Tuesday, May 6, 2014

17 Somehow

My "baby" is 17 years old today.

In honor of her, I wrote 17 reasons why I love her.

1. It was you who made me a mom.

2. Your smile when it lights up your whole face.

3. Your beautiful red curly hair.

4. The way you growl at me in the morning so I know you are awake.

5. When you snuggle with me.

6. Your beautiful voice.

7. Your stubborn nature.

8. The freckles on your nose.

9. Our chats in the car.

10. Your hazel eyes which express so much.

11. Your passion when you love something.

12. Your laugh (which I would like to hear more of).

13. The amazing things you create in ceramics.

14. The way you walk around the house snuggled in a blanket until mid-July.

15. Your interactions with R and other little kids.

16. How you look awesome in anything from a prom dress to a pair of ripped jeans.

17. Because you are YOU!

You deserve a fantastic year, K. I love you :)


Melisa Wells said...

Happy birthday K!!

Anonymous said...

Good reasons from you Mommy! All good and true! Love you forever Kelsie Linnell. And you also, Mommy! Nana