Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

It's Friday and time for Friday Fragments! Thanks to Mrs. 4444's, for starting the tradition and giving me a place to stick some random thoughts and happenings.

*Does this look like a stressed out dog to you?
How about now?
Yes, my dog was diagnosed with an ulcer this week. WTF? She has the run of the house. Maybe it's the goat at the barn that is causing her angst?

*K was in a horse show last weekend and won 6 or so ribbons. Doesn't she look so grown-up in her horse duds?
*With the anniversary of Woodstock this week, there was an article in our local paper about some locals that went to Woodstock. K only heard Mrs. MacPherson's name and Woodstock and said, "Mrs. M played Woodstock?" She was thinking of Snoopy's friend, Woodstock. Guess I need to broaden her horizons.

*A wonderful package arrived in the mail yesterday because I was one of the winners in the Wonderful World of Wieners fundraising give away! Hallie has done a wonderful job raising over $5000 for organ donation! And she has about 25 days of giveaways to go with it! Here's what I won...

*B just said to me, "If I have to give up a sport, then you should have to give up one of your networking tools (as in Blog, FB, Twitter). " Sorry kid. I am the adult and what else am I suppose to do all day while you are in school? Work?
Just so you know I am not being mean making her give up something, she is on the jump rope team (3xs a week), sings (1-2xs a week), swims (1-2xs a week) and plays soccer (2-3xs a week), oh and then there is school, homework and she wants to take drama after school. Something has got to go or she has to figure out how to add a few more days into the week.

Happy Friday!!!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad th box arrived. :) How the hell does a dog get an ulcer? And as far as B needing to figure it all out? CLONE HER!

Hallie :)

Unknown said...

awww your doggers is so cute!!!

Congrats on your win-that was FAB box of goodies you got!

enjoyed your FF

Sara Elizabeth said...

Oooo, look at all the cool stuff you won. That is awesome!

Poor doggy! I have never known a dog (or cat for that matter) with an ulcer. Poor thing.

Happy FF! Mine is up too. :o)

Caution/Lisa said...

Okay, that's a bad schedule. She seriously needs to give something up. Now.

How did you know your dog has an ulcer? I didn't even know they could get them! How much did that diagnosis run you :(

annies home said...

. what a great prize to win. I think it is wonderful that she did such a great job in the horse contest and the doggie looks relaxed to me LOL

Gladys said...

I love that dog. That Dog is AWESOME. How can THAT dog have an ulcer? Does he keep his concern about kibble all bottled up inside? He runs the numbers over and over and streses if his columns don't balance? Did he invest all his kibbl in the wrong stock? Is ARM on his kibble about to adjust?

Mrs4444 said...

Isn't fragmenting satisfying? I loved catching up on your life :) Your pooch-hmm. Maybe he can take up the activity that your daughter gives up? I'm sure you can fit it all in. Actually Cesar (the dog whisperer) might say your dog needs a job; to feel useful? Hmmm. Can he drive?

Your daughter is beautiful!!

Your goodies!! Yea for you again. I'm watching the mail for mine, cuz I didn't get nearly enough swag last month, haha.

Mary Ellen said...

Poor poochie! He needs a therapist.

I know how your daughter feels. How do you choose between all these activities when you love them all? It seems kind of early for her having to learn to make the hard choices. Maybe she can give up sleeping?

Congrats on your swag!

Love the fragments.

Melisa Wells said...

I love that pic of K. You should frame it.

Poor doggie! Really, maybe she's stressed out WAY can she be stressed. Maybe you need to give her homecooked meals. Maybe her dog food is stressing her out. haha I hope she feels better! :)

k a t i e said...

She looks so focused, and that pony is adorable! Glad she did so well - good on her!

Poor puppy - it sure doesn't look like a hard life!

Anonymous said...

I want to be YOUR dog! I loved your FF this week-- You got an awesome box of goodies, and the your daughter looks great in her horse gear! Congrats to her!

And DO NOT give up any of your networking fun! I would miss you too much! (But definitely make B give something up, that is WAY too many activities! Sheesh!)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful horse.

Poor furbaby :(