Monday, July 20, 2009

Purse Shmursh

I almost killed K today.

Nope, not with my own bare hands, but with my indecision. If it's any consolation, she did it to me first.

We had a spare 2 hours to hit the mall today. I was looking for a camera bag and/or a purse and a sparkly top. Yes, my things all had to do with Chicago and that "special seminar weekend" that I am trying not to talk about every day.

To make K happy we went to Pac Sun first (ok, after not finding anything colorful in Ritz camera. Do camera bags ALL have to be black?) The music was blaring some repetitive phrase like "buy me and you'll have all the boys at your feet" or "skinny jeans are rad" or "blah, blah, blah". I know. I am officially old. I saw a shirt that I liked and wondered if I could fit in it, would it be weird for me to wear something from PacSun? K was looking around. Finally, she came back over to me and I said (praying), "All set?" I got the sigh and the "I guess so" which I know means NO!!!!! See, I have learned something! So we look some more and she tries on hot pink extreme skinny jeans in a size 00. My pinky does not fit into these jeans. As a 9lb 7 ounce baby, I couldn't have fit in these jeans.

She needs a belt to wear them.

She bought them with her own money and I bought her 2 shirts. I actually got the better deal, but she is the one who has been working this summer at the farm.

Then I drag her to Macys. She likes purses and there are quite a few tables of 50% off original price so I am thinking she will enjoy this little escapade to find Mommy a grown up purse. Grown up wasn't the word I was looking for, sophisticated was the word and K helped me out with it. Smart girl. I was immediately drawn to the patterned Le Sportsac bags that I have loved since I was about 14. They didn't seem very "sophisticated" though. I walked around with multiple black bags on my shoulders testing them out. K tried getting me to pick the most "decorated" (see bling and tassles here) ones so that I would use it for the weekend and then give it to her after. 20 minutes later, which seemed like an eternity for her, and she was on her knees begging me to "just pick one!!!!" I think I saw a tear in her eye as she gasped her next to last breath when I basically closed my eyes and said, "this one".

It will fit my camera and a butt load of bling and probably a lamp post. I may come home with major scoliosis, but the fact that it will remind me of the day I bonded with my first born, I will be smiling.

Oh and ps: we were not up for looking for a sparkly shirt, although I did threaten buying a bedazzler and fixing one up on my own. Yup, I got an eye roll from her for that idea!


Melisa Wells said...

I did the SAME thing in the purse department here! There were so many bags that I liked that didn't seem sophisticated. What's wrong with us? I hope I still like my bag too, when I use it this weekend. Ugh.

♥ Braja said...

Glad you're not talking about B---- weekend :)

Glad to see you back and glad you got a purse and sorry I'm not going to meet up with you at B---- weekend :))

SurprisedMom said...

That reminds me, I need to shop for a purse. My everyday one has a whole in it. And where I work they have a SALE going on!
Glad you found purse that will carry a lot of bling! Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

OMG! What ever happen to the good old backpack? It is easy to put on both shoulders and your hands are free. Camera fits great! If you need to decorate it, wrap some bling on it! Everyone will probably be in jeans and regional t-shirts. What are you learning from this? Vodka Mom will be the star and I don't hear her worrying. :) I can't wait to see pictures. Sally ( the mom)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

And just why didn't you go buy a COACH bag to take with you? Or have me send you one of mine for you to borrow? Or better yet, buy a PRADA bag for you that you will then give me at a later date?? WIN WIN for everyone!!


Evansmom said...

I have actually purchased size 00 skinny jeans at Pac Sun for my son! Luckily, that phase passed (not soon enough but it passed). He was pretty popular at the high school because he handed his jeans down to some of the girls. In fact, the administrator in charge of the gifted and talented program made a comment about him being "nerdy". When I told her he really wasn't - he was more of a rock 'n roller, she said she knew because her daughter had some of his paints. A very surreal moment in my "advocating life"!!

Mrs4444 said...

You are a funny girl, Sue. I can just picture your daughter's face. I bought a purse/suitcase today for only $25 at Kohls (regular $60)!! I also hit a bargain at VS, so I am just about ready! SO SO SO excited!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You'll come AND bring your own Puffs Plus?? You rock!!

Hallie :)