Friday, January 15, 2010

Frag'n Friday!

Mommy's Idea
Phew, it is still Friday, which means I can still jump into the Friday Fragments sponsored by Mrs. 44444s. Good thing, because I have been collecting frags all day.

For example, this morning, B says as I am dropping her off at school.... "Hey I had a dream about Daddy having a girlfriend last night."
Me, "Really? Was she pretty?"
B, "I don't know. All I know is that you bought Daddy flowers to give to her and you didn't seem to mind."

Seriously? Am I really that nice?

Gretel has always slept on the couch or the floor or a chair since she was a puppy. We bought her a dog bed once, but she really just used it like any another piece of furniture. However, I guess I never thought of buying her a $150 beanbag chair at Pottery Barn. That seems to be her preferred night time spot.

I have to give the oil guy credit. He has tried twice this week to make it up our very steep, unplowed driveway. No one is living in that house at the moment and the very steep driveway makes for a very nice sledding hill. It is very unusual for Cape Cod to have snow on the ground for over a week and we have had it here for a month! Hopefully some of that snow will melt tomorrow in the 42 degree temps we are suppose to have!

Oh, and the big scoop I had yesterday.... wound up being in the paper and I just hadn't read it. Ugh, disappointing!

My girl, K, is at Rock Night tonight at a skating rink. This goes on every Friday night, but somehow I manage to "forget about it" and not remind my kids that this is an option. One of her friends invited her and since I don't have to drive 15 minutes there and back, I said, "OK". Back in the day, hahahaha, I got to go to "rock night" (that's so not what it was called)and it was at a roller skating rink. My friend Melissa and I would scout out the boys and cross our fingers that one of the cute ones would invite us to skate for the "couple's skate". We may have gotten lucky once, but mostly we stalked the cute boys and skated. Oh and of course giggled and then wrote about it in our journals when we got home. Oh, to be a fly on the wall right now at the ice skating rink......

My heart goes out to the people in Haiti this week. I haven't watched much on tv, but this morning I saw a 9 year old boy get stitches in his leg with no novocaine or anesthesia. He had his mom laying on top of him while he was crying. Just another reminder to be grateful for what you have. And, trust me, I am.


Vodka Mom said...


mub said...

Gretel looks so comfy and cozy in the bean bag chair!

Justine said...

Huh? Why were you in the paper? And how could you not have known it?

Gretel is soooooooo cute, you can't fault her for wanting to lay on the finer type things.

Ah, I used to love the roller rink! So much fun! Now you couldn't pay me to put on a pair of skates.

Justine :o )

Thoughts from the Deep End said...

If ever you decide that Gretel needs to live elsewhere....
send her to me!

Jackie :)

PS - Could you make sure to send PB Beanbag as well? ;)

Tara R. said...

Gretel looks like she's in heaven in her new bed. Maybe I need to check out Pottery Barn for new furniture for our Girls.

Evansmom said...

I love the photo of your dog!

Rebecca said...

We've been regulars at Rock Night the past couple of weeks...We should plan on meeting there one Friday and be "flies on the wall" :)

jp said...

she looks so comfy in that bed, awwe!

Captain Dumbass said...

I think they should make doggie beds for humans. They look so comfortable.

Mrs4444 said...

My kids have missed out on the Friday night skate thing, I guess because we don't live in the town that has it (thankfully, haha). Kendall has her first "date" tonight--SnoBall. However, they are meeting at the dance, because his parents won't let him date until he's 16. Works out perfectly for us! :)

We bought a nice bed for Cooper when he was a puppy; he chewed the crap out of it. Now, he just gets a blanket.