Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life is a Special Occasion

At BlogHer, Hallmark was there in full force. I have always loved Hallmark and have enough Hallmark ornaments to fill 3 Christmas trees (for once I am not exaggerating).

Hallmark also has the perfect cards for every occasion. At BlogHer, Hallmark was promoting it's  life is a special occasion campaign. Their point was you don't need to have a birthday or an anniversary to celebrate. Anything can be a celebration. Why not?

Bloggers were able to write their reason for celebrating on a tshirt. My reason for celebrating was "going to BlogHer with my friends".

Our house is a daily celebration. Maybe it's a girl thing, but we look for excuses to celebrate (ie: get ice-cream).
"Hey, I vacuumed my room!" = "let's get ice-cream"
"Hey, I found 20 cents under the couch!" = "let's get ice-cream"
"Hey, I finished my summer reading with 1 hour to spare before school starts!" = "let's get ice-cream"
You get the idea, right?

Of course it's hard to put a little ice-cream into their school lunch boxes, so I sneak little cards in sometimes. (Hallmark calls these mini notes).

Sometimes other people need to feel special, so I run over to my local Hallmark store and pick up a card or a little gift.

Celebrating is contagious and fun!  My friends at Hallmark and I would like to send you a special occasions tshirt and some cards. All you have to do is leave a comment finishing this sentence...

"_________________" is a special occasion!

Please leave your comments by Monday, September 12th at noon.

I am not getting paid or given anything for this post. I honestly love Hallmark products and am happy to offer you a tshirt and some cards courtesy of Hallmark!


MsFish said...

Sunday Suppa - is a special occasion! ; )

Trina @ Walking With Scissors said...

"Bravery" is a special occasion.

My youngest is having a hard time with grade 2 starting. Change is difficult for her and it's a huge accomplishment for her to face her fears and go into class in a school of 853 students.

Granny Gooch said...

Selling a a special occasion.

Anonymous said...

The first outdoor shower of the year is a special occasion! ~ Suzy :)

Betty said...

Having a friend for over 50 years is a special

Kelly said...

The first day of school is a special occasion!