Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thinking Snow Thoughts in April

Spring school vacation week is typically suppose to be warm or at least warmer than this...

No, those are not diamonds, but hail. Ick, that definitely does not scream sunbathing in the backyard to me. 

What I have really been wanting to write about every time I drive by them are these "things" hanging from the utility lines in one part of town.

I truly do not know what they are for, but they look like chairlifts for squirrels. Bobby and I almost had one of his sons convinced that that was exactly what they were. 

Boy: "Why are you taking pictures of the sky?"
Me: "I am not. I am taking pictures of the chairlifts."
Boy: "What? Those are chairlifts?"
Bobby: "Yes, for the squirrels to get back and forth."
Boy: "You mean the chairs actually move?"

We couldn't go any farther than that. We were laughing too hard. Got to love gullible kids :)

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