Tuesday, October 16, 2012



Yeah, I say that about a few hundred times a week.

I got hit on at the grocery store by a 90 year old man I have known for the past 15 years. And I don't mean, "hey baby how are you doing", I mean let me tell you what kind of lover I am and that I really could use some. Ew.


I get home from a Thirty-one party the other night and a strange truck and guy are in my driveway. How long has this truck been there, girls?
About an hour or more.
Hello, 911?


K is running around this morning getting ready for school and happens to mention that the toilet has overflowed all. over. the. bathroom.


A special event man at school tried to get the Kindergartners to read the word xantophyl. Yeah, like maybe some of them know the letter x.


We had an earthquake tonight in New England.



Liz said...

Wow, you need a vacation, seriously!

Melisa Wells said...

Seriously?? What a week you've had! Yikes!

Tara R. said...

That photo made me snort, seriously.

What does 'xantophyl' even mean?

Anonymous said...

Okay seriously is this part of the whole end of the world hoopla that's suppose to happen any day now!

I agree with Liz you need a vacation!