can't believe this is the 3rd day in a row I have had to take a nap!" Poor you, many moms would pay big money for a nap! I am going to continue bulking up on my Vitamin C ( with or without the vodka, you decide!).

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Yesterday I was sitting at the computer and my dog, Gretel, was running around the yard. I would call her a few times and she would come back. That's impressive in itself. One time I looked out and their were purple fuzzy socks in the driveway. Hmmm, she must have gotten them out of the garage. Then I called her and she came flying out of the garage. Hmmm, brain keeps turning. Finally I call her in, give her a treat and actually look at her face. Hmmmm, some yellow something by her mouth. Then it hits me and I ask her, " Did you get into the garbage in the garage?" I swear she turned her face away from me like she was saying guilty as charged and then layed down with her butt toward me. Sure enough, I went into the garage and their was sh*# everywhere.
Fast forward to today... "Mom, there is a yellowish brownish papertowel in the living room!" Coupled with "Ewwww, gross" and my favorite, "You better wear gloves!" Evidently it is something that she has vomitted up from yesterdays escapades in the garage.
This whole dog thing is new to me. Growing up I had goldfish and gerbils. Me being very allergic to all things furry gave my parents the ultimate excuse not to have high maintenance pets. Now there are designer dogs for the allergic. I caved and we got a labradoodle with the agreement that it was the family dog, not just my dog. Hmm, guess who spends most of the day with the dog? You got it, me. This, of course, amuses my friends greatly because not only do I have a dog, we have a fish tank, 6 horses, a goat, 5 bunnies and a stray kitten showed up in the barn one day. Guess who's been getting allergy shots for 6 months?Are they working? Not exactly yet, so if anyone know of designer horses for allergy sufferers, let me know!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yellow Balloons

Thanks to fellow, soon to be famous, blogger Dawn, I was introduced to Julian, a 4 yr old boy, with a cancerous brain tumor. Thru Julian's mom's postings on carepages, B, K and I became very attached to the family. Julian passed away on Saturday and his funeral was today. At the funeral his mom asked everyone to wear yellow and after the service they were going to let go of lots of yellow balloons. Yellow was Julian's favorite color. Since that all happened in Texas, B and I (K was horseback riding)had our own ceremony here this afternoon. We got 3 yellow balloons. I gave B a few choices of where to let the balloons go, next to the ocean or at the cemetery. She decided the cemetery. Unfortunately I have a friend who has 2 babies buried there. We decided if we sent the balloons in front of them then they would get to meet Julian too. So like we did when one of our horses died, we had a little ceremony with prayers to God. We asked Him to watch out for Julian and introduce him to people that we knew in Heaven. We let the balloons go and B wanted to watch until we couldn't see them anymore. So we did. Then she said, "OK, the balloons made it thru the big gates and God must be presenting them to Julian right now". She was killing me with this. So I said, "Yes, you are probably right". Then she asked me why I didn't want to let them go by the ocean. I said because sometimes sea creatures wind up eating the balloons and getting sick. This was practical me who could only imagine the balloon police coming to get us because balloons are not healthy for the environment. But 9 yr old B says, "Why would you worry about that? The balloons are in Heaven with Julian." God Bless the wise-ness of that kid.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stop and Shop

So one of my BFFs took my girls to the salon today after school to have their nails done. How is it that I can rationalize them having their nails done, but not mine? Anywho, I took this grand opportunity to go to the grocery store by myself. It must be the January blahs when you are actually looking "outside the box" for something different to eat. I am tired of giving my girls gold fish and pretzels for snacks. So what did I come up with? Annie's Cheddar Bunnies, Quaker strawberry crisp bites and Quaker mini delights in Cinnamon Streusel. I can tell you that last one is delish. K didn't like it, but hey she's the picky one who would live on goldfish. B and I loved them. Very sweet and crunchy. Of course she finished one pack and wanted another, but yummy just the same. So, me and my cart full of $250 of food (movies and magazines) make it to the check out. An older lady gets in line behind me and I am feeling like I should let her go ahead of me, but I am in a bit of a hurry and am thinking get me the He@# out of here before I buy anything else. I am perusing all the rag mag covers and laughing to myself while unloading my groceries. The older lady comments that my cart looks tastier than her cart, which I want to agree on. Then I comment on how great the covers of these magazines are and we discuss how much crap is one them. Then she reads 2 article titles off of Women's World (I think). One says, "coughing, how chocolate is a cure" and "Eat cake for breakfast and lose up to 6 pounds". We, of course, agree that these 2 articles are spot on! Encouraging chocolate and cake, how could that be wrong? It's not like we bought the magazine to read the article. We took it at face value. Cake has eggs in it right? I will be enjoying my chocolate cake for breakfast tomorrow. Hmm, do I have to share with K and B and will they like their new snacks or beg for gold fish when they get home?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Selectmen's meeting

