Friday, October 23, 2009

Frag'n Friday!

Friday Fragments?

Welcome to Friday Fragments where it is the easiest day of the week to blog because all I have in my head these days are fragments. Thanks Mrs. 4444's for keeping me on my toes.

*First, let me thank you all for your kind words last week. I appreciate them and felt like I had little virtual hugs every time a comment popped up.

*I need to have a proud mom moment. B sang a solo at church on Sunday, well the rest of the chorus sang too, but you will see that I cut them off. Not on purpose, I just wanted it to be a quick video so I could download it easily. A few jaws hit the floor in church. I guess I have been hiding her talent in the house.

*I had to put Gretel out in the backyard yesterday while the Comcast man was fixing my internet. I don't think she was too happy with this because when I went to get her she told me to get into the grave she had dug.

*Our church is selling pumpkins this month and someone had taken the time to line them up all along the walkway. They looked so pretty!

* A friend of mine from HS posted this story on her facebook page yesterday and I just had to share. She gave me the OK, so I just posted it in her words. Just classic!!!!

So for anyone who misses NH some guy without all his teeth managed to bag a bull moose. He had it in the back of his truck and while he was driving down Main St in Antrim it fell out of the truck in front of the Bar...aptly named Redneck...s (no kidding) So he and some other finely dressed gentlemen drag the moose down Main St and into the parking lot of the Grocery Store.

A crowd gathers, including the chief of police and a group of folks who appear to be Amish. They all stand around and look at this poor animal and wonder how to get it back into the 1982 baby blue Dodge with the plywood bed and the duct tape muffler. Sooooo somebody comes by with a bucket loader (but of course) and they tie a chain to the moose ... and hoist it up so it is dangling above the truck blocking the door to the grocery store. Finally the brain trust gets it in the truck. Classic NH entertainment.

*I saw The Proposal this week on DVD. It is a very cute story with some sweet views of Alaska!

Have a super weekend! :)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

YOU GO GRETEL!!! Tell mom what you think of her banishing you!!

Awesome vid! Even I'm proud of her!!

Hallie :)

Heather said...

HA HA HA. I love the photo of the dog, that's classic. I can't get over B's voice-- She's got some SERIOUS talent!

I saw the Proposal too! I thought it was adorable :)

Miss you, glad that you are doing okay!

won said...

Love the pumpkin photo. Classic.

Melisa Wells said...

Tell B that I said not only does she have a BEAUTIFUL voice, but "Simple Gifts" is one of my ALL TIME favorite songs ever, so I enjoyed it even more than the average person.

Gretel cracks me up. Sorry. But she does.

You have a good weekend too! xoxo

becki said...

between your moose story and karen's sharing the pheasant photo, i have been thoroughly amused....thanks!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Oh MAN, Sue! I laughed so loud about the grave your dog dug that I almost woke Kendall up. I love the way you caught me by surprise with that one.

Gretel was just beaming as she sang her bit--so wonderful. I can see why you, too, are beaming :)

Wish you could be at our party today...

Anonymous said...

Wow what a beautiful voice!!!

And that does look like a grave he dug!

Claudya Martinez said...

Gorgeous voice! Her voice is a gift.

Evansmom said...

You must be one proud mom!

mub said...

Beautiful video!

I love that your dog is named Gretel... she looks so small to have dug a hole so big!

I saw The Proposal awhile back and really liked it!

Ash said...

Wow - what a talented and brave young lady! Nothing sweeter than a child's voice singing in a church.

I love that pumpkin picture! And Gretel - sorry, I had to giggle.

(Over from SSS and Georgie - love all the new homes to visit)

Unknown said...

Wow B can REALLY sing!
That pic with all the pumpkins is so pretty!

I watched the Proposal this past weekend as well...cute movie

Cassie said...

Hi, Found your blog through Secert Santa. Love the Maine area! Can't wait to get to "know" you better!

Mrs4444 said...

BTW, you're one of my two FFF this week! :)