Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sharks are Taking Over the Park

A brilliant person in Chatham (probably during the long winter months), decided it would be fun and profitable for people to buy "wooden sharks" and decorate them, place them in the park downtown and then have a big gala to auction them off!

So there are 50+ sharks in Kate Gould Park. People, groups or stores sponsored the sharks and local artists decorated them. B is standing next to the shark that was done by a High School Senior for the store my mom works at. It is definitely one of our favorites!
There are so many fantastic sharks, each of them a bit different thanks to the different mediums and artists.
The shark with the pink boots was sponsored by the Women of Fishing Families and 3 of the women from the group were the artists for it. 
You can still come see the sharks in the park until June 28th. After the 28th,  they will be relocated around town. In August, you can try to bid for one! Who wouldn't want a pretty shark in their yard/house?!

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The Sunshine State Witch said...

It's GREAT to find a blog written by someone from my home! I'm from Duxbury Massachusetts, Living in Florida now though!

I miss the Cape! well, only in the summer time LOL