Who thought I would blog about the selectmen's meeting today? It isn't so much the meeting that was funny, definitely not funny at all, but the written comments passed between me, my mom and my 2 daughters. My family has a bad habit of writing notes back and forth to each other when we can't talk. I guess it is now hereditary. Here are some excerpts.
K, " There is a lady here that is freaking me out!"
Mom, "Debbie has had her hair cut, it looks nice." Funny thing, it wasn't Debbie in the 1st place.
B, "Some of these people just go on and on" Then she has to add the T or F, circle your answer
Me, "Tommy's(my brother) arms were sore today from playing Wii"
B, "Did he call you and go boo-hoo-frickinfrickinhoo?"
B, "If they ask any questions after I talk, you have to answer." then I just nod and she writes, "kapeeish?"
K, "Sean( a selectman) looks bored out of his mind!"
B, "You're right, he's just sitting there staring at the clock probably he must want to go home for din-din."
Me, "MMMMmmmm, I wonder what R is making him?"
B, "Ha, ha, maybe we should go over."
K, "I'm gassie, can we go?"
Hopefully our giggles did not make it onto the tv version of the meeting. B did get up and complain that the post holes were not filled in when a barn was taken down. She said this was dangerous to animals and people. At home she said that a coyote could fall in it, then a horse could step in it and squish the coyote. Mind you, the hole is about 5 inches wide and 4 feet deep. She did a fine job and I am sure it can be used on her resume when she runs for President in the year 2034. I am sure we will be watching the selectmen's meeting reruns all week long.

Monday, January 21, 2008


So one way to make money on Cape Cod is to rent your house out for the summer. People pay a lot of money to vacation on the cape because of it's beauty, beaches, shopping, nice weather, you get the picture. So many of us list our houses on sites like and Where do we go, one might ask? Some rent smaller houses for the summer, some go to a 2nd house off cape, some live in very small houses that they bought for the purpose of renting their big house, some travel and some camp. Last summer was our first taste of renting out our house. We downsized to a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house which was fun and fine and made us appreciate our regular house all the more. We left games and puzzles in our rental house for the renters if there happened to be a rainy day (or they got tired of the that possible?). Anyway, we moved back in in September. While I was reorganizing closets and such, I came across the bingo game we had left. It was in the coat closed on the top shelf, not anywhere near the "game" closet. It looked like only about 1/2 the little yellow balls were in the box. I didn't really care or think much of it.... that is until I started cleaning. Every once in awhile, I would find a little yellow ball in the family room, under a piece of furniture. A month or so later, I found some in the dining room under the hutch, a month after that a few in the living room. Every time I found them I chuckled because I could only imagine what happened to the bingo game. The other day I changed around the family room and moved the rug. Under the tv stand were 3 yellow balls and under the rug were 2 bingo cards. I spoke with one of my return renters the other day and asked her if she had played Bingo while here. She said no and why. So I told her and she laughed, but it didn't happen during her week. So the mystery of the bingo game remains, but has given me a few laughs thru the fall and winter. Maybe I will get a new one for this summer's renters with different colored balls.....

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Go Pats!

Saw this great video/song that all you Pats fans will enjoy. Actually anyone who thinks Tom Brady is beautiful, will enjoy. Now how do I get some posters of those ads for my closet door?

