Thursday, June 3, 2010

Damn Orthodontist

Dear Orthodontist Whom I Have Paid Way Way Too Much Money To:

I am sure you don't understand what it is like to have 2 kids in braces. 2 kids in braces that once upon a time screamed bloody murder any time I would take them to the regular dentist. 2 kids that can only now tolerate any dentist, but at least I don't have to hold them down. We chose you as their orthodontist because our lovely pediatric dentist recommended you. That is why we drive 45-60 minutes away to go to your beautiful office.

The girls have nicknames for you and your staff. There are stellar dental assistants that they secretly fight over getting. They high five each other if they both get "a good one" afterward in the car. I am sure your whole staff is very nice, but we are dealing with 2 dentist-challenged pre-teens here. I have sat through numerous demonstrations on how to brush their teeth the "correct" way. Perhaps you don't have pre-teens or kids at all, because trying to get into a bathroom and help brush their teeth without busting down the door first is pretty much impossible. And those are the nights I remember that they might need my guidance. Sorry I have those other things like cleaning up the kitchen, laundry, getting ready for the next day, a few committee responsibilities, facebook, email and my blog.

The anticipation for an appointment begins days in advance and by the time we are within 30 minutes of said office, the butterflies in the stomach are in full swing and we need to keep the windows open in order to breath. So when we arrived at your office on Tuesday, we were surprised to see the lights off. I thought, "late lunch?", but it was 3:30. I called the office and found out that you are closed until the middle of next week. All I could think of was WTF, while my lovely girls were doing the biggest touchdown dance of all time in the hallway. You sent me an email reminder that we had an appointment on the 1st of June. I confirmed it. Yet, you are closed for a week and a half.

Let me share a little insight into what that afternoon was like for me...

2:00 pick girls up from school. Drop one of their friends off at after school program. Race home to brush teeth, grab a snack and pee.

Drive 50 minutes to ortho.
3:30 Closed.

Drive another 25 minutes back to swim lessons.

Drop B at swim lessons and take K to the Dr. 10 mins away. K does not like Drs.. K had a cough that could rattle the dead. Sit at Dr's for about 1 hour. Drive toward home, stopping to get a piece of pizza for dinner.

Pick up B at friend's house who brought her home from swimming. Drop K at home and bring B to softball game where I am one of the coaches. Game gets rained out after 3 innings. I get home at 7:30. Time to start homework, showers and bedtime.

Do you think I might have really appreciated a call saying that you were CLOSED, so I could have done laundry or gone to the grocery store during that time? To say nothing of the pre-stress of a DENTIST APPT. I had to deal with? Let's just say I am a little disappointed that you could not send out a call or email to say that you had to close for this week.

Next time, I will call and confirm with you. And if I have to cancel at the last minute, then I don't even want to hear about your call before 24 hours cancellation policy.

Yours truly,
Debt Upto Myears


WeaselMomma said...

Yeah. That would tick me off too.

Formerly known as Frau said...

That is BS! Funny how some places charge for a no show....they owe you money in time .....I hope you give them hell!

Caution/Lisa said...

I have not one good thing to say about our ortho. My payment must be called in on the first, but if it falls on one of the several days of the week they are closed, I get a $20 late fee. Your ortho, however, gets the prize. Seriously, you should get one free bracket or something. Where were they? Did they ever fess up?

Cindy S said...'s hoping he has a run in with my parents' bear.

Tara R. said...

I would have been livid. I hope you 'confirm' with them that they nutted up. I think a discount off the next appointment is in order.

(my verification word was 'emote' I think that is a sign for you to be totally over the top with your complaint.)

scargosun said...

That was very well written. It gets your point across yet still has the sting of "you people suck". :)

Lisa Genova said...

You should send him a bill because he didn't call to cancel 24 hours before your appointment

Anonymous said...

Ugh! That would have annoyed me too! Some people don't think!

Mrs4444 said...

All of the running around sounds familiar, but the ortho part is foreign to me--There is no way we'd be able to afford the $6-8 thousand dollar price tag we were quoted last week. I guess my kids are destined to be those 40-year-old adults who get braces types...

The ortho peeps-rude!!