Friday, November 5, 2010

Frag'n Friday

Mommy's Idea

Welcome to another edition of Friday Fragments where the thoughts tumble out as quick as the raindrops falling from the sky....

*Construction is right outside my house. See?

Last night they hit a gas line. Gas has always made me uneasy especially with peoples' houses blowing up in the news. We went to sleep at my parent's house.

Of course, blowing up made me think of one of my favorite movies. Can you name the movie? Here's the quote:
"Gee, I'm real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky."

*Um and hello, I never told anyone who won the 1800FLOWERS give away. It is Janice S! Congratulations Janice and thank you to everyone that entered. When I win Megabucks some day, I will send you all flowers!

*I am pretty sure I will have a new car by the end of the day! Well a new "used" car that will seat 7. This will be huge when trucking around the jump rope team or little dude and his sisters or my girls and their friends.... Plus, I will be incognito until people realize that I have a new car!

*If anyone needs a friends and family (20%) coupon for the Christmas Tree Shop (Nov 9-16th), let me know and I will email you one.

*We had our first frost here the other night. That means that my gigantic geranium is now in the house. I really should charge it rent.

*I am loving snacking on Pretzel Crisps. They do not sponsor me, I just thought I would share my second favorite snack. (I think we all know M&Ms are my first).

*It is Melisa with One S' birthday tomorrow. Go on over and give her some bloggy birthday love.

*There has been a lot of heat lately on the Patriots' QB, Tom Brady, about his hair. His wife (Gisele) won't let him cut it. Justin Bieber has made fun of him and now he is making fun of himself. Here is a little preview of something that will air Sunday night.

*While last weekend was super busy with a swim meet and Halloween, this weekend SHOULD be a little more relaxing.... Hope you have a good one !  :)


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my gosh... I'm going NUTS... I know that line but cant place it in the movie!!!!! I've got to go google it now!

M&M Pretzels are my secret boyfriend... I am in LOVE!!!!!

Enjoy that new car!!!

Caution/Lisa said...

Well I don't know it. I'm movie-illiterate.

We have a car with a unique color. That was such a mistake. I miss being an annonymous driver. Enjoy you new whip!

Lisa Genova said...

Movie: Better Off Dead
Car: Woohooo! New School Bus! Now I have passenger seat envy!
Christmas Tree Shop coupon: Yes, please


Brandi. said...

Congrats on the car! I have a 7 seater for a family of 5, but fitting 3 car seats in it is a huge pain in my ass!

Have a great weekend.

MsFish said...

"Do you have Christmas in France? You know - CHRRRR IIIIII SSSTMAAAAA SSSS"

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Tom Brady looks ridiculous with his hair like that. I love me some Tommy, but that hair HAS to go!

And the glas line thing would creep me out, too. I assume you saw that house in Hyde park that blew up this past week. Yikes.

Claudya Martinez said...

I'm terrified of gas lines. I'm glad you are okay.

I also want to thank you so very much for the gift card. I received it yesterday and I am just thrilled to bits.

Generations Uncorked said...

Do tell what kind of car...a mini van? I hate to admit, but I think I'll be in the market for one in the next year with three kids soon. So I'm accepting van reviews :)

Mrs4444 said...

Yea on the new vehicle!

I am so happy for Janice--She so deserves flowers :)

Anonymous said...

...And NY JETS fans (like me) are laughing because his wife won't let Tom Brady cut his hair! LMAO!

I didn't not know that! I may have to research and do a whole post on it! LMAO!

P.S. Don't hate me because I'm a JETS fan :) 12/6 will be a big day!

Melisa Wells said...

Aww, you're sweet!!

Congrats on the new car: that's great!! I think it's hilarious that you said you'd be incognito until people discover you have a new much time do you think that will take, and how will you spend it? haha