Friday, January 18, 2008


What is it about having a glass of wine, some cheese and crackers, a crackling fire and a good friend to chat with? It's like sitting on the couch with a snuggly blanket reading a good book. Very comfortable and pleasant. Yes, my dog was demanding attention. Yes, we had 4 kids upstairs trying to make a dance for the talent show and yes, my husband was in a long fishing trip induced sleep on the other couch, but C and I perservered and solved many of the worlds problems. Honestly, I think the president should get together with some of his closest friends and have a sleep over and maybe some serious issues could be resolved.
OK, I just had to walk away from this blog to watch "I Don't Dance"from High School Musical II that is one right now in the other room. I just love that song and the choreography. Never mind everyone else is upstairs and it is me listening for my favorite parts. I wonder if there is an AA type group for moms that love High School Musical and Zac Efron? Can you say robbing the cradle? I don't think I can blame this one on the wine either......

3:30am-you brush your teeth........

When I wake up in the morning and it's quarter to four and you just can't sleep any more, you brush your teeth...... Thank you Raffi for that lovely song....
What does one write about at 3:30am when 'normal' people are sleeping? Why does my brain believe that my best thinking and problem solving can be done in the middle of the night? I thought I would sleep well tonight since we finally got the 3rd grade epic book report done. B had to read a book and then make an A-Z book where every letter represented something from the book. She had to write a long sentence or 2 and then illustrate. 3 weeks ago, I thought 'piece of cake', by 7 tonight (technically last night), the last few letters became a team effort between B, K and myself. The 3 of us deserve an A.
My mom (Nana) picked up B and her friend A from chorus today. In the 20 minutes she had with them she knew:
"Grandma has toes all squished together."
"Well, my Grandma's toes are yellow."
"Our cleaning lady comes on Wed and walks our dog first." (no I do not have a cleaning lady, this came from A)
"For the talent show, we are going to get cool outfits from Justice and have our bears in strollers on the stage and dance, do gymnastics and tae kwon do." (They have 60 seconds on stage to get all that done)
"Last night my brother and I made an obstacle course in the basement and we were doing handstands on the couch."
My mom should have written this tonight because she could have given more detail. B and A are a riot and can talk about the color of the wall for 10 minutes and have you riveted. Stand by for tonight because B is having A and K sleep over so they can practice their big act. A's mom is coming over for wine which we will be enjoying in another room (Sags you want to come over for that too? Better yet, maybe we will cross the street to you-kidding!). 10 yr old K is in charge of choreographing their act, so we are off the hook .....for tonight anyway. We are the directors of the elem. school talent show, so there will be plenty more blogging on that!
OK, going to try for a couple hour nap now. ZZZZzzzzzzz

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Abandon Ship

Well the day started off with my sister in law, Kathryn, calling to tell me that her husband's 48 foot fishing boat sank at the dock. This is usually not an easy feat, but the boat has seen better days and evidently a few screws disintegrated near the prop on the bottom of the boat. There was a little diesel fuel spill, in the picture you will notice the white styrofoam things in the water. No one was on the boat when it went down and the Coast Guard was able to get it up with the help of the harbor master. It was hauled out this afternoon, so the damage on the bottom could be assessed. Here are a few pictures...The Coast Guard and Captain Tim share a laugh in an otherwise crappy situation.

A funny closing note from B.... we were eating dinner and DH and I were expounding our wisdom on our daughters and telling them not to be poor when they get older (good advice, huh?). They have very fine taste and were moaning about how they want to go to Florida (Disney) and stay in a 5 star hotel. Like they would know a 5 star hotel other than the Tipton from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. So Brooke says,
"Don't worry about (my friend) K, she is going to be a supermodel and I am going to be rich with my many talents."
Maybe there is hope for that 5 star nursing home I have my eye on for someday.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hot Chocolate

