Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Day My Nephew Was Born

Yesterday was a day similar to a ride at an amusement park. There were times when I was squeeing with delight and then there were parts where I was practically in tears. Actually at some points I was crying at the good parts. It was one of those days to remember if I ever get bored this summer because my days are too quiet.

3:30 AM: My sister updates from the hospital where my brother and sister-in-law are in the midst of having their first baby. Where there had been a lot of action for awhile, things were at a standstill and everyone involved was exhausted.

So, we texted back and forth for a few minutes and then I attempted to go back to sleep.

5:30AM: Probably about when I fell back to sleep.

6AM: Alarm. Time to get 3 kids out the door, 2 for finals and one for 2nd to last day of school.

7:45AM: On my way to Target to get usual stuff and specific going to camp stuff for B who leaves on Sunday. (BTW, Target is an hour away from my house. One disadvantage to Cape Cod.)

10:00AM: How does 3/4 of a cart cost so much money. Damn razor and tampon companies.

10:30AM: On my way back to the Cape, get news my little nephew has been born. A healthy 8lb 9oz specimen of joy. My brother had cancer almost 10 years ago, so you can imagine the excitement surrounding this little boy. He is the 5th in a honored line of men, so his nickname is Fin. Who knew that Fin was a nickname for a 5 dollar bill? See, you can still learn something every day.

11:45AM: Race into house and dump Target bags on kitchen floor.

12:00PM: Pick up K and B who had finals. Drop K at home, pick up P's friend, drop P and friend off downtown and go to Middle School.

12:30PM: Sitting in auditorium where they are having an afternoon of excellence similar to the one the HS had last week. B wins 4 awards: 2 math, 1 High Honors all year and 1 for being a leader in the school (voted on by the teachers). Had no idea that she was winning all these awards. While she is winning these, I am texting/updating my parents who are on their way to see the new baby for 15 minutes (2hrs away). My mom sends me one text that leaves me fighting back tears: "You are a great mother!".

2:00PM: Pick up B and bring her home.

3:00PM: Drop K at work and pick up 'new to me' grill a friend did not need.

4:00PM: Leave with B for Pediatrician's office to discuss asthma for the 3rd month in a row.

4:10PM: Secretly hang up a Good Luck sign at an ex-jumprope friend of Brooke's because he was on his way to Nationals and it's the first time in 3 years that we are not joining them. (Because Brooke is not jumping rope anymore.)

4:30PM: Dr's appt. Discuss B's lungs and decide to send her to an asthma/allergist professional and to get an EKG to make sure it's not something with her heart. Also need to get x-ray because she has my good fortune of having scoliosis. Dr says she is the healthiest "sick" person she has seen all day.

5:15-6:30PM: Go to Home Goods and Pier One with B because we are in the same town she has swimming in, so it was useless to go home. We had each other pealing with laughter over the dumbest things. Seriously, we were hysterical. I would write down some of the things we were saying,  but they all go in the "had to be there" category.

7:00PM: Sitting in a bar with one of my best Swim Mom friends. No need for the treadmill last night, I felt like I had been on one all day.

8:00PM: Watching B swim when I get a tweet from K who had recently gotten home from work. "That moment when your mom forgets to feed you dinner....#thanksmom @ascapecodturns." Before you call child services on me, there was leftover dinner from the night before, but she "doesn't eat leftovers". So I tweeted her back this, "for the twitter record, I did not "forget". Think of it as a test of your survival skills."

9:00PM: On couch with popcorn watching Dance Moms. See cute pictures of Fin and a little too much of my sister in law. Next time, let's wait until after the baby's cleaned up to take the pictures.

10:00PM: Realize that my day, even though busy, was much calmer and pleasant than the life of the Dance Mom moms.

                                                      The 3rd, the 4th and the 5th.


MsFish said...

It's amazing how those 5 words can pack a wonderful punch - especially when it comes from your own mom! And if you really want to see too much of your sis-in-law, come see the unedited pictures ;) OH! And had I known you were still awake - I would have kept texting! Love you!

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Sounds like a hectic but wonderful day! Love your comment about survival skills - must remember that! ;)

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Welcome aboard, Fin! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm all worn out and need a quick nap just reading about your day <3

Melisa Wells said...

"See cute pictures of Fin and a little too much of my sister in law."


Congrats on the new family member! Fin is an adorable nickname.

You need to get to a beach! Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Considering it was like 90 up there yesterday (96 here) I am AMAZED that you got all that done. Also love the comment about cleaning up the baby. I am totally with you on that one.

Patty said...

Congrats on the new nephew! xoxo