Monday, March 4, 2013

Swimmers, Penguins, Belugas, OH MY!

This weekend was the Championship swim meet of the YMCA season. We had to go all the way to Connecticut for it. Not just over the bridge to get off of Cape Cod, but through the whole state of Rhode Island! Crazy, right? (I am being sarcastic, it wasn't that bad.)

B was set to swim Saturday night. She and some of her teammates passed the time by taking selfies. They were cracking me up. 

I do not have any pictures or video of her swimming (much to her dismay) mainly because some of the coaches were walking back and forth, jumping up and down and screaming their heads off at their swimmers. Basically, getting in the way. The coaches on one team dressed like construction workers....were they channeling the Village People?

The meet was fantastic! B had 3 personal bests which means she beat her previous times in her events. And by beat them, she really slaughtered them! We stayed the night in Mystic, CT with one of the coaches, his wife and their son. I am not sure if it was the fact that we were exhausted by the time we got to a restaurant at 9pm or that we really are funny all together, but boy, did we laugh!

The next morning Coach Bob, B, T and I went to breakfast while Laurie lounged in bed (haha, right Laurie?). We got T laughing so hard that T spit eggs across the table. Bob was telling us that one of the coaches on another team was telling an 8 year old boy, that "it's all on you!" as he walked up to the start. No pressure on the poor kid or anything. We also brainstormed on how this lady made her poof. One theory was that she hid all the bacon in it. So, ignore T laughing so hard in the picture and look behind him.

We went to Mystic Aquarium for a chunk of the day. It is a great aquarium and there are a lot of outside exhibits. I am sure it is even more beautiful in the spring/summer, although the occasional snow flurries were fun. Poor T, he found out what it was like to be part of my family. Pictures galore!!

I do not know who this little girl was, but I had to take this picture. It was so cool seeing the Beluga's through these big windows.

Here are B and T "patting" the Beluga. 

One Beluga was playing with this green ribbon. He/She was having the best time letting go of it and grabbing it again and again.

All in all, a fantastic weekend!!  My ab muscles may never be the same from laughing so much, which is the best kind of workout ever!!

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