It's a good day for hot chocolate, even Gretel agrees. 2 kids home sick and me downing vitamin C like they were uppers, downers, advil? Pick your poison. 2 kids in their own beds asleep by 9 -yee ha! Too bad I am too tired to enjoy this feat. So yes, this is a picture of our labradoodle Gretel with her stuffed hot chocolate. The main reason for posting this was to see if I could actually get a picture on my blog. Now that I know how, watch out! The girls and I watched Hairspray today with John Travolta as the mom. If you haven't seen it, you have got to, if only to watch John Travolta play a woman 150lbs heavier than himself. I find myself staring at him and cracking up imagining what it must have been like to play opposite him. Yes, I can sing all the songs too. I am a sucker for a good musical. Does anyone have any advice on how to take care of canker sores? K has a huge one and other than the hot chocolate, spent the day only being able to down frappes. Poor little thing.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Very excited for the Pats to play the Chargers next weekend and Green Bay to play the Giants! I checked on the GB game when it was snowing so hard yesterday and my girls walked into the room. My fashion queen K asked, "Why are they wearing tshirts and capris in the snow?"

Saturday, January 12, 2008

OK, survived the sleepover! Hopefully I have added the slide show on correctly so you can all be as horrified, I mean, amused as I was. And yes, there were some socks added to their upper 1/2s.

This morning, K and her friend S were in the basement roller blading. I think they were practicing for the next roller blade party. So I am trying to enjoy my tea and catch up on the news when there is the following ruckus from the basement..
"Shriek! What does the dog have?"
"I don't know a webkinz?"
"Gretel, drop it!"
Lot's more shrieking. Of course I am still sitting, trying hard to ignore because I know I will be the one who will have to save them from whatever the dog has found. 2 girls and 1 dog come running up the stairs. Mind you they still have roller blades on so this doesn't happen too too fast. They find me in the living room. Even with my eyes closed they find me. Remember when you were a kid and you would think no one could see you if you couldn't see anyone else?
"Mom, Gretel found a FROG! She had it in her mouth and was shaking it!"
"OK< OK, I'll save you from the dead frog"
Thankfully B was too into the Wii to be paying attention because she would have wanted to dissect it. So I went down and picked up the petrified (as in very stiff, very dead) frog and threw it away. That's me, an everyday hero!

Another funny, maybe not so funny, but it caught my eye in the paper this morning. It was around 50 degrees here yesterday and rainy so that caused many thunder and lightening storms. Not the usual for January, but not surprising knowing that the common belief for weather in New England is if you don't like it, wait an hour. So lightening hit a school in Sandwich. They evacuated all the kids out into the storm to make sure the roof wasn't on fire. The kids (I think it was a k-8 school) were out in the storm for 10 minutes. Um, hello, did they tell the kids to stand out in the middle of a field,under some trees or to hang around the metal playground? Was the administration counting on lightening doesn't hit the same place twice theory? Thankfully the fire dept checked the gym first so the kids could all be herded back in there to wait out the rest of the search.

Friday, January 11, 2008


With 5 tweens in the house tonight, I am lucky to be sitting for a few minutes. 3 are doing "makeovers" and 2 are playing Wii. The 3 5th grade girls had a rollerblading night at the middle school. I thought they were going to the prom. They all met here before the skate night. After school they had gone home, had showers, picked an outfit and came over. My daughter, K, was doing the same thing here. Actually first she rested up on the couch for an hour. They were all giddy on arrival at the middle school. I was allowed to go as far as the door, not anywhere near the gym. When I picked them up outside, the first thing they told me was about the bratty 6th grade boys. Evidently a pack of them had been following them around all night teasing them. I was proud of K, because she actually stood up to them at one point and told them to knock it off. However, it continued. The enlightening news they told me was that kissing wasn't cool anymore, touching teeth were. Ewww, TMI for the mom! Thankfully they thought it was gross too! Now they are doing makeovers. My only comment to that is my 5 year younger sister put my makeup on for my junior prom. I had no idea what to use or how to do it. How do 10 year olds know?
The 2 nine year olds are playing Wii. One has had a makeover (that would be B of couse). B has already asked for cold medicine (she has the snuffles, but begged on her knees to have a sleepover). Hmmm, maybe I can give it to all of them to assure their slumber by 11pm. Maybe not.
We completed the wall from h*#@ today at my parents house for those of you who were wondering from yesterday. I don't think any of us would be sad to not have to do that again for a long time (like ever!).

