Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oh Owl, I Will Find You

The (damn) Cape Cod snowy owl is avoiding me.

I don't know why. I am a very nice person and all I want to do is snap a picture or 2. I don't want to kill it, or eat it, or make it my pet. I just want a few pictures. Yes,  I have been sent and brought attention to other people's photos. Even Bobby's son has taken a picture of the damn thing. I WANT TO SHOOT MY OWN PICTURE!!!

I went looking again  for it today on Forest Beach in Chatham. Want to see what I saw....

Bobby's "drawing of a snowy owl" in snow.

An eff'n seagull that actually might have been the owl in disguise.

A beautiful sky. (I got distracted..)

Some turkeys in a yard.

A turkey yelling at the owl to leave the premises because I wanted to shoot it. Damn turkey misinterpreting my "shooting" for taking a picture.

Let it be known, I will find this owl and "shoot" it! I am a determined woman with spring in the very distant future. What else do I have to do?


Melisa Wells said...

That Bobby's a keepuh for sure.

Keep trying: you'll get it!

Anonymous said...

Keep on trying you'll "shoot" him soon !!! And I loved the Turkeys they are my neighborhood pets !!

Anonymous said...

On Sunday people were chasing them around West Dennis Beach and the owl kept flying away. They were making him mad! Perserve, my dear, and you will succeed. Who would run away from you? Nana

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Maybe if you dressed like an owl? Can't guarantee you would shoot the owl, bit it would be (damn) funny trying...for Bobby, especially ;)