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Nothing like spending a few hours of your morning taking off wallpaper with your parents! My mom and dad have just bought a house that was in serious disrepair, but "the view, the view, once we get the trees down, think of the view!" That is what my dad kept saying to my mom who was, let's say, not exactly on board with the whole idea. My dad won out and now that the trees are down, it is a fantastic view of a small lake. There are 2 swans that live directly in their view too. This of course sold my mom. Anywho, my dad and brother have done, by far, the majority of wallpaper removal. Today was my mom and my day to get involved. Of course this was the first room to involve the steamer, lots of sponging on de-gluer, and a multitude of scraper things. The pieces were coming off in 1/2 dollar size pieces. Good time! We can't wait to start on the big wall tomorrow! I can only imagine my mom and dad having soup and a beer thru a straw tonight for dinner. I don't know how they are going to move their arms. They are old enough to retire and travel or go to Florida like the rest of Cape Cod seniors do for the winter. No, they have "chosen" to remodel a house. I commend their spirit, but do wish for easier days for them. Maybe that will come in the spring, when they are sitting on their big deck enjoying their view, actually using their arms to lift their beer mug and chuckling about the wallpapered room from h*%#.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Boys and Girls

It started with the 2 of the 3 boy nephews coming over (read invading) after school. Girls and boys are so different. I love them like my own kids, but they have so much more energy about them. It's funny, it's not going to the cupboard to get a snack, it's raiding the cupboard, eating something and then asking if I have any snacks. My girls come home, have a waffle or cinnamon toast, quietly. My only analogy is one group moves like a ballet, the other like a mosh pit.
We were the 1/2 of the family that got the Wii for Christmas, so our house has been a hot bed of activity. It's so funny to watch the personalities come out while playing. My 10yr old, K, is a petite, all girl, girl.... that is until she does the boxing. The tiger comes out in her and she is trash talking the other player on the screen. It is hysterical to watch. My 9 yr old, B, is into the Hannah Montana game and can't just stand on the floor and play, but has to stand on the hassock while dancing. My oldest (13)nephew, S, thinks he is the cat's a@* and tells everyone he is better than them even if he isn't. Nephew 2, C, is 10 and gets so into the games. He could probably play games all day, as long as there were breaks for snacks and sweettart hearts. My nephew, J, who is 8, gets mad because he is the youngest and he tries so hard to beat the older kids. All in all, it is so great to watch 5 cousins play, laugh and fake tackle each other. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Bedtime is always an interesting time in our house. Tonight I actually got both of them to go to sleep in their own beds. This in itself is an accomplishment. So B was all snuggy with her multitude of soft blankets and down comforter. She likes to think of something as she goes to sleep. Tonight's suggestion was think of how you want your new room to look. We had already started talking about this at dinner and she said that she wanted a "red carpet". So I said, "Oh, I had a red carpet in my bedroom growing up". She says, "Not on the floor, on the wall". DH says, "No way am I putting carpeting on your wall!" She goes not a real carpet a RED carpet. I say, "Oh a flying carpet, like Aladdin"? She says, "No like Hollywood!" All in all, she wanted me to paint a 3D red carpet on her wall and draw Mylie Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale walking down it. Um, hello, I am a photographer, not a painting artist! So anyway, I left her in her "nest" thinking of other room ideas while I went in to put K to bed. She was busy organizing earrings and some Christmas gifts. She told me to look at the dreamy poster of Nick Jonas she had put up. "Very hot" I say in my most hip voice. I lay down next to her and she starts in on how much she loves the Jonas Brothers (tween band/Disney Channel) and she wants to move to Hollywood, become famous and meet them. She mentions she dreams about them every night. My hip voice becomes my teenage fantasy voice and says, "Oh I use to dream about Donnie Osmond, Shaun Cassidy and the Bay City Rollers"! Sadly enough, I have never met them. The water works ensue because somehow she interprets that as under no circumstances will she ever meet Nick Jonas, that I have CRUSHED her dream and SQUASHED her hopes. Did I mention she was a drama queen? So I try to say maybe you will move to Hollywood and meet them someday, but the crying and carrying on about me crushing her hopes continues. So I say, "I'll be back". Not so much like Arnold, but more like I can't believe you are crying about this, I just want to go downstairs to sit in peace and quiet for 15 minutes.
Walking by B's room, I notice light on, paper and pencil in hand. She has written 10 more ideas of how she can do her room. Seafoam green and surfboards, a jungle theme, a soccer room, a room all about her, and on and on....Great honey, how about you go to sleep now. Back to K's room, still crying and blaming me. "All I want for my birthday is backstage tickets to the Jonas Brother's show! That's all, nothing else, even if it's not in my birthday month....." Sure honey and I will just grab some pocket change off the money tree in the backyard while I am getting your tickets. They are now in a peaceful slumber for a few hours before musical beds start.....aaaahhhhh.


Honestly, I could post all day on things my daughter B says. She is a precocious 9 year old and has an opinion on everything. Today she told me that she and her friend Chris were talking "text messaging" in the lunch line. So I bit and said, "What does that mean?". "Well, you know, like I said Chris you better get over here asap and he said rofl." Of course she is not saying the letters, she is sounding out the 'word'. She did then say, "Then I said, LOL"! It's unbelievable that 2 9 year olds can be having this discussion.
We are moving back into a house we lived in 4 years ago. It is smaller than the house we live in now, but closer (hello backyard!) to where our horses are. Anyway B and I went to check it out this afternoon. Her first question was, "Whoa, did K's old room shrink or what?" Hmmm, couldn't be that you were a little smaller/younger when you lived here and it appeared bigger. So we checked out the house, she decided which room she wanted this time and as we were leaving she says, "Now all we need is some pocket change for some paint." Who is she Donald Trump's kid? Pocket change?
The other night I decided to take the plunge and read the girls a very colorful, generalish book about bodies and where babies come from. Thanks to Jamie Lynn Spears, my cover was blown on the "you can't have babies until your married" theory. So there is a picture of a naked boy, nothing they haven't seen from their boy cousins, B makes a few comments. Then we move onto the naked girl, and then the HOW the 2 come together and create life. Well according to K, sperm look like balloons and eggs look like balls. B is sitting there putting it all together and didn't quite get IT until I gave her more of a hand gesture and then said, "Oh No! You mean the boys penis goes in your baby hole?" After I choked, I was able to say (in a very grown up manor LOL), "Yes, you are right, but this is something for 2 people in love who are trying to have a baby." (She doesn't need to know everything!) Then she looks at me in horror and asks if DH and I have done this. So I reply, "I have you 2 don't I?" Then she had a lot of questions of which I side barred for another talk. This one had taken all the energy I had left at 8pm. I then made them promise not to go chatting onto their friends about this and that if they had any questions or heard any rumors, please come to me. I had a vision of B standing up in front of her classroom giving a health lesson. Ugh. So things were fine until today I said to DH who has been fishing a lot, that the girls learned a few things the other night. And B blurts out the statement of how babies are made. I have never seen him leave for the boat so fast. I think sparks were flying off of his fishing boots.

The Beginning

I have toyed with the idea of "blogging", but hadn't had the time to get it going. Nothing like a little heart burn in the middle of the night to get one motivated...Cape Cod is a unique place to live. Out here on a penisula sticking into the Atlantic Ocean one can feel a little vunerable. When people say "I just had to get over the bridge to see what was happening in the real world..." it means they went off cape over the Bourne or Sagamore Bridge. These 2 bridges (other than the defunct train bridge) are the only 2 ways on or off the Cape. Of course there is swimming the canal, but it is not highly recommended. So in our little bubble, we don't have Walmart or Target, but we did get a small BJ's and Home Depot. My friends and I are always ready for a "Target fix "or a "trip over the bridge". I ventured to Target the other day to use our Christmas present gift cards for some Wii games and accessories, when I browsed the Christmas section hoping to find m&ms at 1/2 price. Sadly I came out with no m&ms, but did come out with 2 6ft fake Christmas trees and a wrapping bonanza for $6! What other store would give you 90% off stuff! Hopefully I will remember where I put